Abortion Mortality = Skeletons in the Pro-choice Closet
IMPORTANT: Rightgrrl! does not condone violence in any way.

Our organization and its members are horrified that despite the legalization of abortion in 1973, abortion providers continue to botch legal abortions resulting in a widely ignored statistic: the number of women killed by legal abortion. But we are equally horrified that, in reaction to this fact, anti-abortion extremists would attempt to kill or injure abortionists.

Abortion practitioners -- whether motivated by greed, whether well-meaning but misguided -- do not belong in a box in the ground. They belong in jail.

We celebrate Bernard Nathanson, Anthony Levatino, and other former abortionists who have had the courage to reassess their views, admit that they were wrong, and join the fight to protect women and children from the horror of abortion. We now ask those currently perpetrating abortion to take that courageous step, and to stand firm in the knowledge that an unplanned pregnancy doens't mean that someone has to die.

By providing the following information on abortion mortality, Rightgrrl is in no way condoning or encouraging retaliation against abortion practitioners, with the common-sense exception of rational debate/dialogue and non-violent protests.

Rightgrrl! recognizes that sometimes people outraged by abortion may think violence the only solution in the absence of other workable options. After all, that's the reason women turn to abortion: often they see too many obstacles raised against birthing and nurturing their children.

Just as we believe that the answer to abortion lies in a two-pronged approach -- providing viable options while removing the temptation to resort to the violence of abortion -- we also believe that the solution to violence against abortionists must be two-pronged. We must not simply stand against the violence; we must provide viable alternatives. Rightgrrl! supports and encourages prolife individuals and organizations already fighting to make these alternatives available:

* Encourage injured women, and the families of dead or incapacitated women, to seek justice in the courtroom, not on the streets.

* Repeal draconian laws that limit the free speech of those taking a stand against the violence of abortion.

* Raise public awareness of the devastating price women and their families are paying for abortion.

* Provide moral and material assistance to those abortion workers who have learned from their mistakes and wish to start new lives outside the abortion industry.

* Provide information and assistance to troubled women, to help them avoid unwanted abortions.

* Promote the life-affirming, non-violent solution for unwanted pregnancy: adoption.