Pardon me, "Mr." Flynt

By Sass
Featured Rightgrrl May 1999
March 21, 1999

Apparently Flynt has never heard of the saying go pick on someone your own size, for it seems that he intends the latest inductees into the Flynt world, to be our eight to fifteen year olds. "Surely I have gone mad," you must be thinking. I assure you, I am mad; it is however, the "furious" mad as opposed to the "disordered in mind" mad.

Flynt has made the issue of whether or not parents pre-approve all their children's reading material, one of utmost importance these days. You laugh... and momentarily think that this is obvious, we parents must surely be dilligent in making sure that our children do not have access to "Hustler". Not so fast though. Mr. Flynt is currently marketing a magazine to our children. It may not be "Hustler", but for the writings in it... it may as well be.

While the cover of Flynt's Big Brother Skateboarding depicts a wholesome and healthy mag for the young, the articles inside promote children becoming involved in various types of sex, including oral, lesbianism and even bestiality. Articles instruct girls to strip "sloowly" at a party, perform sexual acts on other girls, other boys, and barring that, to find any animals in the house and get "freaky" on them. Fourteen year old skateboarders are asked interview questions such as if they would engage in sex with their mother, and they are asked to describe their pubic areas and genitals.

Flynt has not commented on this issue, but in a WND report entitled Sex and the modern skateboarder, David Pettineo explains how talk show host Guy Kemp exposed Flynt's scam. Dave Carnie, managing editor for the magazine, was questioned by Kemp on Kemp's radio show. Carnie had no remorse. Kemp questioned Carnie regarding the deceptive nature of the cover, asking if the pupose was to decieve parents regarding what was actually in the magazine. Carnie's response? "Yes, definitely. It's definitely what we're doing" Despite the fact that Flynt's adult publications do display warning labels to alert minors, Pettineo reports that Flynt has refused Carnie's request to have such a label placed on the Big Brother Skateboarding magazine, citing Flynt's reasons as "ostensibly to sell more magazines".

Suggestion is made in Pettineo's article, that with 25% of the readership of Flynt's kiddie porn being female, that Flynt is perhaps "grooming" future models and readership for his adult "Hustler" magazine. Perhaps that is the case, perhaps Flynt is simply using the fact that he cannot seemingly be held accountable for this new low because the magazine does not (to my knowledge) depict these acts pictorally, choosing to instead, influence our children into accepting his idea of what normal healthy sexuality is through his deceptive tactics.

Bottom line parents, is that with the likes of the Larry Flynts of the world out there, ready and willing to decieve our children, to molest them with their words, and to convince them that it's acceptable to conceal this type of activity from their parents... starting as early as eight (the obvious approximate age of one of the cover models), it becomes even more imperative that we take an active role in monitoring what our children read, listen to and watch. If you don't... Flynt will!

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