Desperate Liberals Going Stark Naked

By Esther Hartstein
Rightgrrl Contributor
March 19, 2003

In a desperate attempt to get out their message to an uninterested public, antiwar leftists have turned towards increasingly pathetic protest tactics. They have slandered our country on foreign soil, practically threatened to sue the American public for boycotting in response, disrupted urban functioning with their rowdy demonstrations and have stated their plans to vandalize military bases. Let me predict another round of brutality/oppression/statism when these criminal mobs are forced to pay for the damage. But through danger, crime, useless kvetching and lunacies aplenty, nude protests take the cake in a new, unhinged Left that is losing more screws by the minute.

Let me tell you, there is no better sight for sore partisan eyes than to see the enemy jumping up and down stark naked in a public fit of frustration. Nor is there a sadder sight for the compassionate heart.

According to some sources, nude protesting began on a freezing day in New York City's Central Park, on the onset of the Iraq war debate. As mainstream America rallied around the idea of war, nude protests spread like wildfire amongst a reactionary fringe. They have been held all over the world from New York to Chile to Brisbane, Australia. Crowds of naked nut jobs have been known to number up to 750 at a time, as if the more bare butts, the more truthful the message. Civilization has abandoned the Left, which, judging by their protests, has been reduced to the level animals.

"Through our nudity, we are trying to show our solidarity with the helplessness of the Iraqi people," said one unnamed protester in NYC's Central Park. Unfortunately for them, the "art" appears to be expressing nothing but the helplessness of the Left. Although their foundations outspend Right-leaning ones by $51b/year, the Left is positively defunct. For about 20 years since the onset of the New Right, liberals have consistently failed to produce facts, ideas, and arguments that resonate with the heart of America. Thus, they have been forced to publicize with their private parts what their minds have failed to argue. Says Australian protest organizer Grace Knight: "We thought that was the only way to get the federal government's attention."

Despite its obvious alienation from the political mainstream, the Left is putting more effort into defending its members than defending its ideas. We have been hearing tons of insistence from them of late that "antiwar is not anti America" and that "dissent is patriotic." Donna Sheehan, nude protest organizer, has described the women attending her protests as ordinary women, composed of social workers, homemakers, PhDs and even a few Republicans. But the thinking person has to ask, what ordinary person would take their clothes off and lie atop other naked bodies in front of the news media? Or assume that such ludicrous shtick would influence the hearts of decent Americans?

Here's the attitude of one "ordinary woman": If someone asked me to take my clothes off in public, I would never talk to them again in my entire life. In fact, I would consider filing a sexual harassment lawsuit if I had the grounds.

Yet these people, with their less-than-perfect bodies, ("some people were not meant to undress. Ever."- Columnist Ben Shapiro on the topic) are willing to get naked in front of the whole public for no profit, monetary or political. If they were smart, they would have taped their antics at close range and sold it as porn. Hey, I'm already thinking up some captions. How about "Naked Liberal Asses" (in both senses) or "Women Making Love Not War"?

Simultaneously, I laugh and cry for these people. Cover up, Antiwar Leftists. You are G-d's children. Think of your Father's shame when you stand out there in disgrace. Why can't you accept that over 70% of the American public is for this war?

Come to think of it, how has the public slipped through you fingers? You are over 90% of academe, backed by most of Hollywood and the mainstream media, with most of America's elite on your side. You have Europe behind you, you have Ted Turner and Warren Buffet behind you. Your foundations outspend those of your opponents by over 51 billion dollars annually. And still you have been usurped, politically cuckolded by the Right Wing. Its members are less educated than you, largely blue collar, rural and somehow organized around a mosaic of unrelated and sometimes contradictory agendas. What has happened to you?

Perhaps the Left's desperate position has something to do with its "Zionism=Racism" rhetorical motif. G-d probably did not hand Israel to the Jews so miraculously to see the opponents of His plan for the Middle East prosper. And so, the Left is not prospering.

As has been the fate Israel's enemies throughout history.

Copyright 2003 by Esther Hartstein. Not to be reproduced in any fashion, in whole or in part, without written consent from the author. All rights reserved.