Clinton: No Champion of Women
When Will We Wake Up?

Amy Welborn
Featured Rightgrrl October 1998
September 11, 1998

Do you think when she read the Starr Report, Nina Burleigh squirmed in envy of Monica Lewinsky?

After all, there she was, described in black and white, doing what a breathless Nina said she'd willingly do. Did she regret that the story after story of hot encounters in the - hallway - (dreamy!) where lovestruck Monica allowed herself to be groped and pawed as foreplay to the great privilege of fellating the Leader of the Free World didn't feature her in the starring role? Because, you remember of course, Nina said she'd willingly give Bill the BJ in deep gratitude for keeping abortion legal.

It makes sense, to me at least. It's all about that big circle of exploitation and degradation that late 20th century political feminism swore to conquer but merely institutionalized:

Women allowing themselves to be degraded so they'll fit into a man's world.

Monica did it - giving the Big He her body to enjoy in violation of professional ethics, his commitments and her own honor - in the frantic hopes that he'd like her.

Abortion rights feminists have done it - giving their bodies over to the abortionist, consenting to the deaths of their children in the hopes that by stripping women's identities of their most powerful and beautiful gift - bearing life- so that men will let us in to their club.

As I read the Starr report this afternoon, I was filled with sadness. It was such a pathetic little tale. I could just see her - Monica hanging out in the hallways, trying to catch the president's eye, minutely examining every word he spoke, or didn't speak to her as evidence of his Tru Luv 4 Ever, being grateful that he actually seemed interested in her life after a couple of trysts, and thinking that (how many times have you heard this?) they might have a future together.

And the most pathetic sight of all - President William Jefferson Clinton being serviced while talking on the phone to members of Congress, and acting, in general, like the slave to his libido that he apparently is.

I hope, once and for all, this puts to rest the false image of the Clintons as Champions of Women. Yes - both of them. Bill exploits, Hillary looks the other way while he uses her sisters like dispensable pieces of meat. It's vile.

But in my mind, I keep coming back to abortion. As a proud heterosexual woman, I love men, but I'll readily admit that men do have a knack for telling women what they want to hear in order to get what they want.

Clinton didn't tell Monica much, but whatever attention he gave her was enough to feed her hungry heart and play into her woeful little self- deception, for a time, at least.

Proabortion male politicians play the same game. Tell proabortion women what they want to hear, which then gives them not only support (I won't say votes), but in a more metaphorical sense, the freedom to screw those same women over and over without consequences, laughing to each other in the back room that that you know - women will do anything- just throw her a smile or a gift once in a while- the chick will be on her knees in a second.

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