The Terminators As Gods

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

November 15, 2001

"This is where I do the deed. This is my abortion machine, where I do the Lord's work. I heal the sick with it."

Those chilling words were uttered by Brian Finkel, abortionist and madman of Arizona, as he was describing his pride and joy, the Synevac Vacuum Curettage to reporter Amy Silverman. The interview with this obnoxious vile-mouthed contemptible man appeared in her article "The Terminator," in Phoenix New Times Online, June 17, 1999.

"Doctor" Finkel calls his abortion machine the "Super Sucker." He calls his abortion clinic the "Vaginal Vault." I wouldn't want my daughter to pass a rabid dog like that on the street, let alone receive a "safe, legal abortion" by him.

Right now, because we are at war, the national mood is somber and focused on external terrorism, and Osama bin Laden has become a household name. If the name "Brian Finkel" doesn't ring a bell, it is because the American terrorists known as baby killers receive full protection of the law while they terminate human life without care, feeling or compunction. They destroy unborn babies proudly, up to birth.

However, the name Brian Finkel may become a household name, after all. On October 24, the animal was finally captured and arrested. The charge? Sixteen counts of sexual abuse, and one count of sexual assault, involving nine former patients. According to the Pro-life Infonet, "70 to 80 women have accused the abortion practitioner of sexual misconduct." The abuse has been going on for 17 years.

Have you heard the feminists at the National Organization of Women complain? No. Have you heard the screams of outrage coming from NARAL or Planned Parenthood? I doubt it.

What you have heard is the continuous rumbling sound of silence from various pro-abortion organizations regarding Finkel, while at the same time, they shout accusations of "Anthrax mailings!" against pro-life groups. Accusations, without merit.

Apparently, it is more important to frame pro-life groups with phony allegations of anthrax threats, than to name an abortionist who has been harming women for years.

That so many pro-abortion groups are willing to lie and exploit the terrorist attacks of September 11 to their own gain is bad enough. Chances are if abortionists and their supporting organizations are receiving anthrax letters, they are probably being mailed by their own members.

However, an organization known as the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (how's that for a name?) is going one step further, taking their accusations to the media. They are running an ad in several Washington-based newspapers, and in the November 15 issue of Roll Call. Entitled, "Bombs, Bullets, and Anthrax," here is the verbiage:

"The fear of bombs and bullets and anthrax in the mail is nothing new for abortion providers and the women they serve. Over the past quarter-century, they have been the victims of a relentless campaign of terror to deny women their moral and legal rights in the name of God."

"Terrorists who attack abortion clinics blaspheme the very religions they claim to represent. In terms eerily like those of the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, they "wage a holy war," convinced they know the truth about God's will for humanity. Like other extremists who cloak themselves in religion, anti-abortion zealots are certain God wants them to terrorize and even kill for their beliefs."

According to the "Religious Coalition" those who try desperately to save the lives of unborn children are equal to Osama bin Laden. The RCRC ignores violence committed by abortionists. Why do they not give details about all those charges against "Doctor" Brian Finkel?

You know why.

The great irony is that when it comes to real, verifiable numbers, pro-abortion violence dramatically exceeds that of so-called "pro-life" violence, and the information is not reported by the mainstream liberal press. However, it can easily be accessed on the web. For those so inclined, a great place to start would be the network, and here is the link.

In addition to the ad they are running, the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice published a letter on their site, composed by LeRoy Carhart, to President Bush, with a plea to "stop domestic terrorism." The RCRC calls partial-birth abortion specialist Carhart a "courageous physician." On a separate page entitled, "What the Bible Says," the RCRC website explains why the loving choice of murdering babies is really pro-life and G-d ordained. One article, "Anticipatory Personhood," explains to all us pro-life dummies why a "conceptus" is a person only when the prospective parents want it.

And you expect to get the truth from this sick bunch?

The pro-abortion movement has come full-circle. From "freedom of choice" they brazenly promote the termination of babies, in the name of their selective gods.

Copyright 2001 by Bonnie Chernin Rogoff. Not to be reproduced in any fashion, in whole or in part, without written consent from the author. All rights reserved.