The Borking Process Begins Against Senator John Ashcroft

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

January 7, 2001

It's too bad politics is not like classical music. In that genre, there are set rules to follow in composition. Form, precision, structure, attention to correct standards for melodic design and development can not be forged. A brilliant melody can be expanded, a bad one must be revised, but it can not be faked to false perfection and then be labeled 'good music.' By comparison, contemporary rock is artistically false, imprecise, atonal, interpretive, irregular, mediocre. More often than not, rock 'artists' and their enthusiasts ignore standards and distort melody, design, and harmonic structure to the point where it is no longer music. Inferior art can always be produced in a studio, then promoted by an industry that is only interested in the quantity of CD's sold, not the quality or performance. In the end, the music is still bad.

Modern liberalism is a lot like contemporary rock. Lies, broken rules and rotted policies are marketed to an ignorant electorate as a Bill of Goods, and they eagerly buy until the lies go Platinum. Standards and values that have sustained civilization have been reinterpreted, repackaged and marketed as bad. It's not surprising that the public believes the lies liberal tell, for in politics ignorance will always prevail unless we stand behind the traditions and morals that made our country great. The burden is on us to maintain the Reagan paradigm. Conservatism can not fake itself into the inferiority of liberalism. It can not be sold as Mariah or Madonna, it has to be sustained as Mozart.

Take the current Borking madness being perpetuated by liberal Democrats against A.G. designate John Ashcroft. Senator Ashcroft is a good man, and was an outstanding Senator. I donated generously to his campaign only to see it blow up in smoke when Missourians voted for the dead Governor Carnahan. During his tenure as Senator and Governor, the list of John Ashcroft's tributes to notable African-Americans was long, and his support for black judges that came up for a vote rated at about 90%. But....there was one black judge he did not confirm, therefore, he's a racist. As well, he dares to be pro-life, therefore, he is anti-woman and won't enforce the law. The vicious lies of racism are outrageous and hark back to the pre-election NAACP ad tying President-elect Bush to the James Byrd dragging death. Make no mistake: The Borking of Senator John Ashcroft is a full-scale character assassination, and will only get worse.  

What is the Republican response to the onslaught? Indifference. They were also indifferent when Ted Kennedy led the 'anti-choice' initiative against Judge Bork that defeated his nomination. That's why we ended up with Justice David Souter, who has been a disaster when it comes to adjudicating law on behalf of conservative social issues. Justice Souter is to Republicans what a pair of scissors was to Samson in the hands of Delilah. Remember the 1994 Republican Revolution? Remember our Senate majority? We had principles and rules, and we won. We wimped out of those principles, let the Contract With America get sliced and diced, and then the voters cut us off in 1996, and even worse in Election 2000. We've been the weaker for it ever since.

President-elect Bush appears to have learned that rules matter, for he has in Bush. However, the Party is not standing strong behind him. Attacks come unmercifully from Democrats against Senator Ashcroft's character, and our side is not putting up a strong unified fight to save Ashcroft's nomination. If we yield to pressure and lose on this nomination we will lose on the U.S. Supreme Court, and ultimately on everything else, in 2002. 

The reason Democrats have been successful is because they are united in their lies, and their euphemisms. Partial birth abortion has been marketed and sold as 'choice' under the guise of 'women's health.' Stem cell research and baby harvesting have been marketed under 'healing disease.' Euthanasia has been marketed as 'death with dignity.' Even after the Election was over, the theft of votes in Florida was renamed a 'recount,' and we all learned that 'every vote must count.' I wonder what label Democrats will invent to explain 'live birth abortions' and the murder of children after birth? How about 'products of perception?'

Just yesterday, I located an important and comprehensive report entitled, "Pro-Abortion Violence; Documented Incidents of Pro-Abortion Violence in the United States and Canada," and the link is: ( It's funny; the media portrays our side as violent, F.A.C.E. laws have been used against us to asphyxiate our rights of free speech, and we have been painted as the villains. Yet, as this important document indicates, when it comes to verifiable crimes vs. alleged crimes, it is the loving, women-worshipping 'pro-choice' radicals that have resorted to the most deadly acts of violence including murder, assault, infanticide, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture and rape. In fact, pro-abortionists have committed more than fifty murders over the past thirty years, and their victims are usually vulnerable elderly people, and children. Pro-life extremists only turned to more violent activities after their rights to peaceful protest were replaced by bubble zones, F.A.C.E. lawsuits, and outrageous jail terms for praying in front of clinics. Remember how the slain abortionist Barnett Slepian was described as a gentle caring man? Did you know that the same Barnett Slepian went berserk and severely beat a Christian man with a baseball bat, seriously injuring him, and then smashed all the windows on his van? It was December. All the man was doing was singing Christmas carols on a public street outside Slepian's home.

  I am not condoning the murder of abortionists. However, if you read this report, you'll learn about the dark, dark history and people behind the pro-choice movement, and how the law has protected their violent crimes. Here's a particularly frightening story: In Milwaukee, a seven year old girl praying in front of an abortion clinic was cursed and kicked in the face by a middle aged pro-choice woman. She kicked her so hard, according to the report, that bystanders heard the impact from a distance away. The woman, Catherine Doyle, was the leader of a radical pro-abortion group and also happens be the sister of the Attorney General in the State of Wisconsin. Guess what? Charges were not pressed against Doyle.

Now, is it any surprise why liberals are so adamantly opposed to a conservative pro-life Senator like John Ashcroft becoming our next U.S. Attorney General?

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