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Just a note to say tat my wife and I offer our complete support and gratitude for the job you did in the White House, and for having the courage to report the wrongdoing. I realize that in so doing you have sacrificed much, but we hope and pray that things will turn around for you in the near future. It was not in vain. ... Thank you so much. /02.13.01/

Doug & Sue Gerald - Anchorage, Alaska []
Linda...your a brave women. Your also our hero. My husband and I just wanted to thank you for uncovering the dirt in Washington. You are always in our prayers Linda, you on the RIGHT side. /02.13.01/

Kalamity Kat []
Dear Linda,
Just remember....50% of America is 100% behind you. The other 50% of the people have been dumbed-down, hoodwinked and otherwise deceived into believing that you are the villain. I am so proud that we have had you working for our government, an employee who stood on principles, integrity and truth. You stood your ground at great personal expense. As someone else posted, Monica Lewinsky should THANK YOU for saving her life. Without that blue dress and the tapes she probably would have been snuffed out long ago, just another "Vince Foster" or "Ron Brown" accidental death or suicide.

Keep standing up for what you believe is right, and best of luck in your lawsuit with DOD. I hope you are able to hit some personal pockets on that one. /02.12.01/

J.R. Minatra []
Saw you on CNN today, and I wish you well. /02.12.01/

I just read on the Drudge Report that Ms. Tripp will have no employment via the Bush White House. I am severely disappointed! Dubya-come on now! /02.11.01/

Jeff Jacob Corinna Maine []
Thank you for all that you did. I watched you on Larry King and what an eye opener. Keep up the fight. /02.11.01/

E. F. Shoman []
I saw you on Larry King live and was proud of the way you stood up for yourself. Having been a whistle blower myself at the VA I would like to say how much I admire you for having the nerve to take on Yellow Bill and the gang. I know how much they can harass you from my own experiences in dealing with the VA. They even went as far in my case saying I tried to shoot my supervisor but I learned if you hang in there and look the devil in the eye you can overcome. Good luck. /02.11.01/

George Bailey []
Linda, I missed hearing you on Larry King's program Friday evening, but someone told me about it. I am very distressed that you haven't been given a job in this present administration, but you just might need this time to write a book about your years under the Clinton administration. You'd probably make much more money than the Government could pay you, and I'd love to read your book. I'm pulling for you, if that's any help. I think you should be rewarded for your courage in coming out against the Clintons. Go to it, Girl, write that book, please! /02.11.01/

Jean Short San Antonio, TX []
Dear Linda:
Just a short note to thank you for your honesty and candor as you spoke with Larry King the other night. He looked totally at ease interviewing you. I watch his show regularly and felt his evening with you ranked among the best! Personally I believe you did the right thing and you had my support right from the start. You and yours have certainly paid a heavy price for it but you can look yourself in the mirror and like yourself. You look GREAT (although you did before too!) and I wish you and yours life's very best in the future. /02.11.01

Diana Stephenson, Canada []
Linda Tripp is a true American "Hero", whereas Benedict Arnold can now rest in peace because the sleaziest, most immoral traitor this country has ever seen has slithered his way into history. /02.10.01/

Retired Army Command Sergeant Major (Special Forces) []
I just wanted to send some of my thoughts to Linda Tripp. I watched her on CNN with Larry King, as i have watched her interviewed many times before. i would just like to commend her for her intelligence, her determination, and her strong will to do the right thing. it is sad that we as Americans are so misguided by the media and the politics of the government. as a 29 year old actor living in NYC, sometimes I feel like I'm working in politics -so I can relate. I would just like to say that people will eventually realize that she is a hero and not a villain. she did what she had to do in the situation that she had been thrown into. Monica Lewinsky should get down on her knees, again, and thank her lucky stars that Linda had the sense to direct this her and her stupidity. without Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky is the villain with no evidence. l believe Linda Tripp is a wonderful, beautiful, smart, and courageous woman. good always outshines evil and she will regain her life again. she has wonderful children, which goes to prove she is a wonderful mother. if no one will hire her, start your own business and screw everyone else! she can do it!! I just wanted her to know that a lot of people support her and think she is a brave American. it is unfortunate that the opinions of ignorant and hurtful people usually get more attention than the positive. best of luck to Linda and her family. everyday is a new day so make the best of it. shine forth and welcome to the rest of your life! from one American to another, best wishes /02.10.01/

Jeff []
Tonight I watched Linda Tripp on Larry King Live. I would normally NEVER watch anything on CNN, especially Mister King, but I wanted to see and hear Linda. I would like someone to tell Ms Tripp that she has acquired one more fan and supporter.

Ms Tripp obviously served her country well in her capacity as a civil servant, and I cannot understand why she has not, at the very least, been awarded pension and benefits, as would any 20-year employee of the U.S. Government. Further, I believe she should be given back her job, in the Bush White House. I wish I could just TELL GW this, but besides thanking me for my contribution to his election fund, I don't hear much from him.

I am a woman, about Ms Tripp's age, and I, too, have worked in "government" jobs, long term, in situations where I was over-ranked by others whose professional behavior did nothing to arouse my respect. I learned to keep my paycheck and duty to my family in mind when questionable things happened, but I have had to stand up and give voice to the "E" word (ETHICAL) at some time in both jobs.

However, Ms Tripp's experience under the Clinton Mis-administration boggles the mind--I would have folded under the scrutiny and vilification she has suffered thanks to the Clinton press. Despite all she has suffered--and I honestly believe she has suffered above and beyond in the commission of her duties--Linda was articulate and very even-handed on the LK program. Where a lesser person would have been calling names and pointing fingers, she provided the flesh to a story that is shocking only that it took so long to come to light. She confirmed many of my private beliefs about the Clintons. Linda, you need to write a BOOK. Stephanie--get this woman to a publisher!

As a taxpaying citizen, I want Ms Tripp to know that I appreciate the years of capable service she provided, and will be writing my congressmen and representatives, and will probably pester GW with an e-mail or two concerning her plight. Just as Katherine Harris was lynched by the press and DNC for performing her lawful duties, so has Linda Tripp. The very least I can do, as a conservative woman, is use my God-given gift of literary gab to push for some justice.

And Linda, you looked wonderful!
May God Bless /02.10/01/

M. Kathleen Livingood []
I saw the Larry king show tonight and was so impressed!!! How wonderful to see you looking wonderful and you seem to feel good. We have always been behind you. I have known from day one what a scum bag both Clintons are - I am from Arkansas and knew how delighted all my relatives were to get rid of him.

If there is anything I can do for you, anyone I can write - please let me know. I would be happy to support you in any way I can. You should have dinner with Katherine Harris one day. You are both outstanding women. /02.10.01/

Saw you on Larry King last night - You looked marvelous. I support what you did and believe that there are a lot of ignorant people who have hurt you - so hang in and I wish you luck and success in your life. /02.10.01/

Linda, you look good. Things will work out for you. You are a very smart lady. Keep your head up. God will see you through this. /02.10/01/


I saw your interview with Larry King last night and it was amazing how many points you brought up that I've been saying right along. Where is the accountability? When the Clinton's are faced with any new scandal they simply say "The american people don't want to hear this", and suggest we move on. I resent a low-life like Bill Clinton speaking for me! It's unbelievable!!! They should have shipped Slick Willy and the Ice Queen back to Arkansas a long time ago!!

What you did was nothing short of heroic. You stood up for what you believed in and never compromised your ethics. That is something that is so admirable about you. Alot of other people would have folded and taken the easy route. The fact that your children are so very proud of you must be the most rewarding aspect of this whole mess. They can look at you and know that their mom did the right thing! I said right from the beginning of this whole thing that they were attacking you personally to cover up their wrong-doing. You have simply confirmed it with every thing you've said.

About your appearance, if you like what cosmetic surgery has done for you, that's great. But, in my opinion, you don't need it. Your honesty and integrity make you a beautiful person from within. Something that all the cosmetic surgery in the world can't replace.

God bless you and your children and I hope you find a job worthy of the contribution you can make. /02.10.01/

Dawn Melanson []
Dear Linda,

Last night I saw the Larry King Show in which you were interviewed. I was so impressed with the way you looked and the way you conducted yourself and feel that you were severely wronged by the Clinton operatives.

Of coarse being from Arkansas I have known for a long time what an unscrupulous couple that the Clintons are. The funny thing is that they were able to fool so many people for so long.

As a regular viewer of Saturday Night Live I saw the John Goodman episodes and felt they were unconscionable and refuse to watch anything that he does after the first viewing. It was not just poking fun, it was character assassination

Larry asked why you didn't come out sooner with your side of the story. Many people including myself think you should have. However, in hind sight, I doubt that very many people would have believed you and people would have just called it spinning the truth. Because of the latest Clinton shenanigans I think that America is beginning to see through this couple and believe that you will have complete vindication.

You should be commended for standing up against the powers in control for their sleazy, unethical and criminal behavior in the White House. As the wife of a retired Army officer, I have a pretty strict moral code and think that there are lot of us who still think the same way. May there always be people who stand up for what is right!
My best wishes to you. /02.10.01/

Molly Welch []
Proud of Linda, courageous American /02.10.01/

Art []
You are David. You must win. You were lovely, gracious, articulate on Larry King last night and I never watch Larry but saw heads up on Lucianne. Your son Ryan is gorgeous. I just want to tell you that you looked wonderful always. I hate to think of what they would do to me if I were in your shoes. I am 52 and looking older and heavier even though I watch everything I eat. I think I look fine but if they got a hold of me, in parody, I would not look fine. The point is - you are wonderful in every way. I don't know how you put up with all of this but I loved the part about "if I can survive, you can survive." That was perfect. That was great. And such an inspiration. Thank you. /02.10.01/

Annette Scholl []
You did what I expect my daughter would have done and like you she won't give up till she is satisfied she has completed the job. I WOULD SAY THAT IS WHEN YOU ARE AWARDED A METAL. Thanks you Linda Tripp. /02.10.01/

Al Malone []
Linda: You did a great job on Larrry King. I wish it was extended for another hour. Hang in there, you tell the truth. /02.10.01/

Bob Hicks []
I just watched the interview you did with Larry King and just had to express my thoughts to you. I admire and respect you for standing up for what was the right thing to do! I too went through the horrible ordeal of trying to 'make something right' The boss I had flaunted the law and won in a court of law, but NOT in the court of God's law! I have great kids who supported me through to the end and saw what I went through, and at times wanted me to give in because they saw first hand how evil someone can be. I live with knowing that I made the right choice and that I will face my maker with a clear mind and heart. Nothing can take the place of that. You are truly a woman to be admired. I take my hat off to you! I pray you will find a job that will be worthy of your talent and caliber of ethics. Many blessings to you and your family and please know there are a lot of people out there that will be strong because of you! Best Wishes /02.09.01/

A.C.R []
Dear Ms. Tripp,
My wife and I just saw your interview with Larry King this evening. We would like you to know that we admire the integrity and courage, that you demonstrated when you refused to perjure yourself for Bill Clinton. It is evident that you and your whole family have endured great pressure and pain during this ordeal. We want you to know that there are some people out here who have not been deceived by the eight years of the Clinton administration PROPAGANDA!!! We appreciate what you have done for our country. Regretfully, some people will never see the truth of the situation but nevertheless, the truth needs to be brought out in the sunlight. We both think that you're an attractive lady, inside and out. We hope that you will consider writing a book exposing the Clintons for what they really are. We wish you and your family the very best!! Thanks again. /02.09.01/

Doug and Linda McClure []
Dear Linda, Saw you on Larry King tonight. I believe you did the right thing! I hope all ends well for you. Hold onto your faith and your convictions. God bless you. /02.09.01/

Another Linda []
I saw you on Larry King this evening. Your son was correct when he said that the people are getting the picture. Keep telling your side and stay public. Time, along with your efforts, will cure your situation. P.S. You look terrific. /02.09.01/

Susan []

The Bowers []
We invited friends over to celebrate the inauguration and the end of 8 years of Clinton-Gore corruption and deceit, nearly five years of which we have been fortunate enough to have experienced from a considerable distance. Three days later, still somewhat dazed at the prospect of a new era of leadership from a trustworthy, dignified, and respectable president, I thought it couldn't get any better. That's when I met Linda Tripp. I can't tell you what a privilege it was to shake her hand and tell her how I admired her courage, knowing that she had stood firm and prevailed in the face of near-certain personal and professional destruction at the hands of the powerful and vindictive monstrosity that the Clinton administration had become, aided and abetted by the mainstream press and their mindless adherents. (And this administration had the unmitigated audacity to whine about the "politics of personal destruction"!) I want Linda to know that she will always be an inspiration to me, a reminder that there are principles more important than my own well-being and comfort. I also want her to know that there are MANY of us out here who wish her well, thinking people who weren't fooled by the spin and the slime and who are glad to see the emperor gone, with or without his clothes. The truth will set you free! God bless and best wishes.

David Borch []
Dear Ms. Tripp,
I wanted to take a minute here to say thank you. I've thought about writing you for quite a while now but just haven't taken the time. I can only imagine how rough it was for you and your family to endure. I'm not much for words and even worse at typing, so I'll say good bye...
Again, thank you... /01.26.01/

Stephen C. Kopac []
Dear Linda,
I think you are a heroin in the best way. You are probably the bravest woman in America and it's terrible how you have been treated. It amazes me to no end why Hillary and Bill Clinton are held in such high regard in the light of their ghastly deeds. I think you are a nice looking lady and am disgusted with how the media has tried to destroy you by attacking your appearance. Please don't let it bother you. Of course I realize that if it were me it would be a different story entirely. I am 71 years old and can't believe how people in my age group, upheld the Clintons no matter what they did. When it all came out I was sure with all the evidence that they would not escape the consequences. By the way I think Hillary knew about his affairs while they were happening including Monica and she just did not care a hoot. In fact they more then likely discussed it secretly. The way she insisted that it was a right wing conspiracy was the clue. She certainly didn't let it bother her when the truth came out to the public finally. Why anyone should feel sorry for her is beyond me since she is as guilty of misconduct as he is. And she always defended him for his other sexual endeavors and didn't appear upset then either. I know things will work out for the good for you some day, and I wish you all the best. I pray you get your job back as well. I never read smut magazines but watch Fox News Television , and keep up with the news every day. I am very broad minded but can see what's right and what is wrong. Good Luck to You /01.26.01/

Wishing you the very best . I know this has been a night mare for you. Hang in there and don't give up. Rooting for you. /01.21.01/

Wilma Gilbert []
Tomorrow, January 21, 2001 sees the last of Bill Clinton as president of the united states.  Professionally he did a very good job in running the country, but he left a lot to be desired in setting an example of being honest and fair. Now the real nightmare for Bill Clinton begins.  The closets are bursting and there are fortunes to be made by the carpetbaggers.  Linda Tripp will have won and will have become one of the greatest examples of the goodness coming from the power of one.  She is to be admired.  God has blessed her. /01.20.01/

I. G. Jones
Dear Ms. Linda:
We just heard of your job loss and only wish that we could offer you a position deserving of your incredible courage and tenacity. We were extremely proud of the stand that you took, and we firmly be-lieve that "right is still right if nobody is doing it, and wrong is still wrong if everybody is doing it" as authenticated by your selfless actions in behalf of the American public.

We have prayed for you many times and believe God will surely pro-vide a good position and income for you, since you dared to stand up and be counted, against all the gainsayers and professional liars. /01.19.01/

Clifford & Julia Piper []
Eighteen years in the Navy Sub force has made me more than a skeptic regarding governmental purity. Please don't let me down. Mr. Clinton must pay more than what is on his plate for the damage he has done to this chapter in American history. Go get 'em! /1.19.01/

Art Breaux [] Poulsbo, Washington
I watched Linda Tripp's interview last week (sorry I can't remember which news magazine) and listened with interest to her accounts about Monica Lewinsky. Only someone who's known someone like Monica can understand how manipulative, needy and dangerous someone like her can be. She was a vulnerable, unstable woman who sought out a psychopathic womanizer like Clinton, and enticed him to prey on her. As for him, he reveals his petty, vindictive nature time and time again (her firing, audits of Juanita Broderick and other accusers, etc.). How is it possible that he leaves office with an astonishing 60+% approval rating?? He is a psychopath.

I found it disgusting that the media and entertainment industries attacked -- and continue to attack -- her for her looks, so much so that she sought two cosmetic surgeries. (By the way, she never looked that bad in the first place, certainly no worse than the average American woman.) How ironic that the AP, in today's online account of your firing, used a two-year-old pre-surgery photo of her to accompany the story of her firing. Surely they had updated, more attractive, photos.

Just wanted to send some support her way. I know there's not an awful lot out there, but she should know there are some of us who understand and sympathize. /1.19.01/

Words cannot express the disappointment I felt when I heard on the news today about Linda getting fired from her job at the Pentagon. It really makes me sick! I just want her to know that people believe in her and what she did for the country. She was a very brave person to go forward and expose the sickness within the Oval Office. We hope that the Bush Administration gives her a job in Washington. One that people aren't victimized for coming forward with the truth, no matter who is involved. /1.19.01/

Rebecca Swan []
I think it is a shame you felt that you needed to go through all of that plastic surgery but I understand. We unfortunately live in that kind of society. But you look great and it is inspirational how you have put your life back together and you are truly an example for all women of all political beliefs. /1.15.01/

Sharon []
I watched Linda on 20-20 last night. I always admired her for standing up for what was right but I now have an even deeper respect for her! I can't even begin to know what she has had to endure but I want her to know that there are many of us out here who support her and wish the very best for her. She has the respect of her children and she also has a clear conscience and can look in the mirror every day and be proud of who she is and what she has done! You are a beautiful person, Linda! Monica and slick Willy (I can't even call him by any other name) are everything that represents what is wrong with the world today. There are no words to describe how I detest the two of them - not to mention Hillary who is a disgrace to the female gender! I wish someone would zero in on the sickness Clinton suffers from -- narcissistic personality disorder. He is incapable of telling the truth and his entire world revolves around himself! He is a pathetic human being. Stay strong, Linda! /01.13.01/

Helen Postma []
when the news broke out about monica and the pres, i thought linda just wanted to bring down the president and gain fame. now after hearing her side on 20/20 tonight, my heart breaks for all she and her family went through. i never understood why she did what she did but now i know that it took courage and the heart of a mother to do what she had to do.. we all thought that monica was acting like a kid but she will probably never know how much heartache and pain linda's action saved her. it made her grow up and see what consequences her actions can have. mrs. tripp, i wish you only happiness for you and your family and i will try to be more understanding of things and people i do not understand in the future. i am glad that 20/20 brought your side out to the public tonight. GOD bless you, /01.12.01/
Deborah Haselden []
Thank you for being forthright and honest in the face of wolves dressed in sheep's clothing. I wish I weren't poor and could financially help cover legal debts and your future lawsuits against the White House and the Defense Department. If I lived near you, I'd seek you out to be a supportive friend -- I gravitate to people of remarkable character.

Thank You for being a great YOU. /01.12.01/

Dr. Kenneth L. Shelley []
Mrs. Tripp,
I am one of many employees with clearance who is watching this case closely. For every one of us that send you a note of thanks, there are probably thousands that thank you silently. I want to thank you for having the guts to do what's right and not compromise your integrity. Had you caved in, even more damage to the trust we have in the government would have been done. Your pending law suit will do much to restore that faith. /12.20.00/

Please tell Linda Tripp that it is almost her obligation to write a book that fully encompasses all that she knows about the most corrupt administration in our history. Who else could? She is a heroine and I send her my best. I promise to help her pay her legal bills by purchasing several of her books, if she chooses to become a most famous author.

From a poor soul in fly-over country who longs to have the whole Clinton history exposed as much as possible, -------- so, God help us, it may never happen again. /12.20.00/

Curtis Rhoden []
Dear Linda,

Consider yourself reminded of how many people love you and will always see you as a hero!

Just felt compelled to say that I am sure all the many people who supported you when you were so visible in the daily news are still there with support for you -- even though you may not be hearing much from us. I know of no one who supported you who has changed his mind, and I'd be willing to bet that many others have since changed their minds in your favor.

Please don't think for a minute that your supporters have deserted you, even though we aren't bombarding you with messages these days. Obviously, the dark forces out there keep the minds of most Americans occupied with the battle of the day. The American people just follow the media focus, get riled up and angry at each other, and then move on to the next orchestrated crisis. Divert attention. Divide and conquer. Keep us occupied and focused on the battle du jour, so that we aren't paying attention to what they are doing behind the scenes. Same old story. No one knows better than you, huh.

I pray your life is going well, and that God bestows many blessings upon you. It could never be enough to balance what you have done for us and for our beloved Country. Someday, surely it will all come out, and we will have YOU to thank. I have given up trying to make sense of why the dark ones seem to always come out ahead, and always, at huge expense to us. Obviously, God knows something I don't. It is hard to wait sometimes, but it will be my first question when I get to the other side.

You are a brave and courageous woman. I have wondered what percentage of our citizenry would have stood in such integrity and strength as you did and challenged the powers that be. I think I would have, but not with nearly as much calm as you displayed to the public.

I wish you and your family all the best. Someday, I hope to shake you hand, and give you a big hug! /11.27.00/

Carol Judge []
Jarrettsville, MD
I value the opportunity to state my opinion that Lind Tripp is in fact, a national hero for standing by principle, against all forces arrayed against her. Her attractive face should be on a stamp. She was the best friend Monica could have hoped to have in that she most likely saved Monica's life by advising her to retain the blue dress. It is terrible and frightening to ultimately realize what one can be subjected to for simply doing what is right. /10.13.00/
Ms. Tripp,
My heartfelt admiration and respect for your courage and tenacity! Best of luck in all your future endeavors and your fight against the anti-Christ in the White House. /09.01.00/

Linda, it was the many prayers that went up to the Almighty God on your behalf that resulted in your exoneration for telling the truth.  We, the true Americans, were able to appreciate the tremendous risk you took in facing the horrendous backlash from the corrupt and misguided elitist left wing in order to try to preserve truth. Our judicial system has lost its integrity and the presidency has been dishonored and cheapened with the criminal and scandalous activities that have characterized this administration. Although the president was not impeached, any honest-hearted American knew that it was not for lack of evidence, but more from a lack of will of the Senate to remove the man that represented their own characters in so many cases.  It has been a bitter and tragic eight years for this nation.  May God grant that the next president will have your integrity and will exercise godly wisdom in making decisions for our nation. /07.19.00/

Rosa in Alabama []
Linda, Sorry to be so late with this but just wanted to let you know I have always been on your side and when you told the media that "I am you" I knew exactly what you meant.  You have to protect yourself as long as the crooks are running the country. /07.15.00/

Elizabeth Brozek []
It takes courage to stand up against the crowd. From one who knows!!! /06.30.00/

Ginger M. Jarvis - testified before SFC 4-30-98 []

The real enemies here are not the Clinton's, but the most powerful machine in the country... the media. Clinton would be nothing without them! They are any liberal's best friend. Their power lies in the lie, that they are a neutral body! We only know, as citizen's, what we read or watch, from them. We don't have the opportunity to chat with either candidate, on the horn, whenever we want. Thus, the media has 100% control of our perceptions of the candidates.

This is a serious amount of power and one of the only large power's that is unchecked.

You are an example of great courage and morals! I am so sorry for your ordeal, and try myself, not to lose faith in this world when I see it.

Let's all hope that the media quits being the best friends of the Clintons and all liberals!

If you have any pull someday, please make it known, somehow, that people should question the media's neutrality!

It turns out that only a handful of people (who happen to be extremely liberal) control the vast majority of the media today. Ted and Hanoi Jane, for example. Hence, there is no real balance in the media. It is do deceitful, because they pose as neutral! Somehow, the people, must be taught to use a critical eye on this supposedly "neutral" position and learn to filter what they hear.

I have contributed to your defense and I know you will find a loyal following! /09.15.00/

It must be tough to fight such a big challenger but remember -"the bigger they are, the harder they fall." I hope that if I'm ever faced with a huge diversity that you have - that I'll have your courage and strength to stand up for the "right thing." Keep on going-don't give up! /06.10.00/

Linda has lots of support, but you can't hear from everybody. A lot of people feel you deserve a medal, I'm one of them. I believe what she said is true, and she wasn't going to stand for it. I would have done the same thing myself. I would have got the evidence just like Linda did. Someday all of this will come home to those who are doing the lying. You can't do wrong and get by, you might for awhile but it always comes home. So Linda, just wait, you'll see. Just keep looking up and you won't fail........... God Bless you and your family. And I pray he will shower you with blessings. /06.06.00/

Susan []
I am so happy for you. All Prayers were answered! /06.06.00/

Linda []
Dear Ms. Tripp,  
Thank you for having the courage to challenge the establishment.  You have shown that honor and dignity will prevail. Keep up the pursuit of right knowing that there are those who support your endeavors.  Good luck. /06.05.00/

Donna Breilo []
I am so glad the charges were dropped against you and I wish you luck and happiness.    
Because of the bad raps people get, the difficulty to get to the truth, the ruining of reputations and whatever other deceptive problems lying people cause I think everyone that believes in honesty and justice should join together and form an organization to uphold recording conversations.  I don't think people realize what can happen in the spur of the moment by a deceptive, lying person when they decide to harm you and many times they acquire their witnesses who will also lie for them. Recorded conversations could save lots of people from the living hell and torment this treatment brings.  I've been a victim several times and I know what it is like.  In my opinion, to keep recorded conversations out of the courtroom is like trying to avoid the truth.  I believe in the truth no matter how it is obtained and innocent people should not have to pay for others lying.  Lying people group up against others and I really think the people who believe in truth and justice should also group and protect each other.  Change the laws. /06.04.00/

Jayne []
Dear Linda,
Congratulations! I hope you sue all those jerks and win. Keep fighting. you are in the right. /06.04.00/

Thomas A. Petersen []
Way to go, Linda. And yes, go after the rest of the corrupt ones. God Bless!! /06.04.00/

Steve Layner []
Dear Linda:
Want you to know that many people support you...myself included. You're to be commended in your commitment in pressing on. Continue the fight. Sending positive thoughts and remembering you in my prayers tonight. /06.04.00/

Ruthie/cloudy Michigan []
Turnabout is and always has been fair play. Since Maryland dropped your case, it is your turn to attack anyone and everyone who inflicted an injustice on you! I predict some big heads will roll as a result of the massive government plot to drag you through the mud. They are the ones with the dirty hands now. Don't stop at January 2001, follow through till the end. /06.04.00/

Paul Leventhal []
Dear Ms. Tripp,  
    Thank you for having the courage and tenacity to see this business through.  You managed to strike a blow  for the rest of us who had no option but watch the degenerate in the White House get by with one atrocity after another.  Justice is hard to come by and sometimes it comes by default.  In this case de fault was with Maryland and their sorry attempt at political prosecution. /05.31.00/

Tom Shema Great Falls, Montana []
Linda, it took great courage for you to stand up for truth and justice against the Clinton Smear Machine. I have made a contribution to help you, I wish I could give more to support your dedication to truth and justice. I wish you will sue the daylights out of the Clinton Smear Machine for defamation and violation of your privacy rights. Go get the crooks. You are the only person who did not support the Presidents law breaking activities, the only one who told the truth, and you are the only one to put to the expense of a trial against you. I also wish to see you sue the Md Prosecutor for costing you so much to defend yourself. God Bless you, you are a great American!!! /05.22.00/

John H. Pilla Germantown, MD []
Congratulations! We are very happy for you /05.27.00/

Diana []
I'm so glad to hear that the charges were dropped against Linda. It has been bothering me since day one that she should be the one to be hung out to dry with all the people who were really at fault were walking away free.  God is good! Thank you for giving me a place to express my feelings! /05.27.00/

Mary []
Congratulations on your exoneration!!!!, although most people don't know it, due to the media.  I admire you & hope that if I were or am in a position as you were in, I would do the same thing & risk the wrath of the Clintons... Scary.  More scary is the ability that the Clintons & the media has to corrupt the thoughts of US citizens, by propaganda.  Does anyone know that Ken Starr was exonerated???  Of course not, most of the media won't report that.  I look forward to the day when the Clintons are an old remembered nightmare & no longer have the power to, perhaps, wreak their wrath upon us.  /05.26.00/

LuAnn []
Hi Linda:  
I am SO happy for you, finally a little justice for you and your family.  God bless you for what you have had to endure this last year.  The heat was on you instead of our illustrious President.  The way this whole ordeal was turned on you is a crime.  I am one of those who understood why you did what you did, but I must say, to argue and explain why the need to tape is not well received, as you well know.  How else would you have been able to have evidence of what they were asking you to perjure yourself to hide the truth!!  It's infuriating to think of the endless scandal these last 8 years.  This has taken the USA down so low, I pray we can get up again and recover from it.  Again, thank you for your untiring devotion to seeking the truth!  /05.26.00/

Sue Gomez/Moorpark, CA []
Tripp Charges Dropped! Congratulations Linda.......You will always be a hero in our family. God bless you............ /05.25.00/

Richard M. Diebold []
God bless you for your courage! WOW!! Please know that there are many who appreciate what you have done to expose this corrupt person (called President). You have had to deal with an angry press because you exposed their darling boy. But your standing for principle in the face of tremendous opposition is admirable; few would do it. So BRAVO to you. May more people be strengthened by your example. /05.25.00/

Cate Van den Plas []
Congratulations to you "a true American."  I'm so relieved that the charges have been dropped.  The world needs more brave people like you.  I hope your future is wonderful. /05.25.00/

Jan Bockmier
Thank goodness for justice - God's that is. Hang in there, Linda. A lot of people support you. You did the right thing. I wish you and all your family the very best. God bless you! /05.25.00/

Jeanna Cannarozzo []
Dear Linda,
May God bless you and comfort you. You are a genuine American heroine, and deserve the gratitude of all Americans for your courage, and for the contumely and abuse you have endured. We are all in your debt. Please let me / know how to send a contribution to you legal defense fund. I know that one of the motives of the D-m-cr-ts in persecuting you was to try to impoverish you. I want to help you out of the hole you must be in. /05.25.00/

Paul John Tracy []
I hardly saw anything mentioned last evening on the talk shows about the Maryland decision to drop charges....guess they didn't like the news very much, but I did, and am sending a little check to help Linda with her legal fees.  Keep on pressing these thugs in DC.  /05.25.00/

Bruce O'Neal, Hernando, MS []
Congratulations on your victory today! You did nothing wrong and I stood up for you every chance I got when others were slamming you during the whole Monica thing. God Bless You! (Thanks for helping expose the "scum-bag".) /05.22.00/

Good for you !! That's great. Thank you for all you've done /05.24.00/

Jim Sloan []
I am so happy for Linda !!! The very best wishes for great life ahead. /05.24.00/

Don, Newport RI []
 You are a very brave young lady who has helped your country in a great way at significant personal risk. Thank you. /05.22.00/

J. Stanley McCluskey Naches, WA []

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