The Women's Movement is NOW Dead

by Jennifer King
Featured Rightgrrl December 1998
March 03, 1999

The latest out of Arkansas is that a woman, Juanita Broaddrick, has come forward, claiming she was brutally raped by Bill Clinton in 1978. Mrs. Broadderick alleges that she met Mr. Clinton at a nursing home conference, where they made arrangements for a further business meeting. This meeting was supposed to take place in the hotel coffee shop. At the last moment, Mr. Clinton called her room and asked to meet her upstairs since he wanted to avoid reporters who were in the coffee shop. Mrs. Broaddrick agreed, and contends that after she let Mr. Clinton through the door, he assaulted her. During the attack, Mr. Clinton bit Mrs. Broaddrick's lip to keep her submissive - a serial rapist's trick, by the way. After the attack, he casually left, saying, "Better get some ice for that lip" on his way out the door.

One would think that the women's groups would be out in droves, clamoring for the President's immediate resignation. Remember their outrage over Clarence Thomas and some suggestive comments he allegedly made to Anita Hill? Remember their pious indignation over Bob Packwood's pinches? Here is a man with a documented history of abuse towards women - from Kathleen Willey to Monica, who testified that Mr. Clinton handled her "very roughly". Yet, an eerie silence emanates from the feminist groups. In fact, several women seem to have swallowed the DNC talking points whole. Susan Estrich provides the lame, "it was over 20 years ago" line. Patsy Schroder gives us notice that she has "moved on". Pat Ireland wonders aloud why Mrs. Broaddrick "invited" a man up to her room in the first place. Excuse me, ladies, isn't that known as the formerly taboo "blaming the victim"?

Watching the blatant hypocrisy of the women's groups finally reach the light of day is like savoring a delicious feast. Every platitude uttered in support of sexual harassment law is frozen in the headlights of a President's self-serving use of a much younger intern. Every mewling pretense of regard for women is stripped bare by the lack of support for Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick. You only deserve support if you are a liberal , Democratic woman who is assaulted by a conservative, Republican man. Anything goes if it's their guy on the hot seat. Talk about partisan!

Digging a little deeper into the feminist movement one finds their covert agenda - not just support for the horrid partial birth abortion; but women in armed combat; "transgendering" - whereby men and women will become vacuous, clone-like hermaphrodites, and kinky college courses on sado-masochism. Underlying it all is a sneering disdain for "traditional" American mothers, fathers and families.

The only feminists left in NOW are shrill harpies, radiating hatred of men, boys and at home mothers. Their "sexual revolution" was a vast failure - women who used to be courted and committed to are instead toyed with and discarded. Women who finally make it to marriage find themselves suffering sterility from having multiple partners. The "no-fault" divorce laws have made marriages revolving doors, and have left women struggling to support their families with no help from irresponsible fathers. In many cases, women have been forced to become the wards of the welfare state - which is just dandy in the feminist's mind - fatherless children and impoverished ex-wives, all under one big roof along with the unwed teen mothers. No place for strong men at this table.

The feminists long ago quit speaking for regular American women. Their agenda has become a radicalized one, and is teetering on the edge of insanity. Their silence while the White House used Larry Flynt, a misogynistic, vile pornographer as Presidential Aide indicted them. Their support of Mr. Clinton, a serial abuser, harasser and predator of powerless women is the nail in the coffin of their demise. Listen to them? No thanks, ladies - I believe Juanita.

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I Believe Juanita