Rightgrrl is featured on MSNBC

Carolyn on MSNBC
Carolyn, in the middle of a sentence!

On June 23, 1998, Carolyn, one of the Rightgrrl web site founders, was featured on a live MSNBC special with 3 other "Internet Journalists". The topic was the impact of the "Internet media" on the dissemination of information regarding Ken Starr's Clinton investigation. Featured (from top left to right) were Jason Talbot, CEO of Salon Magazine, Jacob Weisberg, Chief Political Correspondent for Slate, Doug Thompson, editor and publisher of Capitol Hill Blue, and Carolyn Gargaro, Rightgrrl Co-Founder.

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Clip 1: Introduction of guests

Clip 2: Re: Is Monica a victim of Ken Starr?

Clip 3: Re: Ken Starr and his "leaks"

The women of Rightgrrl were very happy to receive National attention! Special thanks to MSNBC for providing Rightgrrl such an opportunity.
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