DnC FAMILY VALUES: The Macarena, Mambo No.5, Clinton and Condit...The Beat Goes On!

By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
September 10, 2001

Are you keeping track of the DnC "Family Values?" Are you seeing what Democrats are doing "for the children?" Do you care?

I am always fascinated and puzzled at the same time as to why that old adage keeps proving itself true. You know the old saying -- "History repeats itself." Why don't we learn anything from history? Is our society so apathetic, ignorant and doped up that understanding the lessons of history is not even on our priority list? Have we sunk so low in the gutter slime of today's politically correct culture that we can't even smell the stench of a morally corrupt society?

Many people are eagerly tuned in to watch Gary Condit's August 23 interview with Connie Chung. In all probability, the people who watched Condit are the same people who watched Bill Clinton with his well-rehearsed finger wagging as he boldly stated that he "did not have sex with that woman." Yeah, yeah.

Did you watch the 1996 Democratic Convention? If you did, then you know the Macarena was the big hit song of this convention. Did you watch the 2000 Democratic Convention? If you did, then you know Mambo No.5 was the big hit song of this convention. Do YOU know the words to The Macarena and Mambo No.5? Yeah, yeah. The traditional DnC family values "for the children" dances on without missing a beat.

So, Gary Condit gave a speech... er sorry.. an interview on national TV. Yeah, so what? What's new? Right Bill?

Oh, yes, before I end my little piece, I have a comment for you Mr. Condit. Representative Condit, according to a news transcript, you said in your interview, "I answered every question that law enforcement asked me." That sure is an interesting answer. I would have been more impressed if you said something to the effect that you answered every question law enforcement asked you, truthfully, honestly, promptly and in a timely manner.

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