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I have been from the beginning a supporter of Ms. Linda Tripp. She is a wonderful lady who got a bad rap. She don't deserve this at all. i wish all the people of this country who are against her think twice before making judgement against her. Thank Very much for letting me voice my thoughts. /05.10.00/

Gerald []
I believe you have done the right thing. All of the press and legal attention are udoubtedly a headache, but I believe it has done a reat deal to protect both your reputation and maybe even your life. I just heard a local radio station read the list of 62 people who have been associated with the Clintons that have mysteriously died. I am not a cynic, but something very strange seems to be happening. I wish you the very best and certainly hope Maryland throws out the wiretap case. As I said, I believe those tapes saved not only your reputation, since you would have been visciously slandered by the Clintonites as have other women who have told the truth, but possibly even your life. Best wishes. /05.09.00/

Tom []
Dear Ms. Tripp,
††††† Sometimes with the media the way it is and human nature, it is difficult to get to the truth. I try not to judge anyone because I do not think that we cannot know what actually happened unless we are there or live it ourselves. Although, I get this feeling that things have not seemed quite regarding the Vince Foster situation and several of the other alleged misconduct on the part of Bill Clinton.

††††† To tell you the truth, I could care less that he has these affairs. I have gotten the impression that he would not chose a prominent and publicly credible woman with whom to have his trysts. I think he chooses those that are not powerful and influential so that he can discredit them more easily.†If he does this, it is not a very nice thing to do. What I am more concerned about is the wrong doing of any public leader that hurts individuals or the nation as a whole. My greatest concern is how money and resources are not distributed so that everyone can benefit. I hear of money being wasted knowingly by congress people and senators and that makes me angry.

†††††††In the Paula Jones situation, if I had been in her situation,†a good swift kick in the groin would have sufficed. It is unfortunate that she did not do that. I think it would have helped her to feel less like a victim. Although, I do not know if the shock†of his behavior would have allowed me to be so brave.†I practice expecting the unexpected.†I have been ready for the last three†inappropriate sexual advances that have happened to me. It feels so good to take up for oneself. †

†††††† I want to congratulate you Ms.Tripp, for taking up for yourself and really, for all of us.You tried to help justice prevail. The same for Mr. Starr.†

†††† †Sometimes†we have to do things that may seem wrong on a smaller scale but†can bring us greater good†on a larger scale - the end justifies the means. Part of the public acted†as if they could not see that that phenomenon (ends justifying the means) is happening around them everyday. What is going to†affect all of us more, your relationship with Ms. Lewinski or a corrupt administration? People are stating that they are angry about†the issue of betrayal.Have†they not considered the betrayal of trust†by†some of our government officials?† They have not thought it through and have misdirected their anger.

†I hope that there will be more people willing to take the heat elected to government. I also hope that†the public will open their eyes and start supporting those leaders that are willing to do the right thing. The public needs to start seeing the larger picture and ignore the rhetoric and think for themselves. They need to follow the activities of the government and see who voted for what and what the issue really means. Do not accept what you hear the press or an elected official say about it. I seldom find that they are unbiased. If you listen carefully you will start to recognize who is putting a spin on the news. Just ask yourself how is what they are saying relevant to the issue, to what is best or to reality!

††††† I have a situation on which I have to spend some†of my energy. I am going to take on DODDS for several†lapses of authority, unethical and unreprimanded misbehavior on the part of†one school administrator and a teacher in Europe. This is a situation involving possibly only eight people though, one who has already left and one that is already known to function incompetently.† There is no reason for DODDS to†keep the few who need to go. Hope this problem can be corrected for the sake of the other kids that are to attend this school. You have been a good role model for standing up for what is right which motivates me to work on this problem. I was almost going to let it go and let it be someone else's problem but I realize that that is why nothing was ever done - no one else was willing to do what was needed to correct this situation. /04.23.00/

KS []
† As you have found, it is very difficult to be truthful when it concerns powerful people and groups.† Thank you for being willing to tell the truth.† It made the difference.† The significance and benefit to the people of the United States has not yet been realized concerning your courageous acts.† It is most likely that you have opened the door for others to received justice that otherwise would have been deprived.† I'm hoping the powerful conservatives of our nation will stand by you.† Don't be afraid to ask for their help.† Anyone that comes forward for the sake of what is right deserves the support and comfort of good people.† †/04.22.00/

Jerry Adams []
Hello Linda; †
I am so sorry for all you have gone through to stop someone from doing such wrong.† I am 55 and yet because of my wonderful upbringing, I had no idea what I was getting into with a man who had been a police officer and a distant relative.† You did do the right thing.† You are only blamed because someone that was doing wrong did not want to be blamed.† clinton, who I refuse to give any credit to as a person, is not welcome in my home.† I also lay you odds that ms.clinton would not feel the same way if it was her daughter who was in a situation with a man.† I wish you had been my friend.† I could sure use one right now.† You did do the right thing and I will always vouch for that. /04.29.00/

Paula Lindsay []
Hang in there Linda. We think you did a courageous thing /04.18.00/

Lillian []
Monica should be groveling at your feet instead of trying to accuse you of betrayal. If she had not taken your advice regarding the dress, she would have been HISTORY!!! Now she is out there wondering from place to place as if in a fog.
You did the right thing by recording these telephone conversations to prove your innocence in this matter. Women like Monica are a dime a dozen. You are one in a million. Good Luck with your trial and the best to you in your future endeavors /04.17.00/

Jo Coo []
You are admired in our house and considered a true patriot willing to to do what is right. Thank you. We will support you in any way that we can. /04.13.00?

David Gray Springfield, Ohio []
I am so very sorry at the way you have been maligned and attacked, so viciously, by†Clinton and the media.† You are a hero and should be praised and rewarded for what you have done for America!!† It is a mystery to me how anyone cannot see the truth about the Clintons, and how quickly people, who were not there, and don't know all the facts, as you do, can support him.† Thank you for having high† standards.† I, too, think it is a person's duty to stand up for the truth and what is right, regardless; especially, in protecting America!!† You have such courage.† I admire you and your strength. I pray God will be with you, and all charges will be dropped, and that God will give you comfort and much deserved peace.†/04.07.00/

Lynda Schoonmaker []
I wish her all the luck in the world! /03.29.00/

Brenda Green []
I lost a job I held for 14 years because I refused to compromise my ethics or principles.† I know the hell I experienced in my small community hearing the gossip about myself.† I am so sorry your pain had to be witnessed by the entire world.† Know that there are lots of "little people" out here cheering for you, praying for you, and pulling for you.† You go, girl! /03.29.00/

Joni [] †
I've read the Md statute under which you will be prosecuted. If I were your lawyer, I'd make sure no juror got seated without some discussion about his/her knowledge of the Baltimore Ravens. Any football fan knows the exact meaning of "interception" and of "reception", and will know exactly what to do upon hearing the standard judicial instruction that statutory words have their usual meaning unless given a specific different meaning in the instructions.

This will give you a chuckle. The 15 year old son of a friend of mine had his 10th grade teacher in an uproar when, after your "disloyalty" to Monica came up, he suggested that it would be his obligation to keep quiet if a friend of his vandalized the teacher's car with a key scratch. (such would only be a 90 day misdemeanor of vandalism, rather than the 5 year felony of Clinton's perjury.) /03.22.00/

Thank you, Linda...for your courage, for your strength, and for your desire for justice.† You are a hero to me and to many women I know.† Don't let the naysayers and liars get you down.† The liberal elite loathe being exposed for their hypocrisy.† Keep your chin up.† We are praying for you. /03.02.00/

Sincerely, †
Samantha Mackenzie, Houston, Texas []
I wish you all luck in the world in your fight! God bless you for doing the right thing. /03.02.00/

Phillip []
Ms Tripp,
I am frustrated with the media, most television personalities and yes, some friends of mine who can not hear their own hate speech. I have wondered myself what I would do if placed in your position to go up against the most powerful people on earth. I can't answer because I'm afraid I would knuckle under to the fear.

I have marveled at the number of sanctimonious statements made by people that they would never under any circumstances betray a friend. Never mind this friend is asking you to perjure yourself. Completely lost in all this national self-righteous political correctness is this little girl on her knees servicing our President who demands in his own self interest that others bend to his will. I want to thank you for standing tall Lady, you have my respect and support. /02.21.00/

Carrol Stringer []
I just want to say that I feel that Linda Tripp did a wonderful thing and that Maryland should have the same view on this as Ohio does.† If EITHER of the parties of a phone conversation agree to the taping it is legal.† I feel that in many cases this is the ONLY way to shed the truth.† We (conservatives) may not have won...but we (she) at least tried. †/01.28.00/

Joseph Britt - Ohio []
You are a great American. Thanks for standing on the truth. God will bless you! /01.26.00/

Jim Hiland []
Dear Linda,
How are you doing? In this whole thing about Bill Clinton. I was supporting you and not Monica. You did a good job, Keep up the good works. So that's all I have to say. Just Good Luck in everything you do. P.S. I like your picture in the people's Mag. /01.26.00/

Irvin Bonelli, Jr. []
Hi Linda,
I just wanted to say hi & to say I support you in what you did 100% It's just a matter of time before the truth comes out about the Clintons. I feel the American people were deceived & lied to by the Clintons' lap dogs & especially by the liberal media.††I hope you come out of this in great shape & that†"Jim & Tammy Faye" Clinton end up in jail where they belong.† Not you.† Take care & hang in there. /01.24.00/

Jerry []
I support you Linda Tripp, and I believe you did what you thought was best in a very trying situation. I'm sure you knew what was laying in store for you when you decided to reveal the entire story. You have been unfairly treated but there are a lot of people that feel they I and my wife feel about this. Don't give up, we are behind you and I will do what I can for your defense fund. Thankk you for being so courageous, noy many are. /01.1b.00/

Jack & Irene Anthony []
Ms. Tripp- hope you are doing fine! My heart went out to you and your family during your effort to tell the truth--I think everyone knows now you were right all along! hold your head up high girl--the truth always prevails! /01.13.00/

Linda []
You look marvelous!† Thank you for being such a strong and moral person.† It was obvious from the beginning of this whole thing that you had to protect yourself from this self serving person.† I'm glad you did it.† Good luck in everything you do.../01.13.00/

Jeff Johnson []
Dear Linda,
Although this is a letter of support, I have to tell you in all honesty that I am and have been a supporter of President Clinton. I feel as though his actions, though morally reprehensible, were probably not illegal, and therefore not grounds for impeachment. I only wish this could have been taken care of more expeditiously and discreetly -- not to protect the President, but the American people themselves, who were the real victims in this unfortunate incident.

And, in spite of my utter distaste for all that has happened, I do feel real empathy for you. I believe that you did what you felt was right at the time...and, truth be told, it probably was the right thing to do. I'm not so sure that what was done with that information was as right and as just as it could have been, however.

There is one thing that should be certain, and that is that if you were granted immunity in exchange for your testimony (regardless of its popularity or lack thereof!), that immunity should remain in place for all that follows. You should NOT be in the position in which you find yourself today. Not only is this monumentally unfair to you as a person and as a citizen, but it sets a dangerous precedent for the future.

And, I am really upset with the media for all of the cheap shots taken at your expense! I think that you are owed a huge apology from all of us -- from those who made crude and irrelevant remarks about your character and your looks, and those who listened and encouraged this juvenile and irresponsible behavior. I think that this kind of thing speaks volumes about our inability to speak to issues in an intelligent manner. Actually, I have to say in all honesty that I was sorry to see that you had dramatically altered your appearance -- I really hope that this wasn't done in response to the basement humor offered by Jay Leno & Co. I thought that you were just fine the way you were - not at all "haggish," as you've reportedly called yourself!

Good luck with your trial. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. /01.12.00/

Beth Howard []
I want to express my admiration for your bravery during the past few years Ms. Tripp. I grew sick of the negative propaganda piled upon you by the ignorant slobs defending the president's actions. It is very difficult to imagine how you were able to continue with all of the personal attacks. I have always believed that your actions were correct and I firmly believe that you will be held in respect as we rid ourselves of such people. Best wishes for the future. /01.12.00/

John North []
Even though I am 13 years old I still hear your story on the news. My mom also tells me what people said in People magazine. It makes me feel bad. I have forced my parents to donate money. I'm behind you. /01.12.00/

Dear Linda,
You looked fine before your surgery; I think you are a hero. From a fellow whistleblower /01.09.00/

Thank you for being my hero and a rare role model these days you should be receiving a hero's welcome instead of contempt "if principles were easy things to have, everyone would have them" /01.09.00/

Debby []
I was constantly ridiculed for the way I used to look, and I know how much it hurts. I just wanted to let Linda Tripp know that I understand what she is going through as far as being mocked and I wanted to congratulate her on her weight loss and everything else. You look great and you are an inspiration. Stick in there. /01.09.00/

Bob Cornell []
Linda looks great! Good for her! I think Kathleen Kennedy is cutting her own throat by pursuing Linda..How is anyone going to trust the legal system if they keep making up their own rules? If someone is told they have immunity, they should have immunity! If MD had a problem with that, they should have indicated it at the time she was given immunity. I'm from Maryland, and I'm upset they're acting like this to their own citizens. I think Linda did what anyone else in her position would have done. The Clintons seem to do whatever they want, break the law, give moral codes a new low, bring down the reverence for the presidency...nothing seems to matter to them but their own pleasure and importance. Thanks Linda! /01.08.00/

Peggy Burke []
Dear Mrs. Tripp,
Just wanting to thank you for letting the public know just how scandalous the President is. We would be utterly uninformed and ignorant had it not been for your courageous and unselfish acts. You're a role model to all women, particularly educated career women who face moral dilemmas in the work place. What the media has done to you is vicious and an outrage. You have my support and gratitude. /01.08.00/

Linda Norrid []
It's unfortunate that the people who were doing wrong were the ones to go free. The innocent person is the one to get into trouble. I do believe that Clinton and his wife are in league with the devil. /01.08.00/

Dear Linda,
You did the right thing, girl!! What goes around comes around, and Bill, Hillary, and their operatives will get theirs. Monica is just an opportunistic little girl. Where would she have been without you? Dead maybe? She has you to thank for her current "position" in society today -- and believe me, she's loving it. You too will be appreciated by the masses someday. Just hang in there!! /01.08.00/

Fran Viney []
Dear Linda,
I want you to know that there are those of us out here who support you 100% and defend you at every opportunity. Any smart, honest person in your shoes would do what you had to do. Those who defame you are obviously not one or the other! Also, I have been supportive of your financial appeals, and will continue to do so. Last but not least, YOU LOOK FABULOUS!!! I would like to talk to you personally about what you have done to accomplish your make over..../01.07.00/

Janis Keeling []
Dear Linda,
You are not alone in this ordeal. We are with you. The Maggot in Heat is doing to you what he has done to the country. God bless you for doing the right thing. I have only been able to send a small amount to your defense fund as I am very poor, going through a divorce, and am unemployed as well. I honestly wish I could send more, lots more. My heart breaks at the horrible slandering you have had to endure. I worry about your welfare. I pray this election will bring in an honorable man (GW Bush) to the White House. Once the corrupt forces that are in power now are removed you will be vindicated as the rats will jump ship. People will talk and the criminals in the White House will be prosecuted. The truth will come out. So please have faith, fight the good fight. Please pray for Mark my son who is recovering from a grade 4 cancerous brain tumor that was miraculously removed on Sept. 25th, 1999. The same day Lucianne asked for prayer for Mark on her radio show he survived emergency surgery. He is now walking and talking again. See how the power of prayer works! I want you to know there are thousands of us praying for you as well. With so many of us praying for you be comforted that in God's time He will unburden you from this. He will defeat the difficulties you are having, in fact He will bless you! Be strong. Be encouraged. God bless! /01.06.00/

Karen Sousa []
I just wanted to voice one opinion.† I feel that Linda Tripp has really gotten a bad deal in this entire event.† I feel she is just like me.† The media is so biased.† They appear ignorant to me.† I want you to know that I do not feel she did anything wrong and actually was quite smart in her actions.† I do admit I have not read any of the transcripts of conversations recorded, but, I think one must do what one must to protect oneself and under the circumstances and considering the types of people she was dealing with she made the right moves. Also, I think the cosmetic surgery is great.† I believe in such things.† Our culture is so physically oriented and I also think a large part of†that is human nature.† I personally have had a facelift and believe the way you feel about yourself, the way you look - each day, has allot to do with happiness and productivity.† All I can say is - give them hell, you go girl! /01.06.00/

Dear Linda,
I am a 56 yr old grandmother of six who feels you have been maligned and disrespected for too long. I admire you and apologize for all the evil and nasty comments that have been made about you. You look fabulous! (Although, you had a very classy look before your recent "work". ~smiles~ ) I pray the legal problems you are facing will be resolved in your favor. /01.04.00/

Annette in Utah :~> []
†††† Keep on plugging away.† I think what has happened to you is unbelievable.† All I keep thinking is "thank God you did have the tapes"† think of where you might be if you hadn't taken steps to cover yourself.† I am sure that in the end, everything will work out for you.† Just remember, that many of us have known what a slime we have had in the White House all along, and don't believe a thing the "press" is telling us. /01.03.00/

Curt Degner []
It is amazing to me that the one person in this whole mess who told the truth is the one who is getting prosecuted.† I think it is one of the most injust things I have ever heard of except for the persecution of Jesus Christ.† Liberals always like to punish the innocent ones so that they may continue with their evil ways. /01.03.00/

David R. Craig []
It is unbelievable that the Clintons are pardoning criminals by the dozen and even hinting at releasing "Pollard" and yet they sit back and watch you suffer.† How can they look at themselves in the mirror? If the Clintons and their sycophants are also guilty of treason, loss of life at Waco, and involved with the deaths of Foster, Brown, and others, the power that is greater than any of us will bring out the truth and they will pay the price for their crimes.† There is the rule of life--cause and effect.† They have caused all of these heinous situations and now they must face the effects which follow. My prayers are with you in the New Year.† I wish you complete exoneration, health, and happiness in this New Year. /12.31.99/

Shirley Duncon []
Dear Linda or whoever receives this......
As a Canadian who has watched the entire episode with great interest and avidly...I have spent hundreds of hours watching and reading......I want to express my support for you. I admire your actions and your principles. Hang in there!!!! Remember....the truth shall set you free....we just do not know when. My thoughts are with you. /12.31.99/

Bill Dodd []
I'm so glad she got that plastic surgery. She seems like such a nice person, one I would like as a friend. /12.31.99/

Larkin & Dolores Collins []
It is my sincere wishes that things work out well for you. You will always know that you tried to do what is correct and best for our country. It is so much easier to go to the popular side, to listen to the whisper in the ear that says it doesn't matter. I remember from my old school days being reminded- what does it profit a person if they gain the whole world and suffer the loss of their soul. /12.31.99/

God bless you. Your new look is awesome! I'm inspired. I'm praying for you. /12.31.99/

Nancy Warfield [[]
I think Linda Tripp should go down as a National Heroine. I hope that this gets to her. She did what was RIGHT! She exposed the Truth in the face of incredible risk of loss! I will support her with all I have. Our children will be better off because of her. THANK YOU, LINDA. The truth was more important than feelings or friendship. I Praise God for Your example and persistence! Read the defense below that I wrote on the Internet:

It takes three steps to make good decisions:
  1. Gather the FACTS.
  2. CLARIFY the issues.
  3. MAKE good decisions!
Irrespective of her motivation, Linda Tripp brought forth to the awareness of the public the "dirty little truth" that Our Commander in Chief broke his Oath of Office that He would Uphold the Law of the Land, when he was sexually inappropriate with a subordinate employee in the workplace. Contrary to many in today's "politically correct" society, there are those that the "TRUTH exposed" is more important than feelings and friendships. Linda Tripp DID NOT have an affair in her office, BILL CLINTON and MONICA LEWINSKI DID!. And they DESERVE the FULL consequences of their actions, NOT to have them hidden or be "protected". Because Linda got the TRUTH OUT, they are receiving these consequences of inappropriate, wrongful behavior. Linda risked much more than MOST people I know to get the Truth Out. And Gary Aldrich, the FBI Agent in the Whitehouse in his book "UNLIMITED ACCESS" , can confirm the immoral environment fostered in the administration during his time there. Thank You, Linda Tripp! And I hope your example serves notice to those that sneak and think they can get away with it, under ANY PRETENSE, they had better think about it again, including the President of the United States! These FACTS has also assisted millions of Americans, including myself, to make better decisions for the future! /12.16.99/

Dennis Trepanier []
Linda, your tribulations have accentuated a demarcation between the Liberal media monster and our fading representative democracy. Though your motives may not have been pure, no one can fault your protecting yourself and family from the outrageous ogre and his minions. Be of good cheer ... evil must not win this one; you will prevail and perhaps America will awaken to its potential. Sad to say I really doubt it though; we are already too far down the wide road of expedience and the broad gate of complacency looms large before us. If I had money to donate I would support you monetarily. Lacking funds, I support you with my ascerbic pen. /12.23.99/

You are a pawn in Clinton's chess game. He is SCUM and he will pay the piper, if he already hasn't (impeachment; contempt of court - his legacy) You will be vindicated. Rest assured, WE are with you - the GOOD people. Hang in there. /12.19.99

Kathleen Andrews []
You have my most sincere good wishes in your defense against the dangerous and evil Clintons. Thank God you had the nerve to expose them for the slime balls they both are. To go after you as they and their cohorts are is a disgraceful expose of the rot in our political system. It's a wonder they don't invite OJ to the White House for Christmas dinner ! /12.19.99/

David Elliott Stovel []
We are praying for you. The enormous power of the Executive Branch, a corrupt Maryland political system, a cowardly prosecutor and a political hack judge have combined to keep your case alive. But the dogs in the street know that this is about payback and selective, vindictive prosecution. You had no choice. You had to defend yourself. You did the right thing. I hope your attorneys will ask why there has been no prosecution of Ken Bacon. He admits he violated the Privacy Act by releasing your personnel records to a pro Clinton"journalist". His presence at the Pentagon Podium symbolyzes the Administration's contempt for the law. /12.18.99/

Just a quickie note to say that I feel that prosecution of Linda Tripp is a travesty. Linda did just captured the facts and did all the right things. /12.18.99/

We love you. Thank you. You are a American. /12.18.99/

Kevin []
Way to go Linda,† you have a lot of supporters out there. /12.17.99/

Jason []
I am really sorry to hear the you are being prosecuted (persecuted) for you involvement in the Lewinsky affair. The idea that you can be prosecuted for protecting yourself against the highest office of the land and for telling the truth it not just sad it is outright offensive.

I hope that you will somehow be exonerated and that in the end the evils done by our president will be brought to justice. I fear that our country has gone down the drain and we are fast becoming no different that any other communist regime, a bunch of mind numbed populace ran by a liberal propaganda machine.

I will keep you in my prayers. I feel like the status of this nation hinges on how you are treated, and so far we are looking very very bad. /12.16.99/

Jerry Sullivan []
Wanna know why the lbrl Clinton lovers. are so mad about Lewinsky taping? Because it is more threatening to them. They identify with Clinton, and all of his behavior problems. He is their kind of guy. They feel more threatened by taping because such activity could reveal the kinds of things they do in secret. Those of us who do not regularly participate in shameful activity, and have little to hide, have a hard time understanding the anger they feel. It is amusing, however, that they have not cried out about the Democrats taping Gingrich and Boehner. Guess there was not enough shame in the content. I do believe that Linda Tripp would be dead now if it were not for those tapes. She has done her country a service, and has saved her own life in the process. On a somewhat related note, Gore denied knowledge of the Broaddrick matter in a sputtering answer at a recent NH Town hall meeting. He supported Clinton every way he could, but did not attest that Clinton could never be capable of raping a woman. I suppose he knows better. /12.16.99/

Karen []
This is insane! If Linda were a Democrat and the president was a Republican, she would not be in this situation. I live in Maryland and I wish the prosecutors would go after the real criminal element with such vigor. To make matters worse, Linda Tripp fights not only the courts, but a biased media as well. Linda Tripp is a true hero - she saw wrong and, for the sake of America, she reported it. /12.16.99/

Dan Hughes []
At first I thought taping was a bad idea, but I had a similar incident happen to me at a job I was working as a temporary. I worked for a insurance company in the San Diego area, on about the third or fourth day I was working, a woman threatened me. She threatened me with bodily harm because(?) I had said I didn't vote or didn't like Bill Clinton! I only wished I had a tape recorder (I found out later it is illegal in California), she told a supervisor that I didn't like the job, and therefore I was let go. Now I am without a job (jobs are not easy to find here), and what is more frightening is knowing this person could get away with such trash! I hope Linda doesn't have any punishment for what she did, and Clinton - I am glad the truth came out about him. He sent sexual harrassment laws back at least forty years, and what is even more scary: I voted for the jerk!! /12.16.99/

Carolyn Dunn []
I personally think you are an American Hero; you should be given the Medal of Freedom for what you have done. Don't let the bastards get you down. Rush says you will be acquitted, so try not to worry. Hang in there Linda. /12.16.99/

Gary []
Linda - you are a hero! You have been through more than most could take and of course, are being beaten for it! I support you wholeheartedly and am sending $ to your legal defense fund. Hang in there and stay strong. You have alot of support even if its hard to tell. America needs more like you! /12.16.99/

Judy Stanley []
Linda, you're a brave woman, tough and smart and beautiful. Your walk through hell is clearing the way for all of us. Go with God. You're in our hearts and prayers. They will never win this. It's all coming out in the open and we know what's up now. /12.16.99/

Dear Linda:
I'm so sorry for what this currrupt system is putting you thru. But you are not the only individual that Clinton and the so-called justice system has maligned. The Branch-Davidians who lived in Waco for 35 years and had never threatened a neighbor were wiped off the map by this currupt administration. The government claimed that the branch-Davidians ambushed the ATF, when in fact David Koresh was outside meeting the ATF as they were jumping off the trailor where he was taped saying "Wait a minute, there are women and children in there." Then the ATF started shooting the Davidians dogs in the back. These shots frightened David to go back into the house. The other agents, thinking he was resisting arrest, fired at him thru the door. The Davidians then made a 911 call to the sheriff's department asking him to please have the ATF stop shooting. No one in their right mind would call a police agency if they were carrying out a crime(killing federal agents) as the government claims. After the shooting ended all 5 of their dogs outside were killed and David's 2 year old daughter was dead. This is what made David so defiant, not his guilt as most people assume.

The ATF had 5 cameras at the location, but they claimed all but 1 of the cameras failed. The ones showing the dogs getting killed was the most important, but off course this one failed. If the government had murder 1 on the Davidians(killing Federal agents) why did they start accusing them of crimes like drug abuse, child abuse, and other trivial crimes compared to killing federal agents. Its because they knew they had nothing on them and they had to make something up. The branch davidians believed that their bodies were the temple of god and did not believe in smoking or drinking, much less using drugs. David Koresh jogged everyday to keep his weight down, and set aside days for fasting. He spanked children, but he never abused them as Clinton and Reno implied. David and the other davidians did not commit suicide as the government claimed. David had a goal to write about Revelations; he was not suicidal. The cs gas that was pumped into the compound (wood structure) involuntarily forced the victims inside to close their eyes (ie to be totally blind). They could not have gone to the other side of the building to set the fire. Some tried to get out thru a tunnel but the government used a tank to crush it in so they were trapped. This information can be obtained thru the davidian trial transcript, but our liberal media never told us about the dogs being shot which started the shooting. /12.16.99/

Ed Wilke []
I wonder what action would have been taken if you had taped someone telling about Chinese contributions or sabotage at the State Dept.†† This whole thing against you is a tragedy and I'm praying for you.† Hang in there. /12.16.99/

Dear Linda,
It is with honor that I write this note to you. You have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I am SO proud of you that I speak about your dedication to my friends at work and try always to keep your name in its proper perspective. You did the best thing for the country. With your tapes and testimony we would never have exposed what he was like....God bless you /12.16.99

Edward []

Dear Linda,
You absolutely did the right thing. You were asked to lie and possibly end up in prison. It is unbelievable to me that people don't understand what situation you were placed in. The Maryland lawsuit is frivolous and should be dismissed. /12.16.99/

Sylvia Payne []
I'm praying for you Linda. You did what was right in protecting yourself. This is just another political game that diminishes this administration. Shame on them! /12.16.99/

Mamie Bailey []
Linda is the true victim here Hang in there Linda my prayers are with you....† Too bad there are not more like YOU. /12.16.99/

Tommie Desrosiers []
I cannot believe that I live in a country that would do this to its citizens. Linda Tripp is a patriot, and I would never want her to forget it. I love my country, but fear my leaders. I am ashamed to tell you that I will not do much more than this e-mail to help her, but, for what it is worth, I SUPPORT HER!! I'll tell all my friends, about all I have read. However, I am afraid that my peers rarely pay any attention to the news, they find it too overwhelming, and have a hard enough time, dealing with their own lives. I know that this seems like a cowards response, but I would like you to know that if I were in the same situation, I too would have no recourse, but to do the same as Linda did, and that stands reguardless of what may happen because of it. You only live once!!! make it count!LIKE LINDA!!!! /12.15.99/

Micheal A. Cornelius
Linda , Have prayed for you in this unfair situation. Hang in there. /12.15.99/

Ruth Miller []
As a former practicing attorney (I no longer practice law because of the corruption I saw through out the court system) I know what you are going through. As is often the case those who try to do the right thing are persecuted and the corrupt go free. This is particularly true where government officials are concerned. It is my belief that the current administration is the engine behind the States prosecution of you. I wish you good luck and will contribute to your defense fund a soon as I get the information on where to send the check--------Hang in there. /12.15.99/

Keep your chin in the air. Its incredible that you are the only one who will get in trouble over this mess. A lot of people support you in my circle and in many others too. Good luck and God bless Linda Tripp. /12.15.99/

Norm Kile []
With all the hoopla during the hearings and the liberal catch phrase "priv te life" to defend the actions of Clinton, we have not heard that this was on the job. As such is it possible that the citizens have paid for this???? Of course it is. In setting this predecent then is it likely to assume that such services can be considered tax deductible? were right, you are right and you did right. I know that this is a small consolation but those that think right admire what you have risked and have sacrificed. Our prayers are with you. /12.15.99/

Phillip []
Dear Linda,
Your Father in heaven knows the good you have done, as He knew the good Christ Jesus had done for the world. As evil in high places is brought to the attention of the world, it turns in an attempt to destroy its destroyer, but you will not be destroyed, because God is on your side. Jesus said, "They hated me before they hated you" and "Your good will be evil spoken of".

This is the fight of good versus evil mentioned in the Book of Revelations, where evil was destroyed. Fear not - relax and enjoy this episode in destroying evil. God is with you each minute of the day and night. God's law of good supersedes mankind's laws, however interpreted by politicians. The Bible says, "Be still and know I am God".

Linda, you've got it made. I am a student of Christian Science. All Christian Scientists support your good. I have learned where my support always comes from. Read how Jesus' disciples and the apostles, ran forward telling the good news, even though they were persecuted, but they ran forward with their good in spite of evil's hatred. What you did in bringing this evil conduct to the surface, was as important to as anything anyone has done.

It is important to separate "man" from evil, for evil has no place in God's kingdom, but man has a definite place. In the first chapter of the Bible, it says, "God made man in his image and likeness" and it ends the chapter by saying "And God saw all that He had made and behold it was very good." In the first chapter of the Gospel of John, the disciple John said, "He made all that was made". Your are not battling "man", you have merely challenging impersonal evil to a duel, that evil cannot win because it is nowhere to be found in God's kingdom. It will destroy itself, by your patiently waiting for God to do this work. In Christian Science, this aggravation of evil is what is called "chemicalization", where the impurities come to the top to be destroyed by God Himself.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters and form the perfect concept, patience must have her perfect work". Relax, relax, relax, all is well, all is well now!. Thank you God! Thank you God! /12.15.99/

Jay Martin
When you are acquitted, and The Clinton's and their co-conspiratorsors are Jailed, only then will their be justice in these United States. /12.15.99/

Dangela J Barnes []
Good luck on getting this thing thrown out. Try and get on The O'Reilly factor with the people from Florida and some other prominent democrats and have a debate. He seems to be the only one willing to expose the hypocrisy of most democrats. bye /12.15.99/

Alton [>]
I hope you stay strong. Many of us do not swallow what the media throws at us as gospel. Please keep your faith, we are cheering you on. /12.15.99/

Dear Linda: †
My wife and I support and admire you very much.† As a Christmas gift, we'll send a donation to your defense fund.† You did the right thing, the honorable thing, something that Arkansas scum in the White House has never done.† We're proud to be fellow Columbians. /12.14.99/

George & Karen Tudor []
Dear Linda,
There are a lot of people pulling for you. Don't get discouraged. The "tripp wire" was good in a lot of people's eyes. /12.14.99/

John Powell []
Dear Linda: †
I am furious at the Maryland prosecutors and the Democratic machine that is harrassing you with this frivolous lawsuit. †
I have sent you a small sum of money in the past and sorry I cannot afford to send more.† Hope everyone continues to rally around you to help you and your family. †
Good luck, may this soon be over and they had better not fire you from your Pentagon job. /12.14.99/

P. Maughan []
God bless you Linda.† You are truly a great American.† Against all odds you chose to defend your honor and dignity.† I admire you and have taught my daughter of 14 years to emulate your courageous actions.† You are an inspiration to all true Americans.† My thoughts and prayers are with you. /12.14.99/

Thomas []
Thank you for putting your reputation on the line and going against the big boys of the DEMO / Clinton monarchy. Hopefully a Republican president can be elected so that your troubles can be forgiven legally. /12.14.99/

JR Wohlers []
Hang tough Linda. Don't let the bastards get to you. /12.14.99/

Frederick Heiser []
We would like to add our thanks to all that have expressed there's. Slaying dragons is not without it's risks.. Our prayers go with you, and your family. /12.14.99/

Bob and Alice []
As a retired† Federal Employee I inderstand fully the stress and pressures you have endured.† I understand because I know how "the system" works!† Knowing this, I am especially proud of your courage and principals.† I remember the oath we took when we went into Government Service and you have upheld it - sorry we can't say the same for our disgusting President.† He and his ilk have sold our country and people like you down the river.† Our national security has been greatly compromised and the honor of the office of the President has been sullied.† He should have been run out of office long ago, but everyone†fears him and his evil power.† He is always so concerned about his "legacy."† He will have a legacy alright - but not the one he is looking for.† You, Linda will have the legacy - and an honorable one at that.† Hang in there.† You are the survivor, not Bill.† He will end up like Monica - a curiosity, stripped of respect.† And suddenly, people will no longer fear him because his power will be no more.† That day can't come too soon.† IAs a former Federal Employee I am proud to†say I served with Linda.† I hope God will give you the strength to continue this long battle. /12.14.99/

From the beginning of this entire travesty, you have been THE target. Any target, of course, will do, for Bill Clinton, when he is on the line! He wouldn't dream of ever taking responsibility for any of his distasteful actions. How convenient for him that the media and the Political Left all converged upon you. We'll never know how much of that was instrumented by Bill and Hillary.

You did what you did, because you needed protection from a dysfunctional, self-serving, egotistical, immature, harmful man (and his enabling wife) who have been given far too much power! (to say the least!) But, I for one, am quite certain that you had much higher considerations than yourself when you got involved in this patriotic act. In stepping forward, I'm sure you thought that you were protecting our Country. You tried!! /12.14.99/

Rickie Consola []
I am the Chairman of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the military whistleblowers. Please know of how much I support you personally. Sometimes we go with the assumption that America wants to know the truth. Many times Americans do not want to know the truth and instead of fixing the problem they attack the messenger. We see it all the time.

I like you and I admire your courage for coming forward and taking the heat. Heat that should have been sent towards the President and little Monica. Unlike other Americans, I did want to know the truth and I appreciated the fact that you brought the truth to me.

We send too you our support and well wishes. I predict you will have a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. History will vindicate you. /12.13.99/

V/R David Smallwood []
Has the Department of Justice considered prosecuting the prosecutor in Maryland for violating the whistle-blowers act? /12.13.99/

Charles Richardson []
Dear Linda:
You are a "hero," to both my husband and me. The media circus around you reminds me of the movie "On The Waterfront." You are the character portrayed by Marlin Brando, with the media representing the THUGS of the union longshoreman.

Hang in there. You have the support of many Americans including many of our friends. Thank you for having the fortitude to defend the country and yourself by making the recordings that helped impeach an amoral man. Best Regards, and Merry Christmas. /12.13.99/

Norman & Mary, Native Californians []
Linda you are in our prayers. My husband and I support you and know you did the right thing. It is not brought out enough that you were asked to lie. I believe the news media knows they are distorting the truth. We are going to be sending a donation. God Bless you. /12.13.99/

Our country is in a free fall, of course the liberal left will tell you how great things are, and the general population is asleep to the pablum fed to them by the mass media.† The truly sad thing is, as the nation goes so will the slimy, infected,blind, uncaring,tarnished,& rotten, liberal leftist mass media.

I love our country, and I respect all of the courageous ones who have gone on before.† Those who built the strong foundation that our nation rested on for so many years.† The foundation is crumbling, and in desperate need of rebuilding. The entire Democratic party was willing to look the other way while the president committed crimes.† How could they face the folks back home???? We know don't we - The media whitewashed his crimes & pretend that the ones responsible for bringing them to light are villians worthy of the greatest punishment possible and more.† Our forefathers are weeping in Heaven as they look down and observe the disintergration of our wonderful nation.†† Thank you Linda - you are ONE BRAVE LADY,† GOD bless you. /12.13.99/

Joe & Dorothy Brown []
Linda, thank you for being courageous enough to stand up for yourself and protect yourself in the face of threats from the liars in whose duplicity you refused to participate.

People who have no idea, or a skewed idea, of integrity cannot understand you and cannot see you for who you are, an honorable person.

When I've heard snippets of the tapes on TV, I've heard a woman encouraging another to get out of a bad relationship.....I've heard a woman advising another to protect herself. Monica should be forever grateful that you came forward. I'm afraid that if you hadn't, she'd be an unfortunate death statistic now. /12.13.99/

Anna M.Taglieri []
Good luck to you and your family.† Surely the state of Maryland has better things to do with their time.† Your crime was showing the country, just how "scuzy" the behavior of our politicians can be.†/12.13.99

Carol Slaughter []


Linda I love you, † I am so sorry that you have had to go through all of the BS that you have for such a good cause. You are a great american in my view! You have done what very few people would have done and I thank you. Ignore people such as the low life Whorealdo and James Carville. They are evil people that only want to justify their own faults. You will go down in history for what you did for America and rational people such as I will support you for your honerable acts. I don't know what is going on with this crazy planet these days, but you are a real patriot to me. Thank you. /12.03.99/

John Anderson []
Linda, we appreciate your honesty and integrity and frankly believe you should be nominated Woman of the Year. Thank you for what you have done to expose "The Big Creep". Our thoughts are with you and our best wishes for the Holiday Season and a swift and successful end to this fiasco. /11.30.99/

Linda, Hang in there. You are fighting the right fight. My parents and myself support you tremendously. If there is anymore we can do than monetary, please let us know. /11.21.99/

Tony Reed []
There are many people who think you are a heroine for doing what is right. The Clinton administration has made black seem white and white seem black. You stuck by what you knew was the right thing to do, and the press has vilified you for it. Best wishes. /11.19.99/

Marilyn []
Linda, you are a fine American and true patriot. It is people who have the courage of their convictions who have made this country great. And despite the whole "Left-Wing Conspiracy" I am confident that history will view you kindly. Yours will be a legacy of truth and defense of the laws and a keen comprehension that no man--not even the most powerful man in the free world--is above the law. Also, come what may, keep in mind an adage my mother taught me long ago: "No man has ever built a statue of a critic." /11.17.99/

Linda, I know you'll have some rough road ahead of you, but you hang in there because a lot of people support your decision to tape Lewinsky. Don't get intimidated by the Democratic Party run Maryland DA. You did the right thing to expose the truth. I'm behind you on this. Good luck. /11.16.99/

Daniel Chu []
Hang in there! there are many out here who are very proud of what you did. The liberal media and this Clinton crowd are wearing thin with many a U.S. citizen. So don't let them get to you. /11.16.99/

Jay Jones []
Linda, this whole Clinton regime has been a sorrowful time for our nation. I mourn the death of our country's outrage. You did exactly what you needed to do to protect yourself from becoming yet another victim of the "Clinton Smear and Ridicule Express." You are not alone, please keep the faith. /10.20.99/

Rick Larrimore []
Just wanted to add my name to those who see through the garbage that has been thrown at Linda. Best of luck in the trial. YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. /10.17.99/

Nancy Friss []
I am so sorry for the things you have endured because you wanted the truth to come out. The media and MR. BILL have destroyed your name but not your spirit. "Consider it pure joy......whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith developes perservance." I have found this quote to be profoundly true in my own life. May God be with you and again you are the best! /10.15.99/

Majorie []
If the President's "girlfriend" asked me to commit perjury and told me the President was gong to commit perjury about the same subject I am sure that I would get myself right over to Radio Shack for the best recording devices I could find so that I would have something on the record with which to defend myself when the inevitable questions-under-oath were asked. /10.15.99/

Linda Tripp is a symbol for all that once was good in America. Honor, integrity and the total sacrifice for justice. She has more spine than 100 senators and all I can say is that we are all suffering for Linda is suffering. We live in Evil times and that evil is culminated in the body of William Jefferson Clinton and all his minions that do his dirty work. Righteousness is always persecuted while evil continually seems to get away with "IT". But in the end when we stand before the Creator of the Universe he will answer for his crimes.

God Bless you Linda Tripp for our prayers are with you. /10.15.99/

Bruce and Sherry Sumrak []
Dear Linda, You don't know me but my name is Michael Nelson, I want you to know how proud I am of you and your family. I will be sending some money to help your defense. Linda I have watched politicians republican and democrat alike lie to the american people for over 25 years now, but nothing like the current band of liars in the white house. I cannot stand to see these people on tv, I cannot stand to listen to their voices. Thank goodness for term limits. Don't worry because politics will get much better in about a year, Bill will be out of office and Hillary won't go anywhere in the NY Senate race. Americans are sick of these people and cannot wait for them to be gone, and Al (boring) Gore is history. I am so glad you stood up to the pressure and did the right thing, it had to be done. These people had to be exposed. People like you and Paula Jones along with Ken Starr will always be heroes in my heart. God Bless you all and good luck. /10.13.99/

Michael Nelson []
Linda-I applaud you for standing up to this slime ball and all his supporters.† You did the right thing and let no one doubt it.† I contributed to your fund in August and it was returned unclaimed.† Today I have resent it.† Good Luck and best wishes. /10.13.99/

Rocky Lane []
With any justice, the history books of the future will mention you as a woman responsible for more education of the American people about their government than all the media pundits in a decade. Without you there would be no impeachment of the President, no justice for Paula Jones and no JUSTICE for Bill Clinton. If your case goes to trial, it will prove a serious embarrassment for the prosecution, while you will go free. Nevertheless, my heart goes out to you for all the worries with which you are dealing today. /10.10.99/

Jacob Roginsky []
Dear Mrs. Tripp,
As one of the many FReepers at FreeRepublic, I would like to tell you that we care very much about you, and we admire the courage and integrity you have displayed. We feel bad that you have been so maligned and unfairly treated; we wonder if justice still exists. Many of us have said prayers for the safety of you and your family, and that you will continue to be strong. There are many people in this country who would be very proud to be a friend of yours. I'm only one of them. God bless you and your family. /10.07.99/

Wills of FreeRepublic
Thank you for your factual piece on Linda Tripp. The "loop" speaks volumes about journalistic whores in todays mainstream media. To overtly champion their ideology and claim to report without bias is laughable. To intentionally lie is criminal. But, like Clinton, this ends justify the means philosophy enables to these "unbiased" champions of truth to suspend troublesome facts and conscience. It's time Linda has her day in court. Let's now talk legality, and forget about popularity polls. /10.7.99/

Jim []
I hope you know how much support you have out here in the real world. You are a hero! I trust that some day soon the people will open their eyes to the horrid and despicable truth about this White House Administration, and they will understand what courage and strength you have shown. You have displayed remarkable courage and integrity, and have done an enormous service to our country. Give none of your energies to those who refuse to see the truth. Someday God will have to explain it to them. They will all develop flat heads from smacking their palms against same when they finally realize what stupid idiots they were. Rooting for ya!! Go get 'em! Their house of cards must fall! /09.29.99/

Carol Judge []
Rather than being pilloried, Linda should be praised for the courage to expose the most immoral and corrupt president in our nation's history. Monica, the neurotic slut, should send candy and flowers to Linda for eternity. Were it not for Linda's prudent advice, Monica would now be just another slut/nut/stalker instead of a well paid "author" and curiosity. May I respectfully urge Linda to vigorously pursue her civil suit. She deserves her day in court. To that end, I will contribute $l00 to her legal defense fund and encourage others to do likewise. /09.29.99

Jim Hall []
I'm glad to hear Linda Tripp is suing the White House.† It's outrageous what she has been put through†by this terribly corrupt administration.† I applaud her tremendous courage! /09.28.99/

Kirsten Wagner []
Well lets go get em kid, I'm all for you. What a dirty trick those a**holes did to you, but just wanted you to know you have many supporters out here in the real world /09.28.99/

Joe []
If only more people involved in the Clinton scandals had the courage to fight back llike Linda, that lying, cheating bastard would have been impeached and convicted by now. Keep fighting Linda!!! /09.28.99/

Scott Allen []
You Go Girl!
Congratulations on your lawsuit against the White House! Keep up the good work exposing this administration for what they truly are! We need more people with your courage to do the right thing in the Beltway! Thank you, you have more support than you know. /09.27.99/

Cathie K. Nelson []
Dear Linda,
I'm so glad you are fighting back! The press has been vicious and your prosecutors relentless. I think you'll come out on top of this eventually. I think more people support you than you probably know. I don't think you had any other choice but to record Monica to protect yourself. If you hadn't, you'd probably be a convicted perjurer by now and if Monica hadn't saved that dress she'd be just another crazy groupie. She doesn't realize that you saved her. Way to go! Hang in there! /09.27.99/

Mary Van Deman []
You are okay Linda, your soul can rest easy. They on the other hand should go to church on Sunday and pray there is no God, if there is a God it's all over for them. And if there is no God, they will walk around with a subconscience they cannot control but, convicts them on a daily basis. They will never know why they are never at ease or why people don't not really like or trust them. It happpends daily around this world, many of them commit suicide. Anyone with any intelligence and a spot of class supports you. I'm sure you have figured out how either uninformed or downright stupid, most Americans are. Don't waste your time with them, they waste our oxygen. I too suffered at the hands of our Government and still do. I won't bore you with all the details. Suffice it to say that I too lost my job for being upright and honest, hang in there. I am an admirer! /09.27.99/

D.H. Constantineau Concord CA
Linda Tripp did the RIGHT thing is this situation. She had no other moral choice but to do what she did. What's to think of our justice system if it is to imply that had she perjured herself all would be fine today? We all know she did a BIG favor for Monica or we'd still, more than likely, be hearing "I did not......." and I believe we would also be hearing, shall we say, stretch-of-the-truth type (twisted) comments regarding Monica. I am cheering for Linda Tripp and what she represents--the courage to stand up for what is right. /09.06.99/

I sent you $30 bucks to your legal defense fund as my way of thanking you for helping to expose Bill Clinton as the piece of filth that we all know he is. I can hardly wait for your book to come out. /09.06.99/

EC Morris []
Dear Linda,
You more than any one in this scandal need to be honored for your courage and strength. The Clinton personal destruction team has been working overtime to destroy you. Keep fighting the good fight and know that those who truly see the truth, know that you have withstood the evil wrath of our despicable president. He is truly an evil tyrant who is "slick" beyond comprehension. Hopefully as time marches on he will be revealed to be the fraud that he is. And those ridiculous political charges against you will be dropped. Good luck and God Bless -- those who can see the truth are praying for you. /09/01/99 Jim []
Hi Linda,
Sure hope that you are reading the well wishes from many of your supporters. I think of you as an American Hero. You were very brave. I wonder how many of us would have had the courage to do what you did! I am very, very proud of you. As so many others, I cannot understand how this slick monster can remain in office, while all around him there is disaster. You can count on my support for your legal defense fund..and also if you need any letters written. You have my greatest respect and admiration. /08.30.99/

Madelon Lundin []
I want Linda to know that I support her and admire her courage. She would be exactly the kind of friend I would want. Never would I ask a friend to lie under oath to protect me from my wrong-doing. I also have encouraged my daughter to bring a hidden mike to a meeting with a hostile employer. The employer denied saying what she charged him with, but thank goodness she has the tape with the words from right out of his mouth to hang him with. When people in power abuse their power, they leave us 'lesser' citizens with no option but to COVER OUR A__! Let Linda know she has LOTS of support out here and not to be 'weary in well-doing'. God bless Linda! /08.27.99/

Susan Grenier Vacaville, CA []
Dear Linda Tripp,
Hang tough, lady. You are a good and true American. We admire and respect you. /08.23.99/

The McBee Family []

Dear Linda,
I wanted to write a e to you and tell you that I support you in your lonely stand for truth and law. It seems almost too hard to immagine that all the things that have gone on with the Clintons is happening in our county and that they are seemingly getting away with it. It is appalling and if it were not for a person like you, with your courage to stand for right---at great personal cost----so much more would have been ignored. The sex is the least of it, but with the FOB and the Clinton Mafia they still seem to be handling and covering it up. There have been so many close calls for all this to be broken open. I pray that you will not be in trouble with the wire tap--how else in the earth would anyone have believed you? Anyway, God Bless You. You are a heroine. /08.20.99/

Marj G. []
Just another concerned American for how sick our judicial and government systems have become.† When a man like Bill Clinton can do all the immoral and illegal things he has done and seemingly get away with it, and yet someone who tries to protect herself in the only way she knows how can be put in the position you have been put it - it is clear we have come to a very sorry state in this country!† God give you strength.† I will be praying for you.† /08.20.99/

Jean Daughdrill []
Just for the record, I'd like to pass along my response to The New Yorker's recent item on Linda Tripp (in which the magazine's legal correspondent, Jeffrey Toobin, argues that Tripp should NOT be prosecuted for making her tapes, but nonetheless goes out of his way to trash her):
To the Editor:
Jeffrey Toobin ends his column on Linda Tripp by declaring that she's already been punished, since ^”she has to live with herself. I doubt Tripp has any problem living with herself, nor should she. Her tapes exposed the sleazy, duplicitous, appetitive nature of the man Americans had twice installed in the White House; indeed, they were nearly instrumental in bringing his administration down. When future generations remember Bill Clinton as the only elected president to have been impeached, they'll have Linda Tripp to thank -- and they should.
-- Needless to say, the magazine did not run this letter. /08.19.99/

Ted Klein []
Linda, there should be a commemorative stamp printed in your honor. When I heard you were being harrassed by the Maryland authorities (aka the White House) I found your defense fund address on the internet and sent in a check. It was returned and by finding THIS website, I found out what the problem was and am re-sending it. If patriotic Americans don't support you, their dollars to the Republican Party will be very empty. Your guts are what made it all hapen. It does take a woman, doesn't it? You go girl!! /08.16.99/

Dolores M. in Chicago []
When I manage to be put in charge of all this mess, Linda Tripp will replace Susan B. Anthony on the one dollar coin. And the coins will be cast in solid silver !! Linda is a real inspiration to our family.....considering that she took on people who are not reluctant to do anything that is necessary to cover up their depravity, corruption, and disrespect for the common American conscience. We just bought this, our first computer, and this is the first site we searched out. It took just a bit, but and you all have done well to give us this chance to say things that really need to be said to this unfortunate, heroic woman. /08.13.99/

David Christian Newton []
Good luck on your troubles and be assured that the pollsters know exactly where to call to get the response they desire. I believe you have an enormous amount of support from the american people. It is sad this country has come to this repulsive incident but the one who should bear sole responsibility (Bill Clinton) is revered and the honest are so maligned. Rush Limbaugh said in 92 that no one man can destroy this country but I think he may be wrong. One man can make a laughing stock out of us and I for one am glad someone caused the truth to come out. We are sending a check to your defense fund to show our support. /08.13.99/

Dan and Debbie []
The bashing of innocent people will continue as long as the people stand back and watch it happen.† People who think that Linda should not be treated this way should be beside her, in person, defending her.† It shouldn't matter where it happens, or who it happens to, innocent people should be defended. †

I know what is is like to be in the situation Linda is in.† My daughter saw cheating at a community college and after trying to get it investigated she became the victim.† We learned there is no one to report this to.† She got blacklisted and has been put completely out of society because she spoke of this.† She has been fired from jobs, harassed by former students and faculty and absolutely no one will support her.† No one cares that her life has been destroyed and she no longer has anything to live for.† She too recorded conversations for proof and she has been called deceitful for doing this.† Many people look at her as if she were a dirty animal and others keep their distance.† I thought if people heard the tapes they would be angry at the school, I never dreamed they would turn on my daughter.† You see, people somehow think it is wrong to record guilty people????†† Her recordings lay in a shoe box and no one wants to hear the truth, it is much easier to get rid of her.†

† As long as people stand by and let this happen it will continue.† Instead of standing back in the distance, we who think Linda has been done wrong should be standing beside her and our voices heard.†/08.11.99/

GJ []
You are one truly a remarkable woman. You fight for what you believe in. I support you 100% for what your doing. Hang tough..... /08.09.99/

Cathy []
Thanks for your defense of Linda Tripp. Her only crime is not looking like Meryl Tripp. In 1992, two con persons waltzed into our Whitehouse and led 65% of the American people down the garden path. Most of them are too dumb to get off the path, even after their idol has been shown to be a shameless liar. /08.08.99/

How much more twisted can our system get. Linda is the only person with even the remotest chance of jail time - for simply trying to protect herself, while the "Zipper King" and ALL others connected with this fiasco are all but sainted. People wonder what's happening to this country and it's crime rate. All they have to do is look inside the White House. If they like what they see - they have nothing to complain about. Right On Linda! /08.06.99/

Grumpster []
Best wishes and good luck. You did the right thing. /08.05.99/

Vic & Glenda Carella []
Dear Linda,

Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I feel that you will prevail. You are one brave lady. /08.05.99/

Sandra []
we are behind you out here. you are probably in for the fight of your life. the clintons don't forget, they get even. hang tough. /08.05.99/

judy ballentine []
Dear Linda..........

Hang in there. Clinton will eventually get his due and you'll be vindicated. /08.05.99/

I welcome this opportunity to say to Linda Tripp "You Go Girl". I only hope that I would have the same courage that she had in going after this President I admire her greatly.

Her performance on Larry King Live was terrific and I taped it and sent it those of my friends that do not have cable and they too thought it was well worth watching.

Linda Hang in there and pray allot and the ending with be the right one. /08.04.99/

Amazing Grace []
Dear Linda,

What do you have in common with Ollie North and Gore? The charges against these folks were dropped when their lawyers couldn't find 'THE IMPLEMENTING REGULATIONS'.........

I believe you can win your case if you lawyer would request the prosecutor produce the implementing regulations.

I am praying for you. If it were not for your tapes and a "dress" Monica would have been killed. She owes her life to you.

If I can be of any assistance please contact me. Yours for liberty in our life time, /08.03.99/

Harold Sorensen []
God bless Linda Tripp!!! and God keep you from the evil of the Clintons and their henchmen. What a blot on our country this is, the whole nasty thing. I pray every day, Linda, that your "trial" will be the mechanism for getting rid of these terrible people. I chose my American citizenship, and I have always been proud of my choice. But today I am ashamed to call myself "American." Only when we demand appropriate behavior from our leaders will be able to hold our heads up again. You, Linda, demonstrate the code of morality we should all be following. Don't let those immoral bastards on late-night TV get you down! /08.03.99/

Valerie Bryan []
Linda, we can only add our "dittos" to all that has been said, plus our sincere prayers for a righteous outcome to this ridiculous indictment. First John 3:10 tells us that "anyone who does not practice righteousness is not of God." Well, we know where Willie is, don't we! /08.03.99/

Lee & Alice Bell []
Linda, all of America and the world , know Bill & Hillary Clinton for what they are. As well as what all their friends are. And they are certainly nothing to be proud of. All of the names that you could use to describe them would not be sufficient to tell who and what they really are. They have turned this country into pit of dirt and slime. This country may well never recover from what has been done to it in the last 7 years. I will go to my grave, never figuring out the people that voted him into office. It is an absolute disgrace.

But out of all that has gone on in Washington, DC., You Linda are a direct ray of Sunshine and Truth. If all of these Clinton supporting Democrats could just see you for who you are and the GOOD you have done, maybe they could redeem themselves by supporting you . But I am certainly not going to wait for that to happen. You just try to keep a positive attitude Linda, and know that many of us Americans are 100% behind you. For myself, I'm sending you my contribution in way of a check. I hope it helps you and brings forth out of all this just a little more truth about the Clintons.

God be with you thru all of this. /08.03.99/

Sonny Brewer []
I hope that after this is all over that it will be your turn and that you sue everybody that has tried to make you look bad, send you to prison or to shut you up. Maybe we will get lucky and they, not you, will end up in jail. There is one in that crowd that I would especially like to see go to jail. We need many more people in Government that is willing, even if reluctantly, to stand up and tell the truth. That is what it is going to take to clean up the mess. /08.03.99/

Joe Foster []
Thank you Linda for your courage to take a stand for what is right! It is too bad we don't have a few men/politicians with your integrity. I will pray for God's protection and favor on you. Don't get discouraged, a lot of people are behind you and have great respect for you! /08.04.99/

Sandy []
Boy did they try to do a job on you! Only one in a thousand would have bucked the system of liars and cheats in the White House and you are the ONE. No blue dress saved; and Porno Bill and Hillarous Ramrod would sail off into the sunset as heros. Count on me to watch your need for defense money. Twenty bucks is in the mail. Sic Em, Good Luck /08.04.99/

Marlin Marshall []
Dear Linda:

I sent a letter to the editor and it was published Aug 1, 1999 at the Canton Repository "when there is corruption in government there is through History people who bring it to light and these are the heroes who in the years to come will be written about...not Monica, Hillary, Catharine Willey or anyone else...Name the incident that made Patrick Henry say give me liberty? Name the corruption that brought on the Tea Pot Dome scandal that made a man whistle blower out of Douglas, he became the Supreme Court Justice....none of these people were well thought of during the scandal but later were the hero in history."

LOVE YA Linda /08.04.99/

Sandi []
It is a sad day in America when the one person who tried to do what was right gets in trouble. The Clintons have made a mockery of everything sacred, and most of all the legal system. It is sickening. God Bless Linda Tripp! /08.03.99/

Vickie McCleary []
To the defense:
Using a football metaphor; How can a quarterback intercept his/her own pass?

Good luck and let Linda know that the vast Left-wing media speaks for themselves. /08.03.99/

Dear Linda,

I know that you will continue to hold your head up high, with the dignity and grace you have shown the world throughout this trying time for you and your family. You have been wrongly portrayed by a biased media, intent on broadcasting their biased commentators with their skewed polls. You have done nothing wrong. Whatever people believe your motives were, you were the only one who did the right thing. And now, in this unfortunate time of "Clinton-Morals", you are being punished for trying to protect yourself from the most powerful people in the world. It is scary, for you, and for all of the other women, (and men), who dared to tell the truth. Good luck to you. Stay strong, and fight the good fight! You may not realize it, but you have the support of millions. /08.03.99/

My wife and I wish you the very best. You are a True Lady. We know the media and scum of Washington try to portray you as a bad person because you have stood up for what is right and just.. We love you /08.03.99/

Mike and Merinda []
you are a hero to me. to have the guts to stand up to this MOB in washington. good luck /08.03.99/

roberta finnigan []
Have been hearing on TV & Radio that Hillary Clinton is behind Linda Tripp being prosecuted on this charge must be nice to get others to pay for your crimes...... Good luck to Linda.... /08.03.99/

As a mother and woman who is angrier than I can express, I wish you well. The liberal press is making sure that you are seen as a villain instead of a hero for stopping the desacration of the Oval Office. It would still be going on, with Hillary sleeping upstairs if it weren't for you. I am so sorry you have been abused by the people that now try to tell us the reason he did what he did was because he was abused. God help us. God help America. /08.03.99/

You go, girl!! You are an inspiration and an example of courage. /08.03.99/

Susan Bush []
Linda, even though the liberal TV press would have us think that everyone in the country hates you, Don't You Believe It! Many of us are proud of what you did and consider you a hero. As I said in my subject, just "HANG IN THERE", because there are many, many of us behind you. /08.02.99/

I don't know you personally but I feel like I do. You are one courageous girl. It would be great if all of us could get together from all parts of the U.S., I am from Ca., and be there with you bodily. We are with you in spirit and sending positive thoughts. Clinton and that gang will get theirs, evil hillary as well, they cannot go on this way without Karma setting in. You are a true American Girl. We are all proud of you. God Bless You and Keep You Well. /08.02.99/

Jo Jensen []
I have admired you since this has started. Soon it will be over. Other well wishers have said such eloquent statements.... Ditto's. From my heart I would like to say: Thank you for being my HERO. /08.02.99/

Susan []
Dear Linda: You are truly an American hero. I admire your courage and wish you continuing strength. The truth will ultimately bear witness to your actions and history will reflect your heroism. Good luck and thank you. /08.02.99/

Michelle Marshall []
God bless you Linda! You are a great American heroine and someday you will have that recognition universally. I just hope it happens in our lifetimes! My husband and I are sending a check to your defense fund today. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you had more $'s in your fund than the corrupt sleazebags in the White House ever had in theirs? Hey, everyone - lets make it so!!!! I do have one piece of advice as your "trial" goes forward - do NOT let the case be thrown out and do NOT accept any sort of "pardon". Get your attorneys to call Bill and Hill as witnesses! Then add Bruce Lindsey, Monica, Kathleen, Juanita, Paula, Sally, Elizabeth, James Carville, Dick Morris, Bob Bennet and all the rest of the folks who can shed some light on the Slick one to the witness list. You can do what the Senate was afraid to do - get the whole truth out once and for all! GO LINDA GO!!!!!!!!! /08.02.99/

Elizabeth Morgan []
I support Linda Tripp and I think she knows more than what she is telling. I say, she should speak up and let the world know about the pervert who thinks nothing of free cheap thrills. The man is and will always be a pervert. No amount of polls can change this. He is TROUBLE and a snake in the grass who has always trounced on women. I hope the women in this country take notice that they elected a criminal, the worst rapist of all time. /08.02.99/

The true hero in all this, seems to be the only one facing an indictment. Justice does not yet prevail..... Hopefully if a trial does come to pass and others will be forced to tell the whole truth, only then will Linda be truly exonerated. She is a truly remarkably brave soul who has our full support. I will write and complain to the media as LOUD AS I CAN... /08.02.99/

Toni McAloon []
Dear Linda: I am so sorry that you have to suffer for the sins of this nation, because we elected this JERK not once but twice. May God bless and keep you. You will come out a winner at the end of all this because truth wins in the end. Shame on Maryland, and I live in Annapolis, Maryland, maybe one day these crooks will be put out of office, I hope and pray its soon. /08.02.99/

The Best to you, Ron & Petra []
Linda, you did a great service to this country and unfortunately you must go through this heartache, but you are certainly not alone. There are many of us out here that applaud what you have done and how you have been handling all of the trials and tribulations with dignity, style and grace. You make me proud to be a woman in a country where so many of the women in the political realm are weak and wimpy.

Keep up the good work. My prayers and love are with you. /08.02.99/

Judy Valando []
Linda: I wish you well. In my view you did a great service to your country. /08.02.99/

Bob Goodman []
I've sat silently by during the entire Clinton/Lewinsky circus, saying nothing. Suffice to say, that I have admired Linda Tripp's courage to stand for truth and justice in the face of overwhelming pressure and ridicule from Clinton's henchmen and his media. There are millions of us out here who have been too silent in the face of the public Linda Tripp bashing and who have cheered her on in front of our TV screens as her story was told. Had I been in her shoes re the Kathleen Willey/Clinton event and his Lewinsky trysting, etc., I would have taped all that I could - restrictions be damned - to protect myself from the Clinton machine.

Linda, if I could talk to you face-to-face, I would give you a hug and tell you that had I been in your shoes I would have hoped for the courage to do what you did. I honor you and salute you. You will be remembered for your incredible strength of principle long after Clinton's "legacy" becomes an embarrassing footnote in the history of this country. Keep on, keepin' on, Linda. We're out here, and we're for you 100%. /08.02.99/

Gail Clark []
Dear Linda,

My family and I will be keeping you in our prayers. We truly appreciate the courage and dignity you have displayed throughout this whole ordeal. Amidst the vermin that permeate the Clinton administration, you emerged as one of the few examples that Americans could look at with pride; that we could discuss with our children and say, "There, that's what it means to be an American." I hope you are a person of faith; I feel certain you must be to withstand your tribulations with any semblance of sanity. I hope you will look at all of this as a cross that will bring you closer to God; as a trial that He's blessed you with to strengthen you in courage and fortitude; as a way for you to exemplify truth and decency to people in a way that few others have a chance to do. I know that He will continue to fortify you for the difficult road ahead. /08.02.99/

God bless, The Stipe Family []
Hi Linda:
I'm just a regular American who is appalled at what the "lap dog" media has attempted to do to you for your "crime" of protecting yourself. I'm sending a check to your legal defense fund - is it Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD? God bless you and keep up the good work of helping protect us all from a corrupt and powerful clinton administration. Keep your chin up kiddo! /08.02.99/

Bill Hannum []
Dear Linda:

You are a very brave American. Thank God someone out there had the guts to DO THE RIGHT THING and expose the wrong-doings going in the White House - to say nothing of YOUR PROTECTING yourself!

I wish you all the luck in the world and have supported you and will continue to do so! /08.02.99/

Best regards, Wendy A. Goldman []
I have sent the following message to: &
To The Honorable Wally Herger (California 2nd District)

I am writing to you today because of the news that Linda Tripp has been indicted in the state of Maryland. I am completely dismayed and disappointed in our justice system. Not just because of the indictment but also because of other issues both affiliated with the reasons she felt it was important to tape the discussions, as well as the outcomes for President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Let me see if I understand this - - Linda Tripp, a government worker, was outraged over what was going on in the White House and other government agencies. She tapes phone conversations she had with Monica, who has/had no morals, and bragged about her encounters with The President of The United States. Many of the encounters took place while the President was being paid to conduct affairs of the country; not affairs with Monica. Linda turns over the tapes to authorities and she gets indicted for wrongdoing. Monica comes out as the poor victim. The President comes out of this almost untouched. Linda Tripp is indicted.

Linda Tripp will probably lose any of her seniority at her job. She will probably lose the opportunity of working for any government agency. She may have to go to prison and/or pay a heavy fine. She will have lost how much more than these immoral individuals?

Monica writes a book, travels around marketing her book, and being paid big dollars for interviews like she has done something good.

The President lies to the grand jury, finally admits to his bad conduct on taxpaid time, remains President, and finishes his time in office.

Now let me see - - Linda Tripp is indicted. Monica gains wealth and fame. President Clinton remains untouched & business as usual.

Sounds like justice has been served? Great examples for our children. We prosecute the messenger and the key players came out as heroes. I believe Linda Tripp has become the "fall guy" to admonish those who try to expose the wrongdoing of others. What has this country come to?

How sad I feel for this country and its inhabitants. How terrible I feel for our Founding Fathers of this land. I don't believe they would believe this country is being run in an honorable way.

How terrible I feel for any individuals that have compromised "integrity and standards". I do believe what goes around, comes around.

I would hope, you, as an important representative of our state and of the country will do something to make a difference in a positive way. I would hope you could do something to pursuade the correct individuals on how wrong the indictment for Linda is and find a way to help her through this very difficult time.

I'm told, for every ONE letter you receive, there's probably another 100 or more people who feel the same way. I know of several people who are not happy with how our country is being run, despite the polls. /08.02.99/

You go Linda, you have all my best wishes. Your honesty about this sick family, has been proven in more ways then one. You sure have more courage than that bunch in Washington. God bless you. Linda hold your head up high and always remember you did the right thing. You can live with yourself, can they? /08.02.99/

Pat []
Dear Linda; I am right behind you. I read your testimony about "the list" being placed on your desk and saw it on the Judicial Watch website. I also have several copies of "the list" of Clinton deaths from several other websites. You did the right thing in standing up to this corrupt individual in the Whitehouse. I know if someone threatened me with such a list and asked me to lie for them, I'd be a walking tape machine myself. I have your interview with Larry King and you came across great. I think things will eventually work out for you because there are a lot of people supporting you. /08.02.99/

Jim Clayton []
I feel terribly sorry that this honest woman is being sacrificed on the altar of LAW. If all the others who broke the law in this fiasco were punished, I would agree she should be, but this reeks of the worst of Democratic Party politics I have ever heard of, and, being a senior, I've observed plenty of rotten Democratic Party politics in my time. (Have you ever investigated how J. Kennedy "WON" Chicago, and thus Illinois, and thus the election, in his race against Nixon?) /08.02.99/

Marjorie Casterline
Dear Linda:
Keep the faith girl I support You and pray for you. /08.02.99/

Sincerely, Deborah K. Firestone []
Dear Fellow FOL (Friends of Linda),
What happened to Linda Tripp on Friday is appalling. It's appalling too that the media has convinced much of America she must be punished at any cost for arguably betraying a friend. Meanwhile, Mr. Clinton continues to violate his oath of office on about 27 different levels, and some of HIS transgressions tiptoe very close to treason. One can only hope that someday soon the country will come to its senses, and decide to "re-prioritize." In the meantime, those of us who can't afford to contribute to the Defense Fund send our prayers and best wishes. Good luck, Linda, in the trying times ahead. /08.01.99/

Patrick W. Manhattan
My name is Alice Lemos. I am a conservative Republican. I have a Ph.D. from Brown University in Hispanic Stuides. I am divorced, have a six year old son, and am working as a legal secretary since I was driven out of my chosen profession by the wackos in academia. That is my background. God bless Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg, Paula Jones, Dolly Kyle Browning, Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willey and the other women who have exposed Clinton for what he is - although, according to Paula, the man has no trouble exposing himself, which makes him a pervert. I am nauseated by Salon magazine which ridicules Linda for her looks. When I last looked, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea were not exactly Miss Universe and Miss World. How dare they attack Linda's looks - they do this because they cannot attack her on the substance of her accusations, which is that Clinton thru Monica wanted her to commit perjury and undermine the Paula Jones case. Tell Linda to hang in there - she has my support. /08.01.99/

Alice Lemos []
Dear Linda,

Never, ever let the bastards get you down. You will be exonerated completely and totally. The First Felon is the one who will suffer the judgment of history. You will go down in history as a true heroine. /08.01.99/

Joe H. Roberts, Jr. []
Dear Linda. Thank God there are still people like you in this country. It seems to be going downhill rapidly; perhaps because it is at the end of a 40-year cycle of socialists taking over. I admire and respect you for your courage and service to our country. God bless, /08.01.99/

Judy []
Message to Linda
Thanks for what u did and God Bless You /08.01.99/

Benjie Watts []
Dear Linda,

Hi my name is Steve, I'm 21 and live in Jacksonville, Florida. I'm happy that you did what you did. I feel though that it is unfair for the state of Maryland to charge you with this stupid charge. I feel that you did nothing wrong. Here you are, you didn't lie to any grand jury. You didn't perjure yourself, or asked others to do the same. But yet you're the one in all the trouble. IT'S JUST NOT FAIR. A lot of people are pulling for you, and know that you will come out on top.
Best Wishes. /08.01.99/

Steve Poindexter []
"Here we go again"... Linda Tripp, I likely would not know you if you walked in our front door, however, for what it's worth, we support you in your fight against the ongoing foolishness that seems to be dragging our country down into the depths of the muck and mire of Washington...

I would hope I would have the courage to stand up to these fools... Best Wishes, /08.01.99/

Ken Cook []
Dear Linda,
There are many Americans who are behind you. I am sending a check to your legal defense fund today. I can't believe what is happening to you. I think what you have done for America is outstanding and you should receive a medal or an honor for serving your country to this degree.

Most of us know what Bill Clinton is and because of your courage he has been exposed for what he is. It is obvious that this is a politically motivated scheme. You are truly a great patriot. /08.01.99/

Sharon Rockert [sharonr@megsinet]
I believe that Linda Tripp should take full advantage of her current position and use every legal manuever possible to further expose all of the Clintons, even exposing Chelsea's biological father, Webster Hubbell. Please keep us posted as to what you (Linda) intend on doing as far as strategy is concerned. We realize you can't tell us everything, but if you do fight all the way we will financially support you with everything we can. GOD Bless Linda Tripp!!!!! GOD save Linda Tripp!!!!!! /08.01.99/

Durwin and Gayle Davis []
Dear Linda,

You have all my support and prayers. I have always admired your moral courage -- from the very beginning -- and I am confident you will never spend a day in prison.

It is amazing to me that I am writing an e-mail to a woman who will assuredly be remembered throughout the history of the United States as one who stood for what was right. I am honored to write this to you and I want you to know that I hold you in the highest esteem and that I think you are beautiful -- inside and out.

Peace and love, /08.01.99/

Bonnie Granat []
Hang in there. We know it is hard but we will not let you down. /08.01.99/

The Long's []
We are proud of you and commend you for your strength & courage to stand up to all these hypocrites. They don't have the guts to stand up to Clinton & the administration and have no value for truth. They are only interested in preserving their self interest and political life. I hope the cliche of "what goes around comes around" WILL CATCH UP TO CLINTON. Perhaps it will be in the after life and we won't have the opportunity to see it happen. We join the millions of Americans who believe in you.....Heads up!! /08.01.99/

Ron & Aurora Petersen []

Americans from all walks of life support you. You may not be able to hear all your support due to the fact that the main-stream media, for the most part, suppresses our support for you.

Linda, character does count and obviously, you were not the one who was impeached. As a reminder, we can look at a little sight of mine which chronicles various aspects of the Clinton-Gore administration through the impeachment process. It is located at:

We're praying for you Linda. /08.01.99/

Cindy []
Dear Linda:

I am very angry at what is happening to you. You are very strong to stand up to the Clintons who are so arrogant. I am still in disbelief that these two people have brought the Democrats and news media to their level and I no longer have any respect for these grown men and women who can let two people from Arkansas intimidate them to the point they will lie and cover up for them.

You are very courageous and no matter what happens you can hold your head up and can sleep at night for doing what is right for our country. I respect you and thank you for exposing these corrupt people. You and your family are in my prayers every night. /08.01.99/

Joy Randolph []
Dear Linda, It infuriates me that you have been indicted for recording conversations with Monica while a Florida couple illegally recording a cell phone conversation made by Newt Gingrich goes free. I pray that these pollitically motivated charges are thrown out. I hope the best for you, and will think of you often. /08.01.99/

Bobby Peets []
I am 1000% behind you, Linda. You are being falsely harassed. This will not work. /08.01.99/

Margaret Baird []
We love you Linda! Real Americans believe in you and support you. Go get 'em! /08.01.99/

Mary []
Linda, hang in there, I hope you can use this indictment as an opportunity to get the truth out, everything you know about the corrupt Clinton administration, their friends and their web of corruption, including FBI files and especially any possible threats against you and your family. You're playing a very important role in the future of the United States. GOD BLESS YOU and the UNITED STATES DOWN WITH ALL TYRANTS Thank you. /07.31.99/

Mark []
It is sad but not surprising to see the hypocrisy of those who just wanted "to get all of this behind us." Real Americans know that you did what had to be done and that Bill Clinton is unfit to occupy any public office. /07.31.99/

Bill Kelly, Witness for the Right [] My wife and I are outraged that you are being prosecuted. This is an effort to prevent people from protecting themselves. God bless. /07.31.99/

Bert and Mely Leecraft []
We have started a prayer message area for Linda Tripp. It is located at Anyone is welcome to come and add a prayer or Scripture verse for Linda.

We are praying for you, Ms. Tripp. Thanks for standing up for our daughters. Our daughters will know of your bravery and courage. They will reap the harvest of your work. From a father to a daughter, thank you. /07.31.99/

Hank Ingram []
Dear Linda Tripp:

I want to let you know my husband and I are behind you all the way! It took courage and a deep devotion to Justice to do the right thing and I think you deserve a MEDAL! What INJUSTICE!!! the law-breakers are off the hook and you stand in question.......Shame on our Administration, and the enablers who fan the fires!!

You are in our prayers daily and we think of you as a Patriot........Don't dispair.........I believe the majority of the American people are standing behind you..........we just hear what the Media want us to think..........

May I give you an affirmation which keeps me going: "THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD GOES BEFORE ME AND MAKES MY WAY EASY, PLAIN, AND SUCCESSFUL". Repeat this and believe it, and it will give you comfort you didn't know existed....... /07.31.99/

Sincerely and with Deep Admiration, Erma and Loy Goodheart []
Friday's action against Linda should make any freedom-loving American take another look at the direction our country is going. Of all the people involved in this fiasco; after all the lying, obstruction, obfuscation, stonewalling, shredding, and cover-up, Linda is the only person who has been indicted. If the powers that be can do this when she has the tapes, think what could have happened if she had not had the tapes.

Hang in there, Linda. You've got some powerful help behind you, many prayers hovering over you, and more support than you may realize surrounding you. /07.31.99/

Betty Moore
We can't go through it for you but you have our prayers. We are also talking up the injustice of it all to whoever will listen. You are an American hero. /07.31.99/

John & Karen Smith []
If I had another daughter, I would hope, she would end up "just like" Linda Tripp. I would hope she would have the courage, loyalty, bravery, and all of those other wonderful attributes we try to pass on to our children. Linda, hold your chin up high.. you have nothing to be ashamed of, you answered the call to do right... Remember always, the cream rises to the top... It seems like it might be ages and it feels like the most hurtful and agonizing time of your life... But take a minute and look around at all the hundreds of people who are with you during your time of tribulations... Moses went out into the wilderness and came back with the word of God.... You, child, have been in the wilderness.... and I know great things will come to you and your family for making the right choice... Thank you Linda Tripp! /07.31.99/

Crystal []
Apologies for what this government is doing to you. You should be rewarded instead of punished for the good that you have done to expose Klintoon for what he is. /07.31.99/

Noel Putman []
Linda, you are a rare creature in this world; it's awful you have been so tried by the times. We in America can only thank you for your courage, your tenacity and your honesty. I only wish the Senate had your kind of integrity - if only it had, so many Serbian innocents would be alive today. All the best, Linda - you're in my prayers and thoughts. /07.31.99/

Anne []
Linda- I pray that justice will be done and that you will be acquitted. I am so terribly disgusted with the way you are the only one in this whole mess that is being undeservedly persecuted. God Bless you. /07.31.99/

Kudos for Linda! Girl, I know you will prevail in this Clinton arranged hell they are putting you through, but please don't let it get you down. I wish you could speak directly to the people across the country who support you. When it's all over, I want you to make a gazillion dollars on books, speeches, television appearances. Keep your head up. /07.31.99/

Linda O. Anderson , army wife 28 years []
Linda, I just wanted to let you know that many or us out here - away from the Beltway - feel nothing but pride in you and wish you the very best of luck. What is happening to you in Maryland now is a real travesty and is quite obviously very political. Clinton & Rodham can't fight the message but they are awfully good at murdering the messenger. You did the right thing and they're trying to crucify you for it. When, however, does the Justice Department plan to prosecute Ken Bacon for releasing your personnel file in violation of the Privacy Act? /07.31.99/

Jim & Diann Jenkins []
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Linda, for doing what's right. /07.31.99/

SW Missouri Supporters []
I just had to write to say that I think it is a sad commentary on our justice system that out of all the crimes that were committed in that government and administration Linda Tripp is the only one a corrupt justice system could find to indict. As so many have said before me, "Some are more equal than others." It is an accurate barometer of the depths of corruption to which this nation has sunk! All of us had better prepare ourselves to be the kind of heroes Linda Tripp has been because when there is no justice anyone can suffer persecution such as this. /07.31.99/

Robert A. Wigman []
I am sickened with today's news of the indictment, it is totally the only way the liberals can "pay back". This is very clear to everybody that I have had any discussions on this matter.

I know it took an extreme amount of courage to do what you have done, Bill would not be where he is today if more people would have stood for what was right. There are so many people who do support you that have not contacted you, I just wanted to take a minute of my day to wish you well.

Good luck, we will keep you in our prayers as I believe that the righteous will overcome! /07.31.99/

Linda Taylor []
How in the world can the chief law enforcement officer in the nation stay in office and Linda indicted! And we've heard nothing but degrading stuff about her from "women's" groups. (May all TV interviewers who present these groups as representatives of women get the ratings they deserve!) I'm reminded that it's been one woman after another who've stood up to Clinton. I'm proud to support all of them. /07.31.99/

Mary Webster []
Linda Tripp is an inspiration to us all! /07.31.99/

David A. Stech []
Dear Linda Tripp: Thank you for your honesty and decency; without rare people like you, our lives would be at the mercy of every con/hood/cheat/thief/murderer that had any smarts/ambition/charisma--from Hitler to the local gangster chieftain, and everyone in between, not excluding the pathetic crowd that unfortunately surrounded you at your former worksite. I hope I would be as brave and rational as you were; and whenever I'm confronted with any moral dilemmas, I'll be sure to keep your beauty in mind as a source of inspiration to do the right thing in this dirty world where piggish people are content to snort loudly in the cesspool handed to them by your detractors. /07.31.99/

James P. Koy []
Linda, I want to assure that you will be in my prayers. I will also be sending you some cash to help with lawyers. With enough help you can win. Keep walking tall, You are a GREAT AMERICAN. /07.31.99/

Roger Hughes []
Dear Linda,

I want you to know that a check for your Defense Fund is in the mail box to go out in the morning. (Wish I could afford more.)

We only hope that you will write a book about the "scum" in the White House - it would be a best seller.

You are an honorable lady and we wish you only the best in the days to come. One day Bill Clinton WILL PAY for the shame he has brought to the White House and the nation and you will be the hero in the end.

Your friend from Pennsylvania. /07.31.99/

I think Linda Tripp is a HERO, a patriot. Can anything be done to help her? I can't believe she could go to prison for up to 10 years. The Clinton's have brought this country down. She did the right thing. /07.31.99/

Helen []
Please tell Linda to hang in there. Although the indictment may lead to difficulties, the truth is the truth. If she has to pay a fine and serve time, the truth will still have set her free.

Most of us know that Bill Clinton stands for untruth. He is the one who is imprisoned -- and he doesn't realize it. /07.31.99/

Mark Chatfield []
Just know Linda that you are not alone! We know very well why this is happening to you. Don't give up! You are a hero to many of us! Our prayers are with you and those defending you. Hopefully, your judge and jury will be honest and principled human beings. God Bless You! /07.31.99/

Georgia McMarlin []
While I am not in the position to contribute to Linda's Defense Fund, I do want her to know that I support her.

With the news this week being so bad for her, I think there must be a renewed effort to get her story told.

This is a politically motivated scheme by the Maryland DA. He has been prodded on by the White House. This can be seen by a blind man. I hope her attorneys call everyone from the bottom to the top of government to prove her case.

Linda, I am behind you. I pray for you and your kids. God will get you through this and the evil will be punished. Hopefully, it'll be in this life. /07.31.99/

Ann Jacobs []
Linda, we agree you are a patriot. We will contribute to your defense fund. Keep up the good fight--there are lots of us out here who still believe in integrity and that you did the right thing for the country in exposing Clinton and in defending yourself against the White House thugs! Best Wishes! /07.31.99/

Lloyd and Mary Black []
I've been reading some of the e-mail well wishes on the Internet and want to tell you that I agree with all of those people's comments. I am sending a donation to your defense fund. I hope that you will have someone come on one of the news channels and let the American people know where to send donations. You deserve to have the best legal counsel. Thank you, Linda, for having the courage to do the right thing. /07.31.99/

Wayne []
Although no one will ever hear it on our biased news system, but we the real hard working logical and moral members of our America......DO support Linda Tripp and what she tried to do. Maybe she should have just used the government HOT LINE to report the rats in our political system. or did that hot line melt down from over load. Yes, I am mad and I support Linda Tripp Thanks for the opportunity to sound off and support her. /07.31.99/

Virginia Elings []
My wife and I are appalled at the injustice of trying Linda for wire tapping. We support Linda 100% and are behind her all the way. May God bless Linda Tripp. /07.30.99/

Harry and Shirley Heiligenthal []
We, who are out here fighting to take our country back, appreciate your continuing struggle for truth and justice. On behalf of a grateful nation for all you have done, I send my support. /07.30.99/


We support you 150% and am confident that justice will reward you for your patriotic duty in exposing Bill Clinton.

The people of this country have been ^”conned^‘ by this Clinton crowd and we can hardly wait to see their coat-tails as they leave Washington. And, we must see to it that Gore the Bore also takes a one-way ride back home!


Charles and Helen []
Ms. Tripp,

We apologize for the injustice. How sad for you and our beloved country. We commend your exquisite gallantry. Please know there is an immense populace of commoners that applauds and respects you. Thank you for your integrity. History, of course, will paint you as a heroine. /07.30.99/

I was dismayed by today's news. I've long admired Linda and that she had the courage to do what she did against such tremendous odds. And now we know 'they' will stop at nothing to keep this President's "legacy" something he envisioned. What Arrogance!!

A man who has set women's rights back 50 years and he gets off with a $90,000.00 fine and gets to stay where he is. But they couldn't leave well enough alone, Linda, who did what was right and moral to protect herself and her family, gets indicted??? Where's the justice in that??!! My prayers and thoughts are with her. /07.30.99/

Gail Martin []
We have started a prayer message area for Linda Tripp. It is located at
Anyone is welcome to come and add a prayer or Scripture verse for Linda. We are praying for you, Ms. Tripp. Thanks for standing up for our daughters. Our daughters will know of your bravery and courage. They will reap the harvest of your work. From a father to a daughter, thank you. /07.31.99/

Hank Ingram    Blacksburg, Va
My wife and I are appalled at the injustice of trying Linda for wire tapping. We support Linda 100% and are behind her all the way. May God bless Linda Tripp. /07.30.99/

Harry and Shirley Heiligenthal []
We, who are out here fighting to take our country back, appreciate your continuing struggle for truth and justice. On behalf of a grateful nation for all you have done, I send my support. /07.30.99/


We support you 150% and am confident that justice will reward you for your patriotic duty in exposing Bill Clinton.

The people of this country have been ^”conned^‘ by this Clinton crowd and we can hardly wait to see their coat-tails as they leave Washington. And, we must see to it that Gore the Bore also takes a one-way ride back home!


Charles and Helen []
Ms. Tripp,

We apologize for the injustice. How sad for you and our beloved country. We commend your exquisite gallantry. Please know there is an immense populace of commoners that applauds and respects you. Thank you for your integrity. History, of course, will paint you as a heroine. /07.30.99/

I was dismayed by today's news. I've long admired Linda and that she had the courage to do what she did against such tremendous odds. And now we know 'they' will stop at nothing to keep this President's "legacy" something he envisioned. What Arrogance!!

A man who has set women's rights back 50 years and he gets off with a $90,000.00 fine and gets to stay where he is. But they couldn't leave well enough alone, Linda, who did what was right and moral to protect herself and her family, gets indicted??? Where's the justice in that??!! My prayers and thoughts are with her. /07.30.99/

Gail Martin []
Please try to help the American people see that we are again being side-stepped by Clinton as we were by O.J. Simpson. They had everyone focused on everything except the facts. Linda taped the conversations to prove she was truthful because Clinton denied everything, even under oath. If Linda is indicted, so should Clinton be indicted for perjury. If it hadn't been for the stained dress he would have walked away leaving everyone to be considered a liar. Maryland law said you can't record anyone without their consent. Its also a law of our land that ANY one who commits perjury, whether it be federal or state courts, small claims court, its perjury and you go to jail for it. /07.30.99/

I am outraged that Ms. Tripp has been indicted! The media will once again bash her and her attempts to rid the American people of the biggest pile of dung that has ever been given human shape. I want her to know that I support her and all her efforts to defend herself in this matter. If this goes to trial, please drag in every Clinton shape-shifter and give them ANOTHER opportunity to perjure himself/herself. They must be good at it 'cause they have had sooooo much practice. /07.30.99/

Sharon Goodwin []
The thing I admire is that you went forward, unlike "deep throat" and let yourself be known. While democrats praise "deep throat" as a hero, he (or she) showed a bit of cowardice by remaining anonymous. This administration practices the theory that if you don't like the message, try at any means to kill the message and bury the messenger. Your day will come - keep your chin up. There are those out here praying for you every day. /07.30.99/

Fran in Columbus OH []
I have never seen so many women betray their own. All these feminist women out their who nailed Clarence Thomas to the wall and are now willing to nail Linda Tripp to the wall. In the eyes of most feminist organizations, anything to further their cause is ok.

I would do what Linda Tripp did in a heart beat. Why? Because it was the right thing to do. What if you could get on tape that someone was planning on killing the President of the United States. Would it be wrong to hit the record button then? What if it was a Republican president? Would it still be wrong?

When that man in Florida intercepted and taped a private cellular call between Newt Gingrich and other Republican leaders and send the information to a Democract congressman, who notified the press. Was that wrong?

Go Linda! Go Linda! Go Linda! /07.30.99/

Jerry Winkel []
Linda should not be treated so terribly. After all she has done to help reveal the dastardly Clinton scandal, now she may go to prison and be fined. Why should he or Monica get by with so much? It is not fair. Maryland should be ashamed to treat one of its patriots so. /07.30.99/

Jack Patton []
I am so sorry our country has gotten so rotten and you are indicited for being honest and truthful. We know Sen.Kennedy was guilty and has been elected time and time again in Md. I hope one day you can tell the whole truth. With Vince Foster,Whitewater, Monica, and the So Called president. Hang in there and one day you will be known as a Hero. You are a Hero in my life. I am saying a prayer for you and your family, that He will give you stregenth and courage to face anything Md. has for you.

Bless you, /07.30.99/

Mildred Fisher []

I'm sorry to hear that you've been indicted in Maryland for wiretapping.

Interesting how a prosecuter in Maryland can find the evidence he needs to bring an indictment against you, but all the federal prosecutors and independent counsels can't seem to indict or convict Mr. or Mrs. Clinton of any of the following crimes: bribery (Webster Hubbell matter), obstruction of justice (several instances), perjury (before Jones grand jury), fraud (Whitewater loan from the Federal government), gross sexual imposition, or fraud (backdating of commodities trades).

At least a Federal Judge has finally ruled Clinton in contempt of court in the Paula Jones matter and fined him accordingly.

Thanks for putting up with the media firestorm without losing your dignity. Thanks for standing up for the truth in a town where so many cave in to the mindset of covering up for the president.

I hope a jury in Maryland takes a sensible course and acquits you on the grounds that you were trying to defend yourself against pressure to commit perjury in the Federal system.

Best Wishes, /07.30.99/

RM Leon []

I know this email finds you under the gun with the your state government, and my wife and I wanted to tell you thanks, our thoughts are with you, you did do the correct thing and I believe in time everyone will agree that you where correct in your actions. /07.30.99/

Ken Spector []
Just as I was totally losing faith in the American people Linda Tripp came along proving that there are still among us those who will throw caution to the wind and do that which is right even knowing that to do so means a great personal sacrifice. To do so can mean that you may have to break some laws and hurt and expose some people who are in high places or may be very close to your heart. I know Linda has been hurting from this episode however how many of us can stand among the eagles and hold our heads high knowing that we did the right thing and our personal sacrifice will make a mark however small in the ongoing struggle to make and keep our nation that which a nation should be. Stand tall Linda Tripp. You are in a class of Americans that would make Thomas Jefferson very proud. /07.30.99/

William Booth []
My partner and I were appalled at the indictment and further harrassment of Linda. We hope this persecution by the State of Maryland will never go to trial, if, however it does we are prepared to send you contibutions to defray your legal expenses. We will begin with a contribution of $50.00 this week. Best wishes Linda and know that there are thousands out here that care deeply about your plight. /07.30.99/

Larry J. Mulholland []

Ms Tripp

We, well realize, that this impending "prosecution" is frivolous and meant to politicize your defense of yourself in taping the words of Ms Lewinski. I pray that you are able to come out of this and tell the DEMONS to Drop Dead! Sincerely, my prayers are with you and your family. I believe you to epitomize the traits of honesty and integrity that have been so rare throughout this entire betrayal of our country by the President and his Administration.

God Bless... /07.30.99/

Eileen Lane []
Linda is in my prayers as the vast left-wing conspiracy continues to persecute her. /07.30.99/

Rev. Nancy Mayes []
We from FreeRepublic wish you the best in your defense. Your very long 15 minutes of hell will soon be over. Whenever you feel down, just log onto FreeRepublic. P.S. What you have gone through does not make it easy for the next person who wants to come forward. You have a lot more guts than me. /07.30.99/

Let's just say right now that if Linda goes to jail we all go!!! /07.30.99/

Roy Patt []

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