Reflections of a Non-Clinton Democrat

by Michelle McRae
Rightgrrl Contributor
November 20, 1998

Well the impeachment hearings are finally underway. All I can say is three cheers for Kenneth Starr. Perhaps now the American public will get some justice. However, that appears unlikely. The odds of the President actually being impeached for his disgraceful behavior are slim. I keep reading where there are many Democratic women who think our current president is wonderful. I wonder how many of these same women would think he was so wonderful if he were their husband and he was caught holding the cigar, so to speak? I mean, come on gals, let's get real here. If he were my husband, the cheating dog would be out to the curb in 30 seconds flat.

However, just because his wife doesn't kick him to the curb now doesn't mean that she wont when he gets out of office. You know, the kicker for me here isn't the fact that he dipped his wick elsewhere, I personally don't care if he boinks his whole cabinet. The MAIN issue here is the man out and out lied to the American public about his behavior in order to save his tush. Now it stands to reason if he lied about this he has surely lied about many other things currently being looked into. Is this the kind of person we want representing the American people? Not in my opinion. And why is everybody on Kenneth Starr's case? The man is only doing his job. Funny how the President does the deed but a lot of Democrats are out to lynch the man who uncovered this nasty mess instead of the fool that perpetuated it.

The person I feel has suffered the most out of this debacle is Chelsea Clinton. Imagine having to go to class everyday and everyone in there knows your daddy is a lying cheating dog? How shameful that must be for her. This writer thinks our great leader owes his daughter a HUGE apology for his sad behavior. And let's not forget Ms Lewinsky. Many women's groups have been trying to paint her as the unfortunate victim here. My response to this is: OH GET REAL!!!!! This woman was as much a player here as was Clinton. She did her best to angle her way into whatever she could get to profit from this whole nasty mess. No sympathy for her either I say. Until such a time as the players in this little drama are held accountable for their actions there will be no collective sigh of relief from the American public that this is finally over.

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