Why do we debate each other?

By Sass
Featured Rightgrrl May 1999
May 12, 1999

Over and over, I hear the statements made by both the frustrated Pro-lifer, and the frustrated Pro-choicer. "This is getting us nowhere", "this bantering is a waste of time", "you'll never convert me, so don't bother".

I too, am frustrated. Not for the same reasons though, I am frustrated at how many don't understand why some of us will carry on, keep up the debate, go around in "circles".

Now, I know that those that debate either side of this issue of abortion, are passionate and committed to their individual positions. I enter into discussion not because I think I will change the opinion of one as equally committed (though opposed in position) as I, but because I hope to represent my side of this issue with facts, logic and calm. In doing so, I aim to convince the undecided... the lurking fence-sitters, the uneasy and wary teen.

I hold that the best way to do so is to present what facts I can with some level of decorum, with as much maturity as I can muster, and in a manner to which I help dispel the misconceptions and misguided notions prevalent in our society today about pro-lifers.

I truly feel for those that enter into this expecting to walk away celebrating the conversion of some hardened choicer, for though this is not totally out of the realm of possibility, the lifer that expects this to happen is truly setting themselves up for feelings of failure. I look not on any debate or discussion as a failure, for I know not where those seeds have fallen. All I expect, is that I conduct myself as an honorable representative of my cause. When I fail to convert a "hardened" choicer, I feel not a failure, but when I fail to represent my cause in a respectable way, I am nothing but.

Discuss with me then, debate. Don't expect to change me, and I'll not expect to change you, but to the victor go the undecided. For the sake of those who cannot speak for themselves, for the sake of those that have been deprived of their basic human right... the right to life, I do hope to be the victor.

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