The Award For Best Actor Goes To...

By Sass
Featured Rightgrrl May 1999
Founder, Write For Life

October 31, 2000

Moans the American public, that one candidate is less intelligent, and the other is less honest. Is one candidate really more intelligent, or is one candidate perhaps the best thespian?

I've seen Gore supporters falling over themselves to paint Bush as being "bought and paid for by the oil companies", and I've seen Bush supporters claim Gore is "bought and paid for by Hollywood". Usually their standard reply to the Gore-Hollywood issue is to refer to his stated determination to "get tough" on Hollywood for marketing adult material to children. It seems to me, that the point I've not seen brought to light, is the tie-in between Gore's Hollywood support and his "passionate" public kissing of wife Tipper.

Now, if Gore truthfully intends to "get tough" on Hollywood, why on earth would he find it acceptable to passionately kiss his wife in public? It seems to me, that this shows less that Gore isn't the poster boy for "wooden men of America" than it shows that Gore obviously can't put his money where his mouth is (if you'll pardon the pun). Seems to me, that if Gore is truthfully wanting to "get tough" on Hollywood for marketing adult material to kids, he'd realize that passionately kissing one's wife is best saved for the bedroom and not the campaign trail.

If Gore is truly the more intelligent of the two candidates, one would think he'd have the intelligence to know that intelligent Americans don't care if their leader can "please his women", but that their leader can run the country. In judging that the way to the voting "hearts" of the American public is in proving his skill as a romantic lead, he stoops to the very practices of the industry he vows to "get tough" on.

This tells me that Gore's profession of wanting to "get tough" on Hollywood, is but a mere ploy to divert attention from the fact that while he espouses how he'll work hard for the average American, what's really behind him is the pleasure derived from being bought and paid for by Hollywood. After all, he and Tipper have Hollywood-gala style party shoes to fill. Bill and Hillary's to be exact.

Once he and Tipper are starring in the lead roles of the next segment of the "American Story", will that feature be a documentary, sitcom, drama, soap opera, or a trashy "B' movie? Will we hope to be seeing more of their passionate love life in public; will we be reading about it in the tabloids, or once elected, will he be "getting tough" on those too?

While he and Tipper are wooing Hollywood with their "leading actor and actress in a passionate scene" auditions, America is being given the performance of their lives and some Americans are soaking up every minute of it, ready to cast their vote for Gore with the same speed and fury that the Hollywood leading lady disrobes and straddles her leading man with.

It might make a great evening with the buttered popcorn, but how can he honestly expect the American public to believe that his campaign promises are anything other than what that kiss has shown to be - a Hollywood grab for our vote? How can he expect the American public to trust that while he professes to "get tough" on Hollywood in one "scene", in the next, he's wooing Hollywood with his performance as a lover?

Let's hope that when the credits roll after this presidential election "sequel", that the man taking home the "best actor award" and thus becoming America's "leading man" isn't the man who got there based on how well he could convincingly kiss his leading lady. After all, if we should be cracking down and getting tough on Hollywood for marketing adult material to our children, should we be handing the "award" over to the "actor" who despite assuring us he's on our side, used exactly such tactics to try and win the award in the first place?

They say that people shouldn't "kiss and tell". In this case, this is one kiss that I am glad told a tale.

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