A New War Requires an Old Approach

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

September 11, 2001

If Tuesday, September 11, 2001 is a day that will live in infamy, it certainly is not a day that mirrors the disaster at Pearl Harbor.

There are no words to describe this horror. With an evil terrorist act of this magnitude, international in scope, words only go so far. Action should have been taken long ago to prevent what will be happening in our near future.

This is a different kind of war, and we are fighting a very different kind of menace.

That this was an act of war against the United States is obvious. What is not so obvious is who perpetrated the attack. This was no isolated act, but a coordinated effort involving several enemy Arab countries, with Afghanistan's terrorist Osama Bin Laden being the focus of attention.

This invasion of Washington and New York will cripple us, unless we act quickly. New York's bridges and tunnels will be next.

Once we find out who is responsible, it's war. It means, as President Bush stated, hunting down those responsible and taking immediate action. This was a huge and successful operation for the terrorists, proving they don't work in isolation. They never did.

How could all these planes be hijacked simultaneously? How were the terrorists able to board these planes as passengers, kill the pilots and take over the controls? Was the security in Boston at the airport so lax and inattentive that they had no inkling of who was boarding or what was going to happen? Commentator Barbara Olson had phoned her husband, Solicitor-General Ted Olson, from the plane that later hit the Pentagon. She told him the terrorists had knife-like objects and were hijacking the plane. How did terrorists board the planes with weapons, and so easily?

The obvious and only logical answer is that this may be partly an inside job, involving operatives working within our airports and airlines. Someone or ones stationed at the airports in Boston, Washington, D.C. and Newark may have premeditated this attack, working conjointly with Middle East terrorists to take these planes down. How else can such a complex maneuver have gone through so smoothly, without a hitch? Such a highly organized and detailed operation involving several planes and locations requires skill and expertise from within the airports and without, for the slightest error would have meant a failure. You can bet they had help from terrorists assisting within our borders.

That airport employees may be cooperating with terrorists, giving them access to turn commercial jets into destroyer planes is too horrible to contemplate, but it is a possibility that must be considered. The people who hijacked the planes were skilled pilots and assassins. They had free access, and managed to get weapons onto the planes without being detected. This was a carefully designed strategy, with advance planning requiring ample financial resources.

This is what happens when you allow questionable immigrants into our country, and afford them the opportunity for citizenship.

"Horrified" Arafat probably knew about this and was likely involved in its execution. Terrorist Osama Bin Laden is likely the brains behind the operation. Presently, nighttime attacks have begun in Kabul, but we must continue until the country is obliterated. We must flatten Afghanistan. Period. Destroy the country that has been a safe haven for one of the world's most dangerous terrorist leaders.

Then there is the plight of Israel. Whoever is ultimately responsible for this horrific act of war, one thing must be understood: ALL TERRORISTS OPERATE WITH SIMILAR DIRECTIVES. If there was ever a time to plan a massive invasion into the West Bank, this is it. We should be throwing our full support behind Israel, who should now march into the West Bank and Palestinian border cities with tanks and grenades. With a heroism not seen since the defense of Masada, Israel must take a quick and decisive action.

Moreover, this is the time for Israel to destroy the Palestinians, take them out en masse. All Arab men, women and children, should be decimated, and the United States should help them finish the job. Remember those horrific videos on CNN showing "innocent civilians" celebrating in the streets? Juxtapose those images with the image of the twin towers burning and falling to the ground as Americans run for their lives. Let those two contrasting images be etched into your consciences.

This is a scary time, and I hope we get through it. I worry about the efficacy of our intelligence operations. That our Pentagon is so easily vulnerable to a surprise attack should worry everyone. Terrorism has now entered its next phase, and we cannot reveal ourselves as defenseless. We've never been faced with a war like this, and that's why our enemies can easily gain the upper hand. Right now, in the immediacy of this turmoil, we are susceptible to additional attacks.

On December 7, 1941, Americans had a very different attitude. We were not a feel good society. We had a draft that was strong. We were mobilized and ready for war. We were militarized. We were capable of immediate strikes. We knew the enemy, and where to find them. Most important, we had the battle spirit.

Our nation today has no resemblance to the nation that was prepared to retaliate following the Pearl Harbor attack.

If we are to remain the United States, we had better proceed with a 1941 approach. This could be the edge of World War III. We are in grave peril.

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