By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

October 17, 2001


A madman who thinks he's G-d creates a monster out of human body parts. Isn't that what Frankenstein was all about?

This war on terror is beginning to look like a twisted version of the gothic novel. The evil Doctor Frankenstein attempted to redefine the creation of life, as we know it. He was trying to create life from death; a reverse abortion.

In the aftermath of tragic death and destruction, war creates life too. War protects freedom and allows life to proceed with advantage, but only if the strategy is allowed to proceed without too much interference. The peaceniks are trying to intercept our course of action, and can destroy the three principles of war necessary to sustain the human right to life.

Principle one: Evil people must be destroyed for good people to triumph.

Principle two: Innocent people will unfortunately die as a consequence and there is nothing we can do about it.

Principle three: The end result? Good people will be triumphant. Freedom and human rights will prevail.

These moronic peace protesters relish their role-playing at being G-d, interpreting what the United States response should be to vicious terrorist acts. The peaceniks are very upset about the bomb in Afghanistan that was earmarked for the airport and winded up killing civilians. What about all those civilians that died last month? Do the 'John Lennonites' remember them? Apparently not.

Newsday obtained documents from the United Nations disclosing "systematic massacres" of Afghanistan civilians over the years by the Taliban militia as they attempted to gain control of the country. Are the Lennonites screaming in outrage about the civilians killed and tortured every day by the Taliban? Do the peaceniks voice outrage over the blatant human rights violations and mass murders ordered by Mullah Mohammed Omar, their leader? Nope.

How about the report on the CNN World News website of a massacre in Kano, Nigeria, where hundreds of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims "after anti-U.S. protests turned violent?" Many of the Christians had to run for their lives while churches were set on fire. Do the peaceniks care about the innocent Christian and non-Muslim victims murdered in Nigeria? Nope.

Does it help our situation when 20,000 anti-war demonstrators protest "peacefully" in Britain? Nope. If anything, their peace adds fuel to the fire, provoking militant Muslim fanatics to get more aggressive in their terror campaign against us. These sickos are convinced that their twisted ideology is right, and that their despicable anti-American acts of war are justified. They will go forward with whatever they have planned, including bioterrorism, whether we continue our air strikes or not.

We've got enough Anthrax going around. We don't need any more.

That's why I'm disgusted with groups like "The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament" (www.cnduk.org), "Amnesty International" (www.amnesty.org) and www.antiwar.com. Amnesty International's slogan is "Justice Not Revenge." In their opinion, there is no crime horrible enough to call for vengeance against the perpetrators, even on behalf of justice. Their view is dangerous, and wrong.

Here's the opinion of a German protester among the 20,000 who marched in London:

"The horror of World War II makes all of us in Germany leery of war. I'm against this war because it's not justified, and innocent people are being killed and forced to flee their homes."

If it weren't for the "horror" of World War II, Hitler may very well have succeeded. If what happened on September 11, tainted by the continuing discoveries of Anthrax across America, does not justify killing to stop terrorism, what does? Since there's no war without civilian deaths, we must conclude that these noisy, misguided demonstrators hate America, freedom, and the preservation of liberty, plain and simple. Otherwise, that German protester and his 19,999 buddies would be yapping their heads off about the carnage in Nigeria, where hundreds of innocent Christians were slaughtered. Those people had to flee their homes, too.

Someone ought to tell these Lennonites that their spiritual mentor was a songwriter, not a military strategist. "Give peace a chance" means not a hill of beans to maniacs on a mission to get into Heaven.

As for Dr. Frankenstein, had his idea been accepted and approved by those around him, eventually there would have been a world full of his evil creatures. I hope the plot unfolding in this real-life Frankenstein monster drama allows good to triumph, as it did in Mary Shelley's fictional version. For our sake, let's hope life imitates Shelley's art, and not John Lennon's.

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