Look Out, America!!! Here Comes Tomorrow

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
November 14, 2000

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Don't Stop, It'll Soon Be Here.
(Fleetwood Mac - Clinton/Gore Election Mantra)

Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow
That's When I'll Have to Choose
How I Wish I Can Borrow Someone Else's Shoes.
(The Monkees, 1967; Presidential Election, 2004)

Here are the words of the Reverend Jesse Jackson in West Palm Beach:

"It's not enough to vote for a democracy. Democracy requires eternal vigilance. Democracy requires patience. It requires discipline. It requires integrity. We have traveled too much, worked too hard, sacrificed too much to get this close to the goal line and drop the ball now."

Dangerous words, those. I didn't know an election was a football game. If so, the Reverend Jackson had better remember it's not enough to get close to the goal line, you need to score a touchdown to win the game.

A Presidential election should not hinge on a group of noisy, belligerent, whiny people claiming they didn't understand the format of a ballot. I understood it, my husband understood it. Fiddler and Misha, my two Burmese cats, understood it (I have proof of this; when I showed them the butterfly ballot and pointed to Al Gore's name, they hissed and bolted out of the room).

It is very interesting how these noisy people in Palm Beach decide to come forward days after they've examined the ballot, and hours after the outcome of the election showed George W. Bush was the clear winner. I say, clear winner, because we have an electoral vote that determines the outcome of elections. If you don't like it, fine, amend the Constitution, but it can not be done retroactively.

Political analysts have been saying that there's good news to come out of this; most Americans are finally paying attention to the electoral process. I respectfully disagree. Average Americans enjoy the drama, but they do not understand the gravity of this situation. They don't understand that Al Gore, power-mad demagogue, thinks only of himself and not his country. They don't grasp the fact that if he does not concede once all votes are counted and prove he lost, democracy, and the electoral process of choosing a President, will be forever be forged.

Let's say, for example, we amend the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College. Now it's 2004. Instead of examining the Florida vote count for selective irregularities with the goal of obtaining an electoral win, Democrats will hold the national popular vote under scrutiny. If it is a close election that favors a Republican Presidential candidate, the Democratic operatives will get to work. They'll proclaim foul play. They'll demand state recounts. They'll look for counties that are liberal and "find" voters in Democratic precincts who were disenfranchised. They'll dredge up dead voters, illegal alien voters, homeless cigarette-addicted voters, motor voters. Then, if they don't find enough disgruntled voters who were "cheated" of their intentions, the DNC will hire lawyers to create them in courtrooms.

What I am trying to say is that in future elections, unless a Republican Presidential candidate wins in a landslide, his right to claim the Presidency will be declared null and void.

All indicators point to corruption in Florida by the Democratic Party. They decry a ballot they devised themselves after Bush is confirmed the winner. They bring forth all these voters who suddenly didn't know how to punch holes, after Bush is confirmed the winner. They ignore the Panhandle, where a huge number of Bush supporters did not vote after Gore was declared the winner in error. They only call into question voter allegations in Palm Beach County, a strongly Democratic district, that does not represent the voting patterns in the rest of the state.

As the Election "process" continues, absentee ballots will be counted, most of which come from counties that are strongly Conservative, and pro-Bush. New Mexico was just taken out of Gore's column and put into the "undecided" column; absentee ballots from N.W. Colorado, as well as nearly a million in California may well put Bush in the popular vote lead. (As I write this, Gore's popular vote lead shrank to only 60,000 votes!) Let's see if poor Hillary will recant her demand for the abolition of the Electoral College should Bush become the popular vote winner.

The hand count is starting in Florida's most liberal counties that are run by Democratic supervisors, and I'm sure they'll keep on counting until they get the result they want for us - a fraudulent win in Florida for Al Gore in an effort to force a concession from Bush. Whatever happens now, in 2004 this cloud of suspicion will haunt the Democratic Party. Who knows if we will ever be able to freely elect a leader without the dark canopy of potential party corruption hanging over our heads. That's Al Gore's legacy. Unless he concedes. NOW. Do it, Al. For the sake of the country. Even the New York Times editorial today said you should give it up.

Governor Bush's legacy? He will concede, if not the Presidency, then in executive decisions and policies once he's sworn in. He'll serve as a figurehead for conservative ideals that will never see the light of day. Goodbye education reform, Social Security reform, tax relief, partial birth abortion bans. Congressional and Senate Democrats will deadlock progress and rule with an iron fist, using this close election as their excuse for equal control with the Republican majority.

Look out America, here comes tomorrow, that's when we can not choose. How I wish I can borrow someone else's noose.

Democracy be damned!

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