Spin Doctors and the "Big Lie" List
By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
August 23, 2000

THE TRUTH is simple. It has no flourishes or embellishment. The truth may be a long story or a short story, but it is not complicated with questionable twists and turns. It is open and honest. The truth doesn't hide in dark corners where the light cannot shine upon it. The truth is never congested with complicated lies or spins. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." -John 8:32.

"THE BIG LIE" is the legacy of the Clinton-Gore administration. While some people feel that Hillary Rodham Clinton has been the biggest enabler of "The Big Lie," I will have to disagree. The primary contributor to "The Big Lie" has been the spin-doctors and pundits featured prominently in the main-stream media day in, day out, ad museum.

SEEING RED is what occurs when one sees or hears "The Big Lie" spinners in action. As a tribute to "The Big Lie" legacy; I have decided to create an ongoing forum entitled "SPIN DOCTORS and 'THE BIG LIE" LIST. While lying may be acceptable with the politically correct crowd, it sure holds no weight at all with me and you. So, with that in mind, I will begin "The Big Lie" List with media spins which make me see red. Please feel free to contribute to this list. Send your literary contribution (remember: children read this list, too) to cindy@truthusa.com. BROAD HINT: This list may be used as a memory jogger before you go to your polling place and vote this November.


*It's a complicated issue.
*Most people wouldn't understand it.
*The public really isn't interested.
*The people are sick of it already.
*The people want this behind us and to go forward.
*People just want this to be over with and move on.
*It's a vast right-wing conspiracy.
*The right-wing extremists are pushing this agenda.
*They have no life, so they look in our bedroom.
*It says in the Bible judge not... (Cindy's note: taken out of context by the spinners)
*Most people don't have time to pay attention to this...
*The Clinton Administration has been "the most ethical administration in history."
*_____________(fill in the blank) "for the children."
*Guns are killing and wounding (_____ fill in the blank, usually it's "hundreds" or "thousands") of children everyday.
*The Clinton administration only wants to "stop the violence."
*Al Gore would make a good President. He has the experience.
*If the Republicans cared, this wouldn't have happened.

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