The Seven Deadly Signs...

By Karen Brauer
Featured Rightgrrl December 1997
August 26, 1999

You should make yourself familiar with the symptoms of this virulent malady sweeping through technologically advanced nations. If you, or a relative, exhibit one or more of the following symptoms, please seek therapy quickly, before you are totally overcome.

These are the seven deadly signs of Bortophilia:

1) You get angry when a woman changes her mind and decides not to get an abortion.

2) You think that medical information provided to pregnant women is biased if it includes alternatives to abortion.

3) You look down on a woman with a disabled child because you believe that prenatal testing should have given warning, allowing the child to be aborted.

4) You would protest any medical facility that refuses to perform an abortion under any circumstance.

5) You'd rather have no hospital in your community rather than have one which does not support abortion.

6) You think that you can successfully sue a medical professional who refuses to provide you with surgical or chemical abortion services.

7) You think your sexual convenience and availability are inalienable rights which supplant the rights of others to religious and ideological freedom.

Remember, if you exhibit one or more of these signs, you could be quickly overcome by Bortophilia, a serious malady which has been linked to irreversable brain damage and even death. Please seek help quickly.

Karen L. Brauer M.S. R.Ph.

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