From "Ken Starr Tanks Again -- The Betrayal of Linda Tripp"
Washington Weekly, 9.12.98
by Carl Limbacher

"The biggest Starr shocker may turn out to be what he intimates about Linda Tripp in footnote 126 of 'The Narrative' section of his report. In a revelation that seems premature at best, Starr insinuates that Tripp may have tampered with evidence to nail Clinton by doctoring at least one of her lewinsky tapes...

"Why put the onus on Linda Tripp here, when her tapes, according to Tripp friend Lucianne Goldberg, spent time in the custody of Kirby Behre? Behre was Tripp's first attorney who came on the recommendation of Bernard Nussbaum, whose own Filegate role seems to have escaped Mr. Starr's ever loosening noose. Indeed, Mr. Behre seemed to be the logical suspect the last time information from Tripp's tapes leaked out."

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