Hillary in Small Town, USA

Amy McManus-Mikolajczyk
Rightgrrl Contributor
August 21, 1999

Paul Harvey named my home town on his radio show last week, something Iím proud of, actually. But the reason he mentioned it is notsomething Iím proud of, that being, Hillary Clintonís visit to Hornell, New York.

Never heard of us? Neither had Paul Harvey or Hillary Clinton, until the first lady decided to go on her "listening" tour. As Mr. Harvey said, if youíre traveling north on Route 36 and want to stop here for a drink, make sure itís not opening day of deer season, because everything is closed.

We are the epitome of "small," one hospital, one high school, one fire department, and not a lot of industry. Lots of churches, plenty of farmland and an extremely low crime rate. We are mostly middle class, hard-working, fairly conservative-minded people who are very passionate about our beliefs.

Youíll never hear an anchor on CNN say, "And the people of Hornell think that" and youíll probably never see any of our signatures in the Wall Street Journalís Op/Ed section, but we are still a part of New York State, a part of which Mrs. Clinton has absolutely no knowledge or understanding.

What Mrs. Clinton does know and understand is that she has an intense desire to achieve power and prestige by becoming an elected official, instead of merely the spouse of one. She chose this state because she has friends in high places here, namely Charles "Chuck" Schumer, our extremely liberal Senator who absolutely adores Hillary.

Why didnít Mrs. Clinton return to her home state of Illinois? Or back to Arkansas?

Because sheís a smart woman. She knows they donít want her there. She assumes that New York Cityís largely Democratic population can overwhelm the rest of our votes should she run for Senator.

She is mistaken.

Ever wonder why Mrs. Clinton called it a "Listening Tour?" She chose those words very carefully.

You see, the people to whom she "listened" to were hand-picked. Our Democratic Mayor, a liberal school board member, the minister of a local African-American church, just to name a few. What a joy it must have been to be ooohed and ahhhed over; to be agreed with; to never be asked a question she didnít want to answer or didnít have the answers to.

What it comes down to is that if Mrs. Clinton was truly concerned about our state, she would have gone on a "Looking Tour."

And what would she have seen?

She would have seen unwed, pregnant teenagers on welfare, girls who have turned the safety net that we taxpayers have provided for them into a lifestyle of joblessness and idleness. She would have seen questionable behavior on our street corners, where 11 year olds can buy dope and condoms. She would have seen parents at the end of their rope after a stressful day, both working over 40 hours a week just to make ends meet; just to make sure Uncle Sam gets his "fair share."

For Hornell may be small, but we are not immune.

She would have seen the hundreds of cardboard signs and homemade placards saying, "Go Home, Hillary," and "Listen to This: We Donít Want You Here."

She would have seen the over 200 protesters across from the building where she had her luncheon. Protestors carrying signs showing murdered babies and reading, "Hornell Is Pro-Life."

But no, Hillary Clinton went on a "Listening Tour," so that she (like her husband ) could always, in the end, say, "I donít recall ever being told that, thatís not what I heard."

Open your eyes, Mrs. Clinton. Maybe youíll start seeing.

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