Conservative Women Who Are Making A Positive Impact on America's Future
By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
August 23, 2000

This article is obviously not about Hillary! And of course, this commentary would not be the place to showcase the adventures of the Clinton-Gore administration. What this commentary is about is the well kept secret by the left-wing, main-stream media: Conservative Women. Conservative Women are under-utilized by the main-stream media. Truly, this is a real shame. Most of the women who hold traditional values in this great country, absolutely cannot identify with the N.O.W. and A.C.L.U. type of women that pop up everywhere in main-stream print media, main-stream television and video media, and on the radio.

So, what I have done today is to present you with a small, but fragrant bouquet picked from a large garden of Conservative Women just to give you an idea as to where our role models are and what they are doing for us. From the very young wife and mother to the seasoned citizen of society; these women represent a very small sampling of the powerful Conservative Women who are shaping our society with a mega-dose reality and a common sense punch like I have never seen before. Some of these women are very charming. Some, like me, are very simple and to the point. Others, take the in-your-face, facts-are-facts approach. Whatever the style, these women are trend setters for Conservative Women everywhere.

Apathy is a silent killer. If you are not paying attention to what these women, and of course, the many other Conservative Women who are speaking out and speaking up for what is right; you will lose. Your freedom will be lost. Your ability to raise your family in the traditional household will be gone. You need to pay attention to what these women, and other Conservative Women are saying to you! You don't need the liberal stars like Hillary!, Rosie!, and B.S. to tell you what to think and how to act. YOU, my friends, are part of the trend-setting right! YOU, my friends, shape the directional indicator for the future of America. YOU, my friends, are not sheeple...YOU ARE THE RIGHT HAND of America's Bright Light of Freedom. So, pay attention and be inspired by this small bouquet of Conservative Women I have profiled today. Consider how you too, can do the right thing for yourself, for your family, for your community, and for your country!

PEGGY C. BOHANON. Mrs. Bohanon is a living testimonial that a Christian, Conservative lady with a sunshine personality and a dynamic web site can and does attract readers from all over the world every day. Mrs. Bohanon's web site is family friendly, always interesting, and frequently updated. CLICK HERE to go to PEGGIE'S PLACE.

NICOLA "NIKKI" CASE. Nikki is not timid when it comes to the Constitution and doing the right thing. CLICK HERE to visit Ms. Case's web site POLITICS: A Woman's View.

ANN COULTER. Ann Coulter is the author of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors." Ms. Coulter, a beautiful, sultry woman who uses her high IQ to its zenith; very articulately laid out the information as to why Bill Clinton should be impeached. I firmly believe that Clinton was impeached due in part to the efforts of Ann Coulter. America owes Ms. Coulter a debt of gratitude for her bold presentation of the facts regarding Bill Clinton. Obviously, the Clintons probably won't thank Ann. CLICK HERE to read Ann Coulter's dynamic weekly column.

ELIZABETH FARAH. You've heard of and Joseph Farah, but have you heard of Elizabeth Farah? Well I sure have. Elizabeth worked with her husband Joseph to make WorldNetDaily what it is today. To find out more about Elizabeth Farah CLICK HERE.

KELLYANNE FITZPATRICK. Ms. Fitzpatrick is the spunky president and founder of THE POLLING PLACE. She is the utmost authority on polls. Common sense and numbers all make sense when Kellyanne explains the polling data and how the polls were conducted. For an interesting commentary by Kellyanne Fitzpatrick entitled "Pro & Con: Polling and The Electoral Process" - CLICK HERE.

MICHELLE FOX. Michelle Fox, who has the moniker "Radio Heart," is the complimentary half of News-Minute. Aside from being a busy wife and mother, Michelle assists her nose-for-the-news husband Kerry Fox with News-Minute. Michelle occasionally writes columns for News-Minute as well as handling the assigned duty of "everything else." One of the best online news sites, CLICK HERE to visit News-Minute.

CINDY FURNARE. Well, that's me. No I am not famous, but yes, I too am shining the light and leading the way for us commoners to have a voice as to the future of our great country, The United States of America. The Lord is my pilot. I am a Christian, Conservative woman with traditional family values and definitely pro-life. My husband is my co-pilot in all my web ventures. Our son is always on the look out for the latest, greatest computers and software on the market. Paul Weyrich, whom I refer to as "The Father of Modern Day Conservatism" has been my mentor via his TV programs and internet web sites. I encourage you, no, plead with you, to really get informed, stay in touch with the issues of the day, and be an activist for what's right. Please feel free to bookmark and/or add any of the following links to your web pages:

CAROLYN GARGARO. There aren't enough mega bytes to describe Carolyn. Pretty, talented, energetic, and a woman with a powerful message are just a few thoughts that instantly come to mind. Carolyn Gargaro owns The Ring of Conservative Sites, she wrote "My Views As A Pro-Life Woman." Carolyn is the co-founder of the very popular internet site Rightgrrl! For more information on the extraordinarily talented and gifted Carolyn Gargaro CLICK HERE.

BEVERLY LAHAYE. Beverly LaHaye is the exact opposite of the N.O.W. woman. She is the founder of Concerned Women for America. Christian, Conservative, and Traditional Values are very important to Beverly LaHaye and Concerned Women for America. Can Christianity and political activism mix? Sure can and thanks to Beverly LaHaye we know for a fact that doing the right thing can be accomplished by people who really care. CLICK HERE to go the Concerned Women for America web site. By the way, this is a family oriented site and men, as well as women can join.

BARBARA OLSON. Ms. Olson has been involved in investigations regarding The Clintons. She is a striking, intelligent woman who wrote the book HELL TO PAY The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Guess what? Did libraries want to carry this book? Many didn't. Were book stores enthused about carrying HELL TO PAY? Many weren't. And of course, was the main-stream media right there, breathlessly waiting to interview Barbara Olson regarding her book? No. Were the newspapers chomping at the bit with those book reviews? Of course not. HELL TO PAY The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton. CLICK HERE for more information regarding Ms. Olson's book.

JANET PARSHALL. Mrs. Parshall is the epitome of womanhood. A very special lady, with a gentle, but firm manner; Mrs. Parshall has a web site, runs a radio program, and is a much desired speaker for conservatives everywhere. CLICK HERE to go to Janet Parshall's America.

PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY. Phyllis Schlafly is the Founder of Eagle Forum. She is an author and speaker for important issues which can impact America's sovereignty specifically, and our society, in general. I suggest you visit the Eagle Forum web site and click on Phyllis' bio. She is one lady who has been and still is an inspirational leader to all of us. CLICK HERE to go to Eagle Forum.

DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER. Whoooaaa, now here's a lady packed with common sense and a no-nonsense attitude to boot. Add intelligence and perkiness to this total package. Give her an internet site, radio show, and now, a television program and what do you get? THE DOCTOR LAURA SHOW. So, why are there so many loud-mouth Dr. Laura haters? Well, let's see here. She is for Traditional Values, she's Pro-Family, and she's Pro-Life. Oh, oh....Dr. Laura is not politically correct. She shines the light of truth on our culturally ugly society. God Bless you Dr. Laura! For more information on Dr. Laura Schlessinger CLICK HERE.

GENEVIEVE WOOD. I grew as a Conservative listening to Genevieve's programs on America's Voice. She is a featured speaker in many Conservative events. Check out one of Genevieve's many projects here: Center for Print & Broadcast Media.

CINDY'S NOTE: So, discovered I have left off some very important people on this small sampling. A garden, just wouldn't be a garden without a variety of flowers. If I don't have enough of a variety in my small bouquet of Conservative Women; then please feel free to suggest The Conservative Woman who should be added to the list. Send your comments and suggestions to

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