Liberal Jews Being Led To Slaughter

By Esther Hartstein
Rightgrrl Contributor
March 13, 2003

I happened to take a look at the American-Partisan website and saw another of your intemperate articles," read one of my emails. "You do no service to the cause of America with such a vile outpouring." The author of this letter, whom I shall call Yosef Levi, ended his critical message with a warning: "In my country, Britain, you would be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred."

Oh. So the British consider Radical Islam a race! Who knew?

Anyhow, there was a dark side to Yosef's enlightening letter that troubled me. Europe is facing another bout with something akin to Nazism, in whose face attitudes like Yosef's are quite dangerous.

Imagine you are a Jew living in a tiny town in Eastern Europe. One day, you wake up to see windows shattered and businesses ravaged. Horrible anti-Semitic messages have been scrawled on every surface. Several people who were out that night say that they were beaten by German soldiers. You hear that there are rumors circulating about Jews in a faraway town being shipped off to labor camps. Though you might be tempted to shrug off these wild accounts as conspiracy theories, a part of you is nervous. There is a certain Adolph Hitler running Germany, a mesmerizing politician known for his desire to see your kind annihilated. And you know that his military is equipped to do so.

Then, one day, a creature bursts into town. He is dressed in rags and looks as though he hasn't eaten in a month. He is covered with injuries and diseases. You recognize him as your friend from another town.

With choking breath, he tells you he has escaped a concentration camp. He then goes on to divulge what he saw: death, torture, nightmarish scenes beyond the human comprehension. "Run," he tells you. "The Nazis are coming!"

Would you take his advice?

If for whatever reason you chose to stay where you were, don't feel too alone. According to holocaust survivor Chaim Shlomo Friedman (in his book "Dare to Survive") staying put and empathetic was the popular choice of pre-holocaust European Jewry. Considering what the consequences where, it would be reasonable to say that they made the wrong choice. Why then, in year 2003, are so many European Jews willing to make that choice again?

Today's Nazis do no wear swastikas as emblems of belief, but keffiyahs. Their rallies are held at Mosques. They have burnt synagogues and assaulted Jews all over Europe; their leaders have called for the extermination of the Jewish people. Students have bottles and rocks thrown at them, Jewish cultural sites are surrounded by security guards. Cops have advised children to downplay their Jewish appearances because their safety cannot be ensured. France is projected to be Muslim by 2038. In the meantime, Jews like Yosef Levi call me a racist for pointing this out.

Well, Yosef, one day I happened to put down my newspaper and find out that our school had hired a French dorm counselor. Upon meeting her, she told me in Hebrew that her loved ones had been killed by radicals in France, and that she was a refugee. I could see the truth in her eyes as she told me that no Jew should feel safe in France (a country not so far from Yosef's Britain).

As a grandchild of holocaust survivors and a columnist, I immediately undertook the task of making the dorm counselor's message known. My conscience would permit no alternative. My columns began to reflect the growing calamity unheeded by Europe as it conducts itself under the shadow of radical Islam. Hurry, is my message to Europeans, Jews and gentiles alike. Act before you are bitten, for it will be a bite you will never recover from.

Considering my decent intentions, why are European Jews responding by calling me names? According to Yosef Levi, it is because I am "another of those young Jewesses who think that the Jews are the chosen people and that Muslims have no right to be on this earth." (Actually, I think that they have no right to take over the earth, which is what some of them are intent on doing.) So it is because of Jewish fundamentalism that a bus full of children and secular students was blown up in Haifa, Yosef? Is that why my school's dorm counselor is currently a refugee? Do you think that you are safe in Britain as long as you call me a racist, that antiterrorism measures are not needed? No, Yosef, the victims of terror were by and large bystanders like yourself, though probably a bit more humble. Like Hitler, radical Islam does not care if their victims are racist or not. If it could take over the world, it would make no distinction between an Israeli Jew, a German Jew, and a British Jew. Why are you in such denial, Yosef Levy?

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