Al Gore On The Rocks: Voting Under The Influence Of Sobriety

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
November 5, 2000

Here's one sentence from the New York Times November 3rd editorial, obviously prepared JUST PRIOR TO the "breaking" DUI story on Bush. Please read carefully:

"It is past time for everyone, including Mr. Gore, to get tougher on Mr. Nader."

Whoa. Isn't that something? That should have been our tip-off that if the campaign to evict Nader failed, a new smear against Bush would be waiting in the wings.

The party that cares. The party that seeks to unite, not divide. The party that decried the "Politics of Personal Destruction" and vowed to end it.

That same party certainly did their best to use politics to get real personal, and to destroy. The Democratic operatives unleashed their dirtiest of dirty tricks...this "sudden and mysterious revelation" about Governor Bush's DUI 24 years ago, five days prior to the election, hoping this "bombshell" would get them more votes. Not willing to lose with dignity, Democrats risk their credibility to win with character assassination. 'A reporter who happened to be in a particular place in Maine who happened to overhear a particular conversation'...yep, how convenient.

The magic number for all voters to remember here is five days prior, NOT 24 years after. Another important number to remember is 14, as in 14 years since Governor Bush has touched a drop of alcohol.

Isn't it fascinating...last night at 8 p.m., Ross Perot endorses Governor Bush...somewhat of a surprise and not good news for the Gore campaign. Two hours earlier, the dirty trick comes out. Gee, I thought Halloween was over.

Isn't it predictable...all the newspapers I've checked today...headline after headline about this "bombshell" story, but not a peep about the Perot endorsement of Bush.

Is it any wonder why the Democrats have to stoop this low to harvest votes in desperation? All the pleadings to Ralph Nader (to no avail) to exit the race, that misleading despicable NAACP ad and Ed Asner's phone campaign attempting to smear Governor Bush. Still, the poll numbers didn't budge. Was there any indication the Democratic Party would maintain a positive message? Once their first set of vicious attacks backfired, was there any doubt they'd pull a fast one, rather than sit back and let the election play its course? Of course not. Why risk going down with grace; they'd rather go up in disgrace. They won't go up, though, this will backfire and I believe Bush will win.

Governor Bush was forthright about this incident. I was very impressed with his demeanor, especially when he claimed, truthfully I'm sure, that he wanted to protect his daughters and serve as a role model. He never lied, but chose the high road, admitting he made mistakes in his youth. That's a far cry from our President, who lied under oath, obstructed justice, and had affairs in the Oval Office. Or Al Gore, who swore to uphold his office and still refuses to come clean on his involvement in the Buddhist Temple fiasco. Wasn't Al Gore's own son once apprehended on a similar DUI charge? Wasn't Algore a regular pothead in his own crazy youth?? (Ssshhhh....can't let the media report on that one!)

We'll hear all weekend about Bush's "drinking problems." We'll be subjected to proclamations from the liberal pundits that Mr. Gore was a mere bystander whose campaign had no knowledge of this media leak (yeah, right). One sobering fact is this: usually, such last minute dirty tricks are seen for what they are: acts of desperation. I believe the American People are sober enough to see through this latest scheme.

The Democratic Party, addicted to their drunken quest for power, under the influence of a 24 year old hangover while refusing to acknowledge the beer-bloated skeletons in their own closets. Like Ted Kennedy.

If anything should galvanize Republicans to get out and vote for Governor Bush next Tuesday, this cheap shot is it. For all you Independents sitting on the fence who would even think about voting for Gore, ask yourselves. Is this the kind of man you want as the leader of your country? Someone whose party engages in personal character assassination while condemning the use of such highball tactics? Someone who lies and won't come clean about his own questionable record as Vice President? Do you believe such a devious double-talker will be able to unite Democrats and Republicans in Congress and get things done, as Bush has so successfully done in Texas?

Just shows you to what depths the Democratic Party will sink when their candidate's campaign appears to shall I say...on the rocks.

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