Clinton: He Hasn't Helped Feminism

By Chantal Foster Lindquist
Rightgrrl Contributor

While the media swaps stories about semen covered dresses and the pollsters read every quiver of our presidential approval, I can't help but wonder what all this has done for REAL feminism?

Not the complaining Woman-as-Victim feminism, but the astute intelligent feminism that reads politics for what they are. The feminism that sees through Clinton's facade and knows that the last thing Bill Clinton believes in is women. The feminism that isn't afraid to admit Hillary has become a pawn and Bill is just another patriarch.

So I'm wondering, during this comedic pinnacle of American political shame, where have all the feminists gone to? Isn't anyone supporting Linda Tripp for her bravery in bucking a maligned system? Is anyone, for that matter, bolstering Monica Lewinsky while Bill paints a prostitution-like picture of their relationship on national TV?

Nobody's perfect, I'll admit. Bill has his faults, as do the rest of us.

But we've got to be kidding ourselves as women if we think Bill Clinton has done anything for feminism. Every bit of evidence indicates he actually believes the opposite. True feminists have to stand up against a man whose only evidence of "support" for women is promoting the murder of their own children.

Women need to read the deeper meaning of the events at hand. To me, it isn't a pretty picture for women. And what makes it scarier is that most women buy Clinton's rhetoric. Even more disturbing is the possibility that such blind acceptance fulfills the stereotype of women as irrational, naive, and unable-to-think-for themselves that we've been trying to break for years!