By Jennifer King
Featured Rightgrrl December 1998
April 21, 1999

"And it's one, two, three - what are we fighting for? Don't ask me, 'cause I don't know - next stop is Kosovo."

It's another "I just fell down the rabbit hole" moment so very prevalent during this Administration. Who would have ever believed that draft dodger and anti-war protester Bill Clinton and his peacenik buddies would launch a war in Yugoslavia. An ill-advised war, at that, strangely reminiscent of the Vietnam action so despised by this 60's crowd.

After all, Alice did find everything backwards while in Wonderland, and it seems as though everything is backwards again right here. Congenital liar and cheat Bill Clinton exhorts us about our "moral imperatives". Feminists defend a serial harasser, predator and accused rapist. The "daisy in the rifle" crowd is now lusting for the blood of Serbians.

Mr. Clinton appears to have started this war for a number of reasons, few of them being to halt the "genocide" of Albanians. If internecine warfare provokes NATO action, why has the alliance not intervened in Rwanda, Tibet or Chechnya - all areas which have undergone horrific slaughter? NATO was originally a meant to be a defensive Western alliance against Soviet aggression. Today, in direct conflict with its charter, NATO is aggressively waging war for the first time.

The undeclared war has been bungled from its onset. Mr. Clinton and his hapless sidekick Mad Not So Bright ignored the advice of the Chiefs of Staff and commenced bombing, thereby igniting exactly the chain of events that the Chiefs had predicted - massive Albanian defections and increased "ethnic cleansing". Serbians, outraged over NATO's actions, have united behind Milosevic - a man many were previously protesting against. Like most liberals unable to comprehend military strategy, Clinton appears to have thought that a few bombs would make Milosevic capitulate - elevating Clinton to the status of potential Nobel Peace Prize winner and eliminating those nasty details like impeachment, Juanita Broadderick and Chinese treason from the history books.

Mitch McConnell has quipped that the Clintonites were "better prepared for Woodstock than this war", and the desperate scramble for a strategy and an exit proves him right. Events are unfolding rapidly which no 60's perpetual adolescent will be able to handle. Russia, which still holds a large nuclear force, is deploying battleships. Rumors of a Chinese/Russian alliance are widespread. Turkey, Hungary and Greece are bubbling, as is Macedonia where most of the displaced Albanians ended up. North Korea is eagerly licking its chops and China is eyeing Taiwan from its new bases in the Spratley Islands and on Mischief Reef. American troops are deployed around the world in dubious missions, and now there is further talk of deploying them in Yugoslavia - Mr. Clinton's carefully parsed denial to the contrary.

Mr. Clinton's and NATO's collective ego has been bruised by Milosevic's continued defiance, but is that a compelling reason to send our troops into harm's way? Mr. Clinton lost his "moral imperative" when he violated his sacred oath by committing perjury. Truth and honor are alien concepts to him. Is Kosovo fueled by national interest, or by Mr. Clinton's desire to keep the Chinese sellout off the front page? Hard to tell when you're dealing with a proven liar. Harder still to convince most Americans that our sons and daughters should die to enhance Mr. Clinton's dubious "legacy".

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