Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism
by F. Carolyn Graglia
Published by Spence Publishing

Despite all the warnings, it's exquisitely tempting to judge F. Carolyn Graglia's Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism by its cover. It features Luciani's Head of a Woman -- the sad, down-turned face representing the whole of what Graglia describes as the "discontented woman."

Graglia's quoted phrase comes from Margaret Mead, who contends that to impel women to turn from child-bearing to other pursuits, the culture must educate women and instill in them a divine discontent. This book recounts feminism's attempt to depress American women into new and sometimes unnatural behaviors -- it's a wonderful, fully comprehensive resource!

Graglia's most impactful symbol, Luciani's Head, causes one to wonder -- is she sad for woman's fate? Sad for the mess feminism has made on her behalf? Then again, perhaps she isn't as consumed with sadness for herself, nor as fully self-absorbed, as most feminists characterize her.

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