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The Wizard of 'IS' - The Short Ugly Story of the Impeachment of Billy Jeff Clinton and his TrailerPark Presidency
by Professor Jerry Mander- Author, Lecturer, Idiot Savant, Homeless Guy
Jerry Mander Press
ISBN: 0-7392-0272-3

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Well, they say it's not over till the Fat Lady Sings.  According to Professor Jerry Mander, Author, Lecturer, Idiot Savant and Homeless Guy, the Fat Lady may have testified but she certainly did not sing.  But Jerry sure does.  Jerry belts out a symphony of hilarity woven with threads of truth in this one!

Tired of the whole Scandal/Impeachment thing? I was too. I frankly didn't want to read this book, or any book, about that tiresome year of idiocy.  But this book, my friends, proved worthwhile.  I laughed to the point of tears and when I thought I couldn't laugh anymore I turned the page and laughed till it hurt. This book is HILARIOUS, and scalds Bill Clinton and his crew of co-conspirators like they've never been scalded before.

In this, Professor Jerry Mander's first book, (Professor Jerry Mander should not to be confused with Jerry Mander, author of   'Resisting the Machine', 'In the Absence of the Sacred' and other odd spewings.   THAT Jerry Mander seems to be some weird Anti-Business Luddite Enviro-Leftist.   Ayn Rand, were she alive, would stomp the life out of him.  THIS Jerry Mander is some kind of weird member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  Ayn Rand, were she alive, would burn with desire for him.)  Professor Jerry Mander shows an amazing ability to cut through the fog of spin which characterized the Impeachment of Bill Clinton.  Mander searched out what he calls the 'good bits' in the Starr Report and the various depositions associated with the scandal.  He pulled together the most ludicrous of the defenses of the President's behavior.  And he masterfully outlines the real issues that were NOT dealt with by the Press, the Congress, and the People.   Mander then fleshes out this framework of Truth with the most cutting satire I have ever read. To some, the First Amendment Right to Free Speech is a defensive wall. To Professor Jerry Mander it is a Nuke. A Big Nuke. And Bill Clinton is Ground Zero.


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