Moderately Pro-Abortion?

By Karen Brauer
Featured Rightgrrl December 1997
September 2, 1999

Alright, you moderates. I know you just want to be nice to your neighbor and feel good about yourself. You'd never get an abortion, or want to participate in an abortion, but you feel that the decision should be left up to the individual woman, and not be restricted by the government. After all, the poor women may be suffering through some hard times.

The main problem is that you would not want to feel responsible for any unsafe illegal abortion procedures. Right?? It would make you sick to think that a woman suffered ill effects or death from a self induced abortion, or one done in the "back alley" of legend.

Consider the view of those who would decriminalize the trade and use of street drugs. They only want to reduce the crime rate attributable to drug addicts seeking to pay for their high priced, black-market, drug habit. This might serve to save the lives of potential crime victims. Also, taking safe, prescription quality heroin, 'crack', cocaine, or methamphetamine would be so much better for the user than those street drugs which do not necessarily measure up to FDA standards. Let's not forget the needle programs, designed to make life safer for those addicted to injectable drugs. We could save a lot of lives by catering to the habits of drug addicts, right??

Today, I just thought of another moderate capitulation which could save the lives of countless women, children, and maybe even some men too! How about decriminalizing rape?? Imagine the increase in the rape survival rate!! If rape was decriminalized, rapists would not feel a need to kill their victim in an effort to hide evidence of their crime. An even brighter idea: let's destigmatize rape. That might save more lives, since some of the murders which accompany rape are surely due to the self esteem problems of rapists. The poor rapist could be going through some hard times.

Does this idea worry you?? You think it might increase the frequency of rape?? Sort of in the same way that legalizing abortion increased the frequency of that procedure?

Tell me again: why do you moderates, who would never get an abortion or participate in one, think it should remain legal??

Karen L. Brauer M.S. R.Ph.

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