The Hateful Agenda Against Pro-Life Women
By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
March 7, 2001

LIFE is a strong word. You can picture a beating heart, a blossom's pedals unfolding in the warmth of the sun, a seasoned citizen's frail arms hugging the grand kids, a person struggling to overcome a life-threatening situation, and most of us at one time or another contemplate eternal life. LIFE is such a bold four letter word. PRO-LIFE is even a bolder concept in today's world.

There is a secret today that I am going to share with you. It's a problem actually that many conservative women just do not talk about. It's not a politically correct topic. It's "just one of those things" you have to put up with if you're a conservative, pro-life woman. So, without further ado, we're going to explore the hateful agenda against pro-life women.

Right up front, I have to tell you that there is nothing embarrassing or secretive about being a pro-life woman. There are so many of us that we easily outnumber those liberal female, "pro-choice" groups. Right off the top of my head, Concerned Women For America is was one of the largest and flourishing women's group in the country. CWFA is a conservative women's group where pro-life, traditional values are honored. Of course, the so-called "main-stream" press isn't going to tell you that, so I will. And, we all know that is a very popular conservative, pro-life web site founded by Carolyn Gargaro and Stephanie Herman. These two sites are just a few pin points of light on the 'net. There are many conservative, pro-life web sites on the internet.

Not everyone agrees with our pro-life positions. That's too bad and that's really sad; however, that's only a part of our story. You see, all of us encourage debate and open discussion regarding conservative, pro-life issues. We all have designed our web sites independent of each other, but our sites are similar in that they encourage reader participation. Some of our sites allow for online chats, the use of discussion forums, e-mail contributions, and mail forms for the reader to send their comments, questions and suggestions. We want to talk WITH you.

Of course, this is where the problem lies and yes friends, the problem lies low ---slithering, snake-on-its-belly low. When one is female, conservative, pro-life, and a lady; gutless, no-class, zero morals, ethically challenged, hateful jerks have a tendency to bombard us with the grossest e-mails and post the vilest messages on our open forums. You see, these disgusting, low-life creeps seemed to have declared it open season upon pro-life, conservative women.

Speaking for myself, the hate mail I receive, the vile messages posted on my open forums, and the daily porn spammers fall into three general categories. Most of these people are unidentified anonymous people, liberal males with no traditional values, and the rest are "pro-choice" females and/or females who obviously do not hold traditional values. Most of these gutter mouth people send their messages at night, seldom use their real names, and frequently use a web-based e-mail account which was opened with a false name. Lately, when I report abuse I am being told by the web-based e-mail abuse centers that some of the web-based e-mail accounts I have reported are false accounts. That's incredible! Finally, I am amazed at the foreign country e-mailers and posters who send their shameful messages to America.

What I don't understand is why the hateful agenda types don't come right out and say who they really are? Could it be they are ashamed of themselves? Here I am, a conservative, pro-life woman right up front telling you what I think and encouraging you to have a dialogue with me. I encourage you to click on my interactive links to garner information, insights, and maybe make a new friend or two. Instead, the hateful agenda crowd, over the years; has sent their anonymous garbage to me or posted it on my forums. You have spared no creativity in your ugliness. You have sent me a few graphic horrifying photos, porn-spam e-mail, low-life e-mails with computer viruses, and you have sent me some really stupid, meaningless messages. You closed down one of my e-mail accounts. You wrecked a couple of web boards. Are you proud of yourselves? Probably so. What you did to me, I'm sure you have done to a lot of other conservative, pro-life women. Whereas, in my case, even though all of this hate stuff is somewhat infrequent (except for the spam mail); I am publicly proclaiming that you all are going to have to STOP your immature antics and cut this out right now! It takes a lot of energy to be so hateful. Conserve your energy and channel it into a peaceful outlet.

Well, that's my opinion. I would love to hear your opinion regarding this subject. Mail your comments to

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