Bortophilia Jumps Out of the Closet

By Karen Brauer
Featured Rightgrrl December 1997
Ocotber 12, 1999

International headlines scream: "Church Paid Pregnant 12 Year Old to Keep Baby".

That's the notoriety that a 12 year old girl gets for deciding not to abort.  Her father, who is unemployed, contacted a prolife relief service provided by the Catholic Church in Scotland, seeking assistance for his daughter.

Jane Roe, (is this name for real?), campaign manager for the Abortion Law Reform Association, is quoted by the Press Association Limited:  "I was appalled to learn what the Catholic Church was doing and I would say Cardinal Winning has allowed his religious principles to totally override his common sense.  He is encouraging a 12 year old to consider that it is all right to have a child, that it is emotionally the best thing for her."

No, Jane.  The Cardinal did not suggest that having sex and getting pregnant was emotionally the best thing for a 12 year old.  But the Catholic Church does believe that once pregnant, having a baby is infinitely preferable to aborting. Sorry that the bortophilic world view openly shows disrespect  for  "choice"  in this matter.

This article, taken from the Independent explains the type of aid given by the Catholic church in more detail.  Apparently the offering of baby supplies ( "a pram, cot, baby clothes",  "nappies") and emotional support constitutes some kind of bribery to keep one's baby, and is now considered anathema by the pro abortion side.  It should be noted that the girl had seen a sonogram, and had decided to keep her baby prior to the time that the Cardinal Winning's relief service was contacted.

While it is regrettable that a pregnant girl is being  harassed by the media for her decision to keep her baby, some good is bound to come from it.  The extremism to be found within the pro abortion movement has been underscored once again.  The presence of bortophiles who do not respect the positive reproductive choice of women is once again revealed.   Women who truly wish to control their own reproductive destiny may come to their senses, decide that the control should occur prior to having sex,  and leave the pro aborts behind.

Karen L. Brauer M.S. R.Ph.

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