Made With Real Ingredients
By Cindy Furnare
Rightgrrl Contributor
August 3, 2001

One day while out shopping, I picked up a bottle of salad dressing. On the bottle was a label proclaiming the salad dressing was "made with real ingredients." I couldn't stop giggling. Of course the salad dressing is "made with real ingredients!" Seriously, I'm sure the salad dressing manufacturer was attempting to convey the message that they use fresh ingredients versus artificial ingredients.

Lately, I see random surveys and polls popping up attempting to find out how to bring more women voters into the big tent. The pols really want to know what women are looking for in a candidate. Well, I know what I want. I want to vote for candidates who come certified that they are made with real ingredients. Glossy photos, toothpaste smiles, and phoney promises will get you nowhere --- at least with me.

So, without further ado, here is my ingredients list for political candidates I would vote for.

My real ingredients list: OK, that's my list. Does it seem old-fashioned to you? Does it seem unrealistic? It's not. Our culture has sunk so low; our expectations for our politicians are mired in the muck, too. Let's raise the bar!

We need to do this. We can do it. We will do it. Raise that bar right now! Get out of your chairs and help America get back on its moral feet again! Hold yourself accountable. Hold your politicians accountable. This is our patriotic duty.

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