And the Soap Opera continues...Another Day with Bill and Hillary

By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
August 8, 1999


"Excuse me honey," I gagged out after watching the evening news, "but I need to go to the office and write an editorial." And my dear, sweet husband completely understood. For you see my friends, listening to "the news" as they spin Hillary's tale of Bill's victimization regarding

his early childhood is enough to gag a maggot, or in other terms, yelling at the television/radio until one's voice is hoarse is now becoming a nightly event.

We have had enough of the Clintons. I cannot tell if Hillary's tale of woe to Talk Magazine is a cover-up for Chinagate and/or if she just needs a rise in her poll numbers.

Afterall, Guilliani went to Arkansas to demonstrate how he is a non-candidate for Arkansas as he does not now, nor never has he lived there. Guilliani was on "a listening tour" in Arkansas and that really was quite humorous. Guilliani's "listening tour" may have affected Hillary's poll numbers. Hard to say.

Let's make one thing perfectly clear. Hillary is not a victim. Bill is not a victim. AMERICA IS THE VICTIM of the Clinton-Gore administration. We have had enough, thank you of the parade of "victims" being displayed every night on our evening news. This is a real appetite killer. I am going to stop eating dinner during the news hour if this type of "news" is the main event.

Allegations of Bill's affairs (some proven, some not) are none of my business. If he can't keep his pants zipped up and act like a gentleman and a married man; then why doesn't he just resign from the highest office of the land, the office of The President of the United States? If he really believes that he is just a victim; then his family and friends should encourage him to resign now and seek help in a private and confidential manner.

Hillary is the great enable and defender of Bill Clinton. Hillary is alleged to be one of the smartest women in America. Is she? I don't know, but if Hillary believes that Bill can't concentrate on his job as President of The United States of America; then I feel that Hillary has a duty and responsibility to encourage Bill to step down from his job as President.

Hillary professes to love and care for her husband and admires the job he is doing. Does she really? If so, Hillary can save Bill's reputation and his legacy by seeing that he gets the help he needs to conquer his problems. Hillary should encourage Bill to step down and seek help.

Now, as for Hillary running for the Senate, that's a whole 'nother can of worms. I don't live in New York, so I can't speak for New Yorkers. I can emphatically state, however, that if Hillary can't help Bill with his personal problems; how will she be able to concentrate on doing an adequate job as the new Senator from New York? Well, that's something New Yorkers need to ponder.

In closing, I hope the news media (television, radio, and print) concentrate on the real issues and get off this Bill and Hillary thing. We need to talk about the issues. As a major election looms closer, American's need to critically analyze what they need and desire in our next President of The United States of America. We already know for a fact, that Bill and Hillary will be out of office soon; and hopefully, this gaudy soap opera known as the Oval Office Escapades will end with the Clinton-Gore administration.

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