We Will Never Forget

By Joyce Mucci

December '98 Featured Rightgrrl
Member, Rightgrrl Advisory Board
December 15, 2000

I am a military brat. I am a Republican. I am angry..

Being the daughter, a sister and a niece of men who served in the military, I know the constraints service puts on families and the pride that swells each heart. My father's service lasted over twenty-years in the U.S. Air Force, and his three brothers have served as well. From Europe to the South Pacific in World War II to Korea and Vietnam, they served with honor, and all, Republican or Democratic, are seething.

In my family, we reject out of hand the pious platitude of "God Bless America" that Al Gore uttered while simultaneously dispatching his lawyers to ensure that the military vote was challenged in Florida. Gore's henchmen on the Florida canvassing boards were instructed to methodically disregard the servicemen and women's votes as worthless pieces of paper to be discarded. These Democratic foot soldiers in the war to subvert an election should have remembered instead that it is the military of the United States that enables them free to shop one more day at Neiman-Marcus.

Then there is Joseph Liberman whose own religion (carefully recorded in the Torah) is replete with stories of brave, religious men who fought for freedom from the likes of the Philistines no less. Yet when he is asked about the military vote he played dumb. Perhaps an encounter with a burning bush might be appropriate.

What about William Cohen? For the past few weeks, instead of standing up to his Party brass about the men and women in uniform, he has been hiding behind the voluminous skirts of Madeline Albright. Moreover, his recent launch of an investigation into the military absentee ballot program is merely a whitewash to cover his lack of backbone. No Stars and Stripes for Mr. Cohen, but how about a few lashings in the woodshed?

Where is the National Organization for Women? Why are they silent? There are thousands of women in military service who did not have their vote counted. The screeching songbirds (Steinem and Ireland) are nowhere to be found.

For too many years the vitriol of the NOW organization has dripped like a Chinese water torture on the heads of the military brass. These divas of deceit sought to feminize the military, soften it up and make it pretty. They also convinced America that a woman's power lies with her full participation in the political process. And yet these very women who were given the privilege to fight and die on foreign soil were robbed of their right to vote. We should not forget that

The list could go on and on about the men and women in the Democratic Party who have kept silent about the military absentee ballots that were discarded. You know who you are. You should be ashamed.

The hard lessons learned from the election cycle and from the previous eight years of the Clinton-Gore administration comes down to this: the Democratic leadership is a characterless bunch of the self-indulged and self-deceiving. Not unlike Scarlet O'Hara of Gone with the Wind, they are all frills and chills and no meaningful substance. They are so enslaved by the prospect of holding on to power that they willingly, deliberately, and with malice aforethought, sought to crush the voices of the men and women who serve in our military. Let us never forget the Democratic leadership's contempt for the United States military. Let us always hold them up for public ridicule for what they have done.

Despite this entire disgraceful power grab in Florida we should not forget that the individuals in the United States military will serve their Commander in Chief (whoever that is) with honor, duty and a sense of pride. And if called upon they will defend even those who did not honor them.

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