Planned Parenthood Plans Parenthood For Your Children

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

December 16, 2001

What a great name for an international killing conglomerate - Planned Parenthood – the organization whose business thrives on baby kill mills. The word “planned” gives the illusion of autonomy and control; putting responsible adults in charge of their reproductive destinies. Meanwhile, their website is designed with a whole separate section just for teenagers. On their behalf, abstinence and self-control is the last thing PP seeks. To profit from the youth of America, sexual advocacy and promiscuity are a must. Through nifty marketing schemes and sexual sales pitches, the PP website adroitly directs teenagers to pages that encourage reckless behavior and will all but guarantee accidental pregnancies, so more abortions can occur. As the largest contraceptive/abortion operation in America, their incredible profits have gone up every year – at last count they earned 125 million dollars over expenditures. To rake in that kind of dough, you need as many pregnant teenagers as possible.

Despite these trifles, Planned Parenthood has been effective in selling their “we care about you” message to young people. They provide a separate page where teens can go called, ‘Teenwire Warehouse.’ Interspersed with sexual innuendos are suggestions on abstinence tossed in as an afterthought, and ‘how to’ points for young people who choose to wait. However, browse around and you will find the thrust of PP’s message to kids is clear: There are lots of neat ways to have plenty of “safe sex,” so if you want it, have fun and have it often, and we’ll be here for you if you get in trouble.

One reason it is so easy for Planned Parenthood to “be there” is that they are rolling in dough, thanks to enormous contributions from some of the wealthiest individuals and foundations in the country. I own a Hewlett-Packard printer, purchased prior to my awareness of the Packard Foundation’s allocation of generous endowments, totaling 122.7 million dollars, toward “population” projects in the year 2000. Of that, NARAL received 10 million dollars. The Packard Foundation continues donating huge sums to benefit pro-abortion groups in 2001, including the National Abortion Federation (4 million dollars) and the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (2.5 million dollars). The Planned Parenthood Federation of America received a grant of one million dollars toward their abortion business in the United States, and an additional 1.5 million dollars to expand “reproductive health services” in Sudan. Wow.

It is a marketing marvel that an abortion operation receives millions of dollars in donations from private contributors, makes money every year, and continues to qualify for non-profit tax-exempt status as a charity. Pro-life activists would like to see the federal government pull the plug on Planned Parenthood, and for good reason: their so-called “sexual education” indoctrinates young people into promiscuous lifestyles. Distribution of birth control pills and condoms to your teenage sons and daughters (without your knowledge) is Priority One to Planned Parenthood. Statistics prove that approach has failed. In an article on the subject of teenage abstinence, Concerned Women for America ( relates the facts: “From 1970 to 1990, births to unmarried teens increased 90 percent, and the total number of such births has more than tripled since 1950.”

If preventing pregnancy is the goal, why encourage sexual activity?

Concerned parents who visit the Planned Parenthood website and browse the “Teenwire warehouse” may be surprised to learn what this “charity” has planned for their children. Supposedly, they provide “information about teen sexuality, relationships, and health,” but what teens really get is the sexual green light. There are basic, intermediate and advanced articles on dating, love and sex. Here are some titles in the basic course: ‘Birth control for guys,’ ‘Facts: The truth about masturbation,’ ‘Guys who sleep with guys: Things to Know About Safer Sex,’ ‘Scared to Lose It?’ If this is basic, just imagine what the advanced course is like!

Sexually active author “Shauna” instructs teens on how to enjoy sex with what she calls “outercourse” in an “Intermediate” Planned Parenthood article: “Facts: Petting Goes a Long Way.” Disclosing that she indulged in plenty of “outercourse” in high school and that it “filled her life with romance and orgasms galore,” Shauna says:

“You might adhere to complete abstinence, choosing never to let flesh touch flesh. You might spend every Saturday night bumpin’ and nudging with that special someone. In between there’s a whole universe of sexual activity that doesn’t involve penis-in-vagina-type sex but can be fun, exciting, and fulfilling enough to keep you busy for hours and leave both you and your partner grinning from ear to ear. I call this other stuff “outercourse.” Which only means that it isn’t intercourse. Which only means that it can’t get you pregnant, and most of it won’t give you STI’s either.”

Charming. What Ms. Shauna doesn’t say is that with teens, action leads to more action, and outercourse invariably leads to intercourse. Which only means it leads to pregnancy. Which only means a trip to the local PP clinic for an abortion!

The “Hothouse” is a separate page where daily sexual topics are posted by teenagers, and advice is supposedly offered by their peers. “I’m worried that my boyfriend will be grossed out from giving me oral sex,” one girl laments. Also, “I want to go on the pill, but I’m afraid to talk to my mom about it!” A few “teen respondents” to the pill question advised the girl to lie to her mom. One told her to go to a “local Family care center” to get the pills. Two suggested going to Planned Parenthood for help, and here’s one answer posted by “Kris:”

“I started having sex so my friend took me to Planned Parenthood. There (sic) great there. They get you checked out and put you on the right stuff.”

That’s Planned Parenthood’s way of promoting family values.

The last page I viewed was the FAQ page entitled, “What Can I Do If I Am Pregnant?” which is primarily a hit piece on Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC’s) that offer pregnant teenagers other options besides abortion.

“If you would like to have confidential pregnancy options counseling at your nearest Planned Parenthood, call toll-free…Beware of so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” that are anti-abortion,” Planned Parenthood warns. “They may perform pregnancy tests without medical supervision.”

Pregnancy test kits can be bought in a pharmacy, on the web, are easy to read and never require medical supervision as a safety precaution. Abortions are often performed without parental knowledge or hospital emergency back-up services. It is ludicrous that Planned Parenthood opposes parental consent for an invasive operation, yet voices concern about medical supervision for a simple pregnancy test.

Also shameful is PP’s false charge that Crisis Pregnancy Centers lie about the medical and emotional consequences of abortion. Aborted women often suffer in silence with severe psychological trauma, have trouble establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, and resort to destructive patterns of behavior, including substance abuse that comes with a feeling of worthlessness. Planned Parenthood denies the very real and growing disorder known as post-abortion syndrome, and ignores the fact that legal abortion is a dangerous procedure, often resulting in problems with future pregnancies. They continue to ignore or deny the causal link between induced abortion and breast cancer.

What can pro-lifers do to stop Planned Parenthood? The American Life League has a separate division called “STOPP International” that publishes frequent updates on Planned Parenthood’s activities ( Write to your representatives. Inform your Senators that you object to taxpayer dollars being directed toward an Evil Abortion Empire that receives millions in private grants already, and sees a generous profit every year. Be aware of who the corporate donors are and write letters protesting their pro-abortion activities. One of the worst offenders is Hewlett-Packard. Now that you know, stop buying their products.

If possible, consider volunteering at your nearest Crisis Pregnancy Center. CPC’s have been cutting into Planned Parenthood’s turf, and in recent years, many of their facilities have closed as a result. When teenage girls learn the truth about the dangers of abortion and see their unborn babies up close, they choose life. That’s bad news for the abortion profiteers.

Copyright 2001 by Bonnie Chernin Rogoff. Not to be reproduced in any fashion, in whole or in part, without written consent from the author. All rights reserved.