No Doubt About It - Bush won BIG and the 'Dumbocrats' Got Their Man!

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
October 31, 2000

Did he do it? Sure, George W. won big time in the October 11th debate. Did the media 'get' their 'dumb' poster boy? No way. Does George W.'s knockout against Al Gore matter much when it comes to Election Day? Probably not. It's only a debate, and nobody votes based upon one debate, no matter how effective or articulate the winner is.

It was obvious during the debate, from George W.'s demeanor and presentation, that he ditched, dumped and otherwise told his advisors to go jump in a lake, and became his own man (in other words, himself). I'm beginning to think his advisors are a bunch of closet Democrats who would like to see Gore win. Whoever was coaching Bush seems to have forgotten something very important. You can only act well if you believe in the role you're playing and that what you are doing is right, be it for an audience in a movie theatre or the public sector. Then, you're no longer acting, but playing an extension of yourself. That was once former President Ronald Reagan, and that was Bush last night. In contrast, Gore is only comfortable when he's inventing, and he's no Thomas Edison.

If I had to call on adjectives to describe Bush in the second debate, they would be: cool, composed, confident, self-assured, knowledgeable on the issues, compassionate, strong, Presidential. Adjectives for Gore? Inept, awkward, unprepared, unfocused, desperate, flustered, and yes, even dumb at times. Hmmm, maybe the media did get their 'dumb' poster boy after all, only they got the other one.

Most embarrassing was Gore's attempt to repeatedly assure hunters, sportsmen and homeowners they'd get their guns as sure as Annie gets hers on Broadway. In fact, Gore would make it near impossible for law-abiding citizens to acquire guns to defend themselves. As President, he would enforce the most extreme gun control legislation that punishes everyone but the criminals. Bush addressed a very important issue regarding the Columbine H. S. massacre - children growing up in a culture that (as Bush stated it) "disrespects life," and that we need "character education classes and faith-based programs being a part of after school programs." Exactly. Gore's exploitation of James Byrd's murder in an attempt to paint Bush as an opponent of hate crime laws backfired; there already is hate crime legislation in place in Texas. The killers are getting the ultimate punishment, which is what really counts. Gore's attack on Bush on foreign policy, education, and yes, even healthcare, failed.

However, today's world events will quickly overshadow the debates. Israel is at war, hastened by the cold blooded lynching of Israeli soldiers, one of whom was dropped from a building and dragged through the streets by a Palestinian mob. The terrorist attack against our Navy destroyer and the stock market's precipitous drop shows we need leadership, strong, commanding leadership. After eight long years, I know where to find leadership, and it won't be found within the current administration in Washington.

I just hope all you folks out there who were impressed with Governor Bush's Presidential demeanor and obvious leadership abilities trust your judgment and follow your hearts and heads, and not the TV talking heads revision.

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