EduCrisis! What To Do When Public Schools Fail
By James T. Evans

Reviewed by Tom Donlin

This book will anger and frighten you.  However, it will also give you hope and ammunition as to what to do to fix a broken, inept, and corrupt system.  This is not just another book that decries“ what is wrong with the system”.  It tells what must be done and is being done to fix things.

Along with the“ laundry list” above, it tells how things came to be as they are.  What is happening in public education is a logical extension of Mr. Evans’ first book “Where Liberals Go To Die: The End of Let’s Pretend”.  You will see that a good number of the let’s pretend leftists of the sixties, who still believe in“ the cause” have gone into public education and made it their own“ Never Land”.  They never grow up, and they never answer to anyone for their failures.  On page 15 of Mr. Evans' first book, "Where Liberals Go To Die: The End of Let's Pretend" Mr. Evans says "Somewhere in your heart, you know that what you say you believe in is a lie.  You know what your liberal philosophy had done to America.  And you know that if the entire liberal agenda were ever implemented, you wouldn't be able to live here."  The reader sees this is played out in

"EduCrisis!" when it is revealed how many public school teachers and administrators have their children in private schools. 

If you are a college educated person, you may want to question your alma mater and ask why they are wasting precious resources on a so called“ college of education” after you read this book.

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