A Vigorous Defense?

By Tyler
Featured Rightgrrl, April, 1998

Tyler passed away on April 9, 2000, after a long battle with cancer. Tyler, we will miss you.....

September 14, 1998

In his August 17th address the President complained about how much time and money had gone into the Starr's investigation. He has publicly admitted that he had an "improper" relationship with Lewinsky. He now states that his legal team will mount a vigorous defense.


Will this not only waste more of our hard earned tax dollars?

And in defense of what?

A man who holds so much regard for this country and it's people that he would blatantly lie to the American people and then turn around and lie to a grand jury?

Let's face it, we have a President who has a obsessive compulsive disorder mainly concerning sex. The President's escapades were well known in Arkansas for years before he was ever the President of the United States. People who have this type of disorder are not fit to run anything when they are constantly surrounded by what they have a compulsion for. Would you expect a crack addict to remain sober if you placed him in a room every day with a bunch of crack? Clinton's ego is much too large for him to ever even conceive of the realization that the American people don't all think the way he does and value the sanctity of marriage. He's not really sorry for what he's done, he's just sorry that he's been caught. I personally can think of better ways to spend my tax dollars than on a man who's view of women doesn't stand too far above the height of his own genitals.

People are right when they say that when a man has an affair outside of marriage it is a personal matter. Yes, I agree. But...Bill Clinton is not just a man but the President of our country. A man who is supposed to be a leader. Do you want this man leading your men into adultery or worse yet your children? If I'm not mistaken the founders of this wonderful country of ours built our laws upon the Ten Commandments. In a time where our children are faced with sex and violence every day, the man who has been designated to lead our country should have the moral character to do so.

Yes, the main issue is that he committed perjury, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, witness tampering, and made a mockery of our judicial system. And for these reasons he should be impeached or resign. But... if we let him off the hook then that will set a precedent that anyone can lie under oath and get away with it. This would undermine our whole legal system.

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