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Welcome to the Support Linda Tripp! online campaign, where we're dedicated to getting Linda Tripp's story out, all the while defending her reputation against the smears of the media, the uneducated, and the White House!

Tripp Charges Dropped!

Bonnie Kline sends a well-wish to Linda!
Linda, don't give up!!! I know I still am after 26 months. They've done everything possible up to and including breaking the law to get at me. I know how hard it is to accept "hang in there" because I'm there too. But we can't let the bastards beat us! Hang on tight because it is and seems to continue being a rough ride. May God bless you and your family! /04.10.00/

Bonnie Kline []
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A personal Message From Linda Tripp - Dec. 13, 1999

Breaking News Sunday - Dec. 12, 1999
Maryland Law:
Kevin Wood's "Summary of Maryland's Interception Law."

Text of Maryland Interception Law
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Note: We are not associated with Linda Tripp's Defense Fund. However, many people have asked for the information, so we have provided it below.
Due to a reorganization of the Linda Tripp's Legal Defense Fund, ownership of the Annapolis P.O. Box was recently transferred and quite a bit of donor mail was returned "Unclaimed." Please know that the P.O. Box transfer is now complete and the mail glitch has been rectified. "Team Tripp" thanks everyone for their interest in the Tripp defense fund and their generous contributions! And so does Rightgrrl!

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So you think Linda Tripp wronged Monica Lewinsky? Linda Tripp was protecting herself from Lewinsky, who allegedly asked her to lie under oath! What would you do, commit perjury for Monica and Bill? Or would you tape your conversations in order to prove your version of events and thereby avoid perjury charges? We can only assume that all those so eager to bash Linda Tripp would choose to perjure themselves rather than risk what Linda has to preserve the truth.

"The women I kind of look up to these days are the Lucianne Goldbergs and the Linda Tripps... These are the new renegades. These are the new now women. These are the people who don't want a corrupt President."
-- Matt Drudge on Politically Incorrect July 28, 1998 (and Eartha Kitt agreed!)

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