Al Gore is Like Mildew
(and that stinks!)

By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
August 23, 2000

Al Gore has picked Senator Joseph L. Lieberman to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. In all probability, Gore's staff and/or focus group(s) hand-picked Lieberman for him and Al Gore, being Al Gore, agreed. Politically speaking, Senator Lieberman is almost everything that Al Gore is not. The reality is, though, is that Al Gore IS running for President, not Joe Lieberman. So all eyes should be focused solely on Al Gore!

We have had 8 years now of Al Gore. Al Gore IS, after all, an integral part of the Clinton-Gore administration. History will record that the Clinton-Gore team consisted of Bill Clinton as President, Hillary Clinton as UN-official Vice-President, and then of course, the tag-along "Yes Man," Al Gore.

As a housewife, I have to say that Al Gore as President is a "stinky" choice. The White House needs to be cleaned out now. We don't need big tent politics in the White House; we need a big fumigation tent to fumigate the White House. Leaving Gore in the White House is like leaving mold and mildew in the shower, and that stinks! To clean a shower thoroughly, you can't just clean the shower door, you need to open the door and scrub the walls and the drain. So, let's really clean up the White House friends and not leave a mildewed Gore there. Wash the Clinton-Gore administration right down the drain! Thank you.

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