Ireland Ducks In Final Leg of Protest March

Stephanie By Stephanie Herman
Rightgrrl Co-Founder
October 30, 1999
"Around the world and around the corner, the majority of people who live in poverty are women and their children," said the National Organization for Women's (NOW) president, Patricia Ireland. "Feminists here in the United States and abroad are determined to take bold steps to eradicate the poverty and violence that plagues women."

One such "bold" step is joining the March of the Americas to protest poverty and homelessness. Unfortunately, Ireland and NOW V.P. Karen Johnson missed most of the month-long march, which will end triumphantly on November 1. So the two NOW gals are planning to duck in the last leg on October 28 to join fellow marchers "in the final, critical stretch before they reach New York." Ah, what dedication to a cause!

"Impoverished women," said Ireland, "need food and shelter, not the cynical rhetoric of the right-wing." But Rightgrrl wonders how a protest march, nothing more than negative rhetoric on foot, will provide that needed food and shelter.

Meanwhile, religious organizations routinely provide food and shelter to the poor. Will NOW criticize churches for offering this help, as the organization criticized the Catholic church recently for helping a young girl struggling with an unwanted pregnancy? The National Organization for Women sure is picky regarding the "help" they'll allow poor women to receive.

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