Junior Al and his Juvenile Antics
By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
October 6, 2000

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE #1: George Bush vs. Al Gore

Both men came on the stage tonight in Boston, Massachusetts for the first in a series of three presidential debates. Bush and Gore both had on dark suits, white shirts, and red ties. Both men were ready to debate.

AL GORE seemed very rude and fidgety. He made faces, rolled his eyes, nervously giggled, turned pages, tore paper, and heaved big, theatrical sighs when George Bush spoke. The VP, you might say, would be considered by today's teachers very hyper-active and displayed rude, juvenile behavior. I found Al's juvenile behavior not befitting of a man who wants to be the next President of The United States of America. Also, I found his manner surprising since he has surrounded himself with "real people" which, according to news accounts, Gore relied on as unofficial advisors. Surely, these "real people," also known as "average joes" probably didn't tell Mr. Gore to act this way.

As a Christian and a Conservative, I appreciate Mr. Bush accurately referring to Al's "phony numbers" and "fuzzy math." Mr. Bush commented at one point..."not only did he invent the internet, he invented the calculator." Well, as we all know, Al did not invent the internet, nor did he invent the calculator. I do wish Mr. Bush would have come right out and identified Mr. Gore for what he really is, a liar. Some politically correct people view calling someone who is a liar as being "too harsh." Is it? I don't think so.

Oh yes, speaking of numbers, there was Al Junior expounding on the need for (stand by for that old DnC number 100,000) "100,000 new teachers" and a "universal pre-school." As the author of numerous pro-family oriented web sites, and a mother who firmly believes that a good education for each child is the sole-responsibility of the parents and not the government; I found Mr. Gore's "education" plans very socialistic.

As a pro-life, pro-family wife and mother, I am utterly appalled and outraged that Al Gore whole-heartedly supports the FDA approval of RU-486. Mr. Bush's response regarding RU-486 disappointed me and seemed half-hearted and weak.

I felt Gore might of "stretched the truth" on several occasions during the debate. One clear example, which probably should be characterized as an outright LIE was when Albert Gore Jr. firmly stated that "The size of the Federal Government will go down in a Gore Administration." Folks, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that if Gore spends our hard earned tax dollars (via the federal budget) on all the promises that he has promised in this campaign; our government will grow and grow, and our hard earned tax dollars will diminish and diminish!

Are you for the Constitution? Of course you are! Seems like a silly question doesn't it? It's not silly; it's serious. Al Gore views the Constitution "...interpreted as a document that grows." That's totally ridiculous. The Constitution, like The Bible, are writings that should never be considered as helpful suggestions or just plain interesting reading. Simply put, The Constitution IS one of the great documents which IS part of the foundation of our great country, The United States of America.

In closing, A Gore looked straight into the camera and said, "I ask you again to see me for who I really am." Al, we already have.

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