Clinton Bashes Anita Hill, NOW Ignores Blow to Feminism

By Chantal Foster Lindquist
Rightgrrl Contributor

Amidst all the hype and hoopla of the Clinton testimony tapes, it was easy to miss his chauvinistic 2 cents on Anita Hill during the televised Grand Jury testimony.

Did anyone notice as Clinton compared Anita Hill's allegations to the "politically inspired" Paula Jones case?

Did anyone notice as Clinton lauded Clarence Thomas's appointment despite Hill's serious allegations?

Where is NOW when Clinton obviously stabs in the back all the soccer moms who voted for him? Where is the organization that wrote, "We will not settle for heartfelt apologies or lip service to women's issues." or the organization that protested Thomas's appointment by wearing buttons that read, "I believe Anita Hill."? NOW has no problem lambasting " the very members of Congress who assailed Anita Hill" as they now move to censure or impeach Clinton, yet they still refuse to criticize the president that supports and participates in sexually harassing situations.

It is clear, to anyone who reads between the lines, that Clinton does not support women. He does lip service to feminism in order to gain our support, but then shifts and reveals his true sexist nature when he thinks we're not looking. His dismissal of Hill's allegations as fodder similar to the "politically inspired" Paula Jones' case is a blatant example of his hypocrisy towards women. I believe that organizations like NOW need to look beyond the hype and examine the true nature of a man who they think supports them.

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