There Is Help for Offspring-Afflicted Women

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

July 10, 2001

Today is a happy day for the radical feminists of America. For many years, they've been trying to prove that motherhood is dangerous to a woman's health. Their solution is to replace motherhood with choicehood.

This column is being written on behalf of all wives who choose to procreate.

We've learned in a recent news report that unhappiness has a mind of its own. It kills children. Post-partum depression, resulting from hormonal imbalances that cause afflicted women to lose control of their sensibilities, has taken another victim.

Modern America thrives on compassion. There is compassion for the elderly, the infirm, and the poor. For the tobacco-afflicted. The crack-afflicted. The obesity-afflicted. Experts tell us we must acknowledge the very real emotional consequences of motherhood, and the years of suffering that ensue. The offspring-afflicted.

We must understand that childbirth disease, followed by the impossible demands of motherhood, is enough to put anyone over the edge. A woman who becomes impregnated with five children did not make five choices. Her hormones did.

The truth is, all premeditated murder is evil, committed by fiends. Our society, in orgasmic pursuit of root-cause satisfaction, is sick. The sickness began when language was diffused from meaning. That's when common sense died and the gray area was born.

When did our culture redefine freedom of choice? How is it that a woman who has five abortions is making five premeditated independent decisions, but a woman who murders her living progeny is a victim of circumstance?

Why is post-partum depression viewed as a legitimate medical condition, while post-abortion syndrome is a phony disorder invented by "anti-choice zealots?"

Maybe it's something in our lexicon. There was a time when murdering a child was called infanticide. Abortionists were quacks; now they are healers. They even heal babies by slaughtering them in the third trimester of pregnancy. Imagine, the poor child could have been born to poverty, or to a mother who used her tub as a weapon.

Euthanasia was once scorned; now it is praised as humane.

Not long ago, abortion was called feticide. The murder of a child was committed by an evil mother. The murder of a parent was committed by a demonic child.

Maybe there's a different root cause. Perhaps the woman's husband is responsible. He could have raped her, if not physically, then psychologically. Perhaps he discouraged her, and wouldn't let her get her five abortions. That is, choices. Was he a Christian, G-d forbid? Or maybe G-d is responsible. You know all that Bible talk about being fruitful and multiplying? G-d wasn't talking about planting apple seeds, you know.

Perhaps we should ban all Bibles.

Maybe it's those dangerous license plates supported by pro-life Republicans. The message, "Life Is a Beautiful Choice," may be forcing women to have children against their will.

Perhaps that Texas Mom was driving in Florida and happened to see one of those deadly license plates. Now, look what's happened.

Wait! The murder took place in Texas. That was President Bush's state. Wasn't he Governor of Texas? Of course! It's President Bush's fault!

Let's impeach President Bush.

Maybe it's something in the water, or the earth. Maybe the poor woman wasn't taking the right vitamins. Maybe the government should pay for a new program, so distraught offspring-afflicted women can get the nutrition they need.

Perhaps the 1950's are to blame. Maybe it's time to ban all those old comedy reruns from TV. This is serious, folks. We wouldn't want to influence women with negative stereotypes and give them the false impression that family life is happier than a barren one. Perhaps the Surgeon General should issue a disclaimer on every TV set, Cable and Satellite Service sold in America:

ALL THOSE CONTEMPLATING MOTHERHOOD BEWARE: Donna Reed and Ozzie and Harriet may be hazardous to your Reproductive Health.

Better yet, let's destroy all our TVs. That way, we don't have to worry about the psychological damage caused by Ozzie or Harriet.

The point is, any reason can be found to excuse any killer. Many women suffer from post-partum depression and don't murder their children. Many women don't suffer from post-partum depression and do murder their children. Remember Susan Smith?

However, there is help for offspring-afflicted women.

Perhaps, one day, our government will stop lying about the benefits of choice. Rather than use tax dollars to pay for abortions, we should offer incentives to women to have them. As a post-modernist progressive thinker, I say it's time to award women with abortion scholarships and grants.

Maybe a whole new college course of study can be implemented. "Abortion 101: How To Choose Wisely, Effectively and Responsibly." Abortion 102: How To Combat Those Annoying So-Called Maternal Instincts. Abortion 103: Techniques For Poisoning Your Husband After He Impregnates You. Women who have had abortions can receive life credits…I mean, choice credits…toward their B.F.A. (Bachelor In Fine Abortions) degrees.

The possibilities are exciting and fresh.

The day is coming, ladies, and soon. Don't fight it, join the Sisterhood! Do not succumb to the gnawing hormonal fluctuations that ravage your soul after it is too late. Next time you get the urge to have a baby and murder him or her, make the right choice, the good choice. Make your choice in advance of the birth. Then, you will not be condemned by anyone, and will be hailed by our cultural elite as a hero.

Copyright 2001 by Bonnie Chernin Rogoff. Not to be reproduced in any fashion, in whole or in part, without written consent from the author. All rights reserved.