Where Liberals Go to Die : The End of Let's Pretend
By James T. Evans

Reviewed by Tom Donlin

Jim Evans' book "Where Liberals Go To Die: The End of Let's Pretend" is a much needed weapon in the culture war. I recommend it to conservatives and libertarians so that they can do battle with these pseudo intellectuals and win.

Mr. Evans is a recovered liberal. In his storied past, he was a campus radical leader, student strike organizer and Democratic activist.

In the first part of this book, he tells the story of how he came to have an experience not unlike St. Paul's "on the road to Damascus" and that forced him to "grow up". From there we get a concise, often humorous report of what's wrong with the USA and how things got as messed up as they are. More importantly, is that this is not just another "what's wrong with America" piece. This is also a "repair manual" and it needs to be used, if you'll pardon the term liberally.

This book vocalizes what we conservatives and libertarians have known all along, albeit intuitively. Mr. Evans does a better job of it than any of us who were born on this side of the culture war. This is because he had to juggle the intellectual dishonesty that liberalism is. As it stands, usually converts are better "defenders of the faith" than those who were born into it because they had to discover things that we have taken for granted. This will give us the ammunition we need in the culture war and send let's pretend leftists into a screaming temper tantrum that tells us we just won a particular battle.


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