Avon Calling! The Demofems Are In Dire Need Of A Makeover

By Bonnie Chernin Rogoff
Rightgrrl Contributor
Founder, Jews For Life

December 15, 2000

First it was Paula Jones, the 'trailer-park trash.' Then came Monica, the 'portly pepperpot.'

Oh, and how can I forget Linda Tripp. She wasn't portly or pepperpot. She was just plain ugly, declared liberal feminist beauty experts.

And now, the demogogin' Demofems and Demogirls of the demented Democrat left needed some food for naught. So they decided to have Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris for lunch. All because she certified Governor Bush the winner.

Trouble is, they couldn't find too much wrong. Decent figure. Debatable face. Definitely not stupid. Great career. Wait! We've got it! We'll go after her MAKEUP!!!! OF course! Her MAKEUP!!!

Ah, the lyrics of untapped genius! The beauty of the poetry! The following excerpt from Boston Herald columnist/feminist Margery Eagan is replete with a rare talent for literary imagery not seen since Wollstonecraft:

"Most likely...[she] will be remembered for looking just ghastly Tuesday night. At least by Wednesday her appearance seemed almost, if not quite, transformed. Like Dr. Richard Sharpe, the transvestite and alleged wife killer. Or Marilyn Manson. Or Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie. Or Cruella DeVil...[She] appeared to have piled on 10 tons of mascara, four pounds of lipstick and day-glo blue eye shadow (and what was the deal with the neck?) for her grand moment before every TV camera of the free world."1

It gets better. Another recount of partisan gender politics proves that our fellow females have a natural gift for gab, especially when it's gooey vicious gossip. This tasty tidbit comes from Robin Givhan, of the Washington Post:

"Her lips were overdrawn with berry-red lipstick--the creamy sort that smears all over a coffee cup and leaves smudges on shirt collars. Her skin had been plastered and powdered to the texture of pre-war walls in need of a skim coat. And her eyes, rimmed in liner and frosted with blue shadow, bore the telltale homogeneous spikes of false eyelashes. Caterpillars seemed to rise and fall with every bat of her eyelid...One wonders how this Republican woman, who can't even use restraint when she's wielding a mascara wand, will manage to...make sound decisions."2

I'll give Ms. Givhan credit for changing the subject. I was getting tired of hearing the Demofems complain about George W. Bush being the one who was plastered.

Observing Eagan and Givhan's abuse of an accomplished woman like Harris for something so trivial as her makeup is no surprise, since makeup is fake. Feminists went after Mattel for creating pretty slim Barbie dolls that are also fake. I guess ladies of the bereft left don't want to discuss real issues. You know, like, whether to wear a padded bra to the prom.

Any woman can use invective and vitriol against any other woman whose political ideologies differ. What results is that we all become victims. Truth be told, what the feminists have done to besmirch Harris is inexcusable, and demeans all women. With all the progress we've made, acquiring equal rights with men in the workplace....does it all come to Avon vs. Estee? When all is said and done, even enlightened feminist women are still girls, they'll gab, they'll gossip and smear other girls they don't like. Pssst...that's just what bored married housewives of the 1950's did -- watch out, Betty Friedan, the 'problem with no name' is coming back to haunt you!

P.S. - If beauty's ours to judge, Katherine Harris is really not so bad looking, and she can give those hyper-critical feminists lessons in both refinement and class. Including, I might add, two unkindly female journalists who have the luxury of concealing their faces and makeup behind the anonymity of newsprint.

1Crittenden, Danielle, "Sisterhood Isn't Just Powerful, It's Mean," The Wall Street Journal,November 27, 2000, p. A38.

2Givhan, Robin, "The Eyelashes Have It," The Washington Post, November 18, 2000, p. C01.

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