The Death of "Choice"

By Karen Brauer
Featured Rightgrrl December 1997
May 13, 1999

The pro-abortion element of our society is currently demonstrating the inappropriateness of the term "prochoice". If you visit the website of Planned Parenthood of New York , you will find an admonishment to boycott one of the pharmacy chains which have chosen not to stock Preven, an abortive form of birth control.

According to a Planned Parenthood news release (on their main web site), The Gynetics company has given them 25, 000 sample kits of Preven. Why would it concern them that potential competitors would not wish to enter the market?

Here's a theory. Preven is a morning after pill regimen. It is less than 75% effective in stopping pregnancy, usually by preventing implantation. When it fails, doctors often advise surgical abortion, due to fears of the effects of Preven on surviving human embryos. Which organization does about ten percent of the surgical abortions in the U.S.?? Planned Parenthood. Increased use of morning after pill regimens will increase abortion business.

Planned Parenthood wishes to censure a pharmacy chain for exercising their freedom of choice. How long will it be before American women who choose to bear children are censured?

But what about the excuse that drugs should be readily available to anyone who wants them? (This has never been the case until fairly recently.) Why the sudden concern in the case of Preven? Actually, the point is moot. Internet pharmacies with 1-800 numbers currently have the ability to fill and ship a prescription drug to nearly any location in the U.S. in the space of 24 hours. This includes some locations far from a hospital which might be needed to deal with untoward drug side effects. The problem that the Planned Parenthood types have is not with drug availability. It is bothersome to them that any one would make the choice to refuse to participate in abortion.

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