The Process of Elimination Coming To A Doctor's Office Near You

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

April 20, 2001

The man with no soul who made a career snuffing the lives out of others has much to celebrate. Jack Kevorkian has been vindicated.

The Dutch parliament has officially granted doctors the legal right to murder anyone they choose, whether infirm or healthy. It is only a matter of time before the United States follows suit. Assisted suicide has already been liberalized in Oregon, with restrictions in place to protect victims from the potential abuse of power by physicians. It won't do any good. Those restrictions exist in Holland, but it is the doctor who ultimately decides, with only a casual nod and the signing of papers by another independent medical practitioner.

There are many parallels between the euthanasia movement and the early pro-abortion movement. Language is deliberately skewed to shield people from reality, to enhance public acceptance for an act that is clearly evil. You'd be hard pressed to find a legislator today who speaks of a "right to choose abortion." The right to choose, sans inclusion of the direct object (the dirty "A" word) works just fine, thanks. Images of coat hangers, back alleys, and non-human terms like "gobs of tissue" substitute for the image of a pre-born infant and have molded new public attitudes toward that infant. Like it or not, the majority of Americans don't see the horror of unrestricted abortion anymore. For if they did, they would vote out of office those disgraceful politicians who continue to vote for partial birth abortion under the pretext of "choice." The same Senators who voted for infanticide are still there, and in this last election, some new ones have been added to the Senate body.

Roe was deliberately conceived and written with the inclusion of a giant legal 'health' loophole that allows no protection for the unborn. Factors such as maternal age and mild depression are all acceptable excuses, allowing doctors to perform abortions up to birth on young girls who are healthy. It will be interesting to see how the current Michigan abortion case plays out. The abortionist charged is being prosecuted for committing a third trimester procedure on a healthy mother, which violates Michigan law. However, the state law bans ALL abortions and is unconstitutional under Roe, a point that the defense attorneys will argue. Our Supreme Court already has made it very clear (especially in the recent Nebraska decision) that Roe supercedes state law even when infanticide is being committed. How then, can any abortionist's decision to murder a fully developed infant ever be successfully challenged in court?

With euthanasia, the process of elimination includes a similar glossary of user-friendly terms and phrases. Death with dignity. Assisted suicide. Mercy killing. Helping terminally-ill patients exercise their right to die painlessly. These are the dangerous phrases, ones that have been advanced by the Dutch pro-death lobby to legislate murder in Holland. Over there, "death with dignity" now includes the demise of the elderly, the children, the infirm, the healthy, the physically handicapped, the mildly depressed, and the feeble. It is performed with the patient's consent, and without. Living options and hospice care are discouraged. Over here, pro-death organizations like the Hemlock Society are in sync with the Dutch. They market death like professional salesmen, holding up pitiful images of dying cancer victims the same way feminists held up coat hangers to gain public support. It is working. In short, euthanasia is an outrageous form of human elimination, and the outrage is coming to a doctor near you.

I went to Holland, once. Back in 1973, at the age of 18, I sojourned to the place everyone said was so beautiful. I saw the lovely tulip fields in Haarlem, In Amsterdam, I visited the famed Rijksmuseum to view the Rembrandts. I visited the attic where Anne Frank and her family hid during Word War II, stood at the base of the Tower of Tears where Henry Hudson embarked on his historic journey, and took a boat tour of the lovely canals that make up the city of Amsterdam.

I also visited the Red Light district. I saw the remnants of broken needles scattered, and witnessed prostitutes and junkies waiting for their respective fixes. It was a depressing, dirty setting. It's the part of Amsterdam that some people call its subculture, and others call its eyesore. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. People see what they want to see. At least, in the Red Light District (as in some repressed areas of London's Soho district) it's all there on display for the viewer.

But when something ugly is hidden, what then? When murder is packaged in the name of assisted suicide, and when infanticide arrives in the name of choice, how do people react? In the confines of intensive care units and abortion clinics, where human beings are being disposed of in horrifying fashion, there is no way for the rest of us to see, or judge. All we have are second hand news reports and representatives whose challenges to unrestricted euthanasia and abortion are ineffective. Those of us with consciences are appalled, but helpless, for our lobby has limited power. So we sit idly by and watch.

Thirty years ago, abortion was liberalized in a few states, followed by the Supreme Court decision mandating abortion. Today, assisted suicide has been liberalized in Oregon. Tomorrow, expect the Courts to decide on Roe's equivalent "euthanasia" law. Yesterday, abortion was legalized (we were told) to afford women their "Constitutional" reproductive rights. Today, that choice has progressed to include the brutal slaughter of children partially born. Today, we are told that euthanasia provides the terminally ill patient with the right to a productive death experience in lieu of an "unproductive life." Tomorrow, that choice will be in the hands of everyone but the terminally ill victims. As long as we turn a blind eye to the dangerous judicial activism that is replacing human rights, the abuses set into motion by the pro-death establishment will continue.

There is another danger, too. Once dying turns into a creative art form, to be practiced by those doctors who wish to play at being their own god, in time we will descend into a culture in search of a master race. If the doctor says, this life isn't worth living, who are we to disagree? It's just a matter of time before we kill people deemed unfit because they are not quite perfect enough, or do not meet the requirements of the medical industry's ideal image of a valuable life.

It seems there's no end to the process of human elimination

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