What have we won?

By Joe Moore

When Clinton won my vote by encouraging education and proposing the America Corps plan for tuition forgiveness, I was excited to see as a benefit, Hillary, a strong woman who would offer more than tea parties and lavish clothes.

Early in Clinton's presidency, Editorial cartoons depicted Bill and Hillary making what looked like school art projects. While Bill's projects all looked like they were falling apart, Hillary's Health Care reform was beautiful.

Soon, attacks forced Hillary back into the kitchen and Bill's escapades forced Hillary to sing, "Stand by Your Man" so many times, she has gone from a woman once on the short list for cabinet positions to a caricature.

The biggest achievements with Clinton were: 1) the Crime Bill, $32 billion for police officers and midnight basketball. 2) the Welfare reform bill, where most Democrats feel Clinton conceded too much, and 3) balancing the budget, the credit for which belongs more than half to the stingy Republicans and the booming economy.

Clinton's losses, after Hillary produced the Universal Health Care, scare tactics turned polls against it and it died. Gays in the military: don't ask, don't tell. Fully funded college: try 2 years at community college. And since I differ from most democrats on my abortion stand, I consider allowing the gruesome partial birth abortion as a loss.

What we have to look forward to: lying about sex and sexual harassment is not a serious crime because sex and sexual harassment are not serious. Governing by polls: when the president in 2008 has consensual sex with Mike Lewinsky, and polls don't support the president, then sex becomes a big issue. Wonderful job interview strategies: look deeply into her eyes, if she snaps her thong and drops to her knees in a bout of consensual sexual activity, give her the job because of her experience and dedication.

Indeed! We have won, but what have we won?

Joe Moore

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