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Hats of to Linda Tripp, a refreshing beam of light in a world full of darkness. I am reminded through all of this that for evil to win good men must do nothing. Thank you Linda for doing what was right despite the continuous attacks from the media, the Clinton regime and many other misguided souls. Let them think they won, because our victory is not attained here on earth but long after we are gone. Their only glory is HERE and NOW. Too bad. Peace! /02.15.99/

Mayor Tim Sondag []
Dear Linda,
Thank you for exposing the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. We believe that you did the right thing, and we hope things will go well for you in the future. /02.15.99/

Frank & Janie Hagan []
Thank you, you are the greatest. I really appreciate your bravery in the face of White House power abuse. Best wishes in your future endeavors. /02.15.99/

JackiGail Jackson []
Hello....I am a FAN and an ADMIRER of Linda Tripp. I want her to know that my family (and it is huge) are praying for her and are proud of her and very impressed by her courage and dedication to truth. We watched her on NBC and she was BEAUTIFUL and COMPOSED. The skank that did the interview looked evil, while in the glare of Linda's LIGHT!!! I know she will be on Larry King and I wish her all the best, I am looking forward to it. Let's hope he is a gentleman. No matter what though, as long as she stays serene and forthright she will be fine! GOD BLESS HER AND HER FAMILY!!! /02.15.99/

Rene' Groves
Klamath Falls, Oregon []



It is so frustrating to see how the media, liberal press, and many that I would think would support you put you down. I wish you could play a tape of Bob Bennett discrediting you after you testified at the Whitewater Hearings--then explain why you had to have proof if you were to be credible against this POWERFUL. MAFIA-STYLE ADMINISTRATION. I just want you to know how much my husband & I admire you for your bravery and will pray for your continued strength in the coming days. /02.15.99/

Jan Howard []
My wife and all my friends and I up here in New Milford, CT are with you 100%. We're not extremist or militia members. We're just regular people who can separate truth from propaganda. I saw your interview on MSNBC. You were superb! I can't believe the idiot who interviewed you. She looked aghast as she opined, "Linda Tripp still thinks she did the right thing!?" Believe me Linda, those people aren't going to change anybody's mind but you will because you have truth on your side.

Most people would have wilted after having the power of the entire United States government and main stream media pour down on them, but like the true American hero you are you're still standing up for principle.

Thank you, Linda. From all your friends in Connecticut we love you, and thank you very much!!! /02.15.99/

Edward J. Lathrop []
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep talking......that is the only way you'll protect yourself....the truth sets us free...I don't believe for a minute that the American people are as STUPID as the press and the Democrats want us to believe...the truth is we feel helpless.........nobody listens and the polls are a joke.....we all know that, except them.....we now are left with a criminal in the White House and the beginning of reopened cases using the Clinton defense, ie: The man convicted of murder who now wants to appeal because "...if the man he killed had had better medical treatment, he wouldn't have died..!" (Atlanta news 2/15/99) Let's lay the blame on everyone else, twist the truth, and resist accountability at all costs...THIS is the legacy of William Jefferson Clinton...God help America!!!! /02.15.99/

I am very glad that I was able to locate this website; I was sure that one of its kind had to exist. I realize now that my husband and I are not alone in our support for Ms. Tripp. We are so amazed, day after day, at how so many vilify her as if she were the one who has done something wrong. The blame for this whole affair is being placed on everyone except the person who initiated it, Bill Clinton. Linda Tripp (nor Ken Starr) asked for him to break the law. Not only did he take advantage of a young woman, he was not even man enough to tell the truth when the news started coming out. I commend Ms. Tripp for her honor and her loyalty to her country and its principles. Your strength amazes me. Please don't let those ignorant of the truth get you down; you did the right thing! /02.15.99/

Julie Bigbee []
In the event that Linda sees this e-mail, I would like to comment on her situation. I have no party affiliation so my only motivation to write is that I see someone, and it appears to me to be the only one that is conveying the truth in this whole mess. I can see just where she is coming from and I hope I would have done the same thing in her place. I believe she has been motivated by righteousness and truth. I think that someday Monica will come to the realization that she was here guardian angle. Tell her to keep up the good work and always hold your head high. As I have learned in the last couple of years, truth isn't always popular but it is the right path to be on. /02.15.99/

Jack []
Linda was right on , with what she did. I believe she had great courage and insight. It is profoundly unfortunate that the American public accepts a deeply corrupt president. /02.15.99/

Don Knowlton
Newport , R.I. []
I am very encouraged by this web site, dedicated to the honorable, the truthful, the just. The most frightening thing about this whole ordeal is the attitude of apparently the majority of American citizens. To put convenience and complacency above the law is deplorable. I feel in my heart that if most Americans had simply taken the time to learn the facts, not the smoke and mirror show put on by Clinton, his cronies, and the overtly biased media, that the outcome of this situation would have been conviction and removal. Clinton supporters say "Over 40 million dollars, and more than a year, and this is all they could get Clinton on." Well, my answer to that is that, they finally had to settle on tax evasion for Al Capone. You are a true hero Linda, I and many others are encouraged by your bravery. /02.15.99/

Stephen Shick []
Just a little note to say we supported your grand efforts. You did good, unfortunately it didn't end the way we had hoped. The right road isn't always easy. /02.15.99/

Bob []
There are many in our family and circle of friends who consider Linda Tripp a great American hero. Had it not been for her Bill Clinton would never have had to own up to the truth. I'm not sure he has yet, but what she did was honorable and courageous. People who are not brain -dead know that "semen" has something to do with sex. Thank goodness she had the presence of mind to tell Monica to save the dress. /02.15.99

Charles Seed []
You did great on the Larry King Show, despite Larry. Thank you for your honorable actions. If you had not acted as you did there would be no proof of what the leader of this country did. You have every reason to believe that public exposure is you greatest safety net based upon the history of this mans past transgressions and what has happened to the people with knowledge of these acts.

It has always been my belief that Honor is more precious than life itself. My prayers are with you. I have raised my sons to always take the honorable route, even when the whole rest of the world goes in a different direction. You have brought meaning to my preaching.

I have seen what the news and the presidents spin doctors have reported is the mood of the country, but I must believe as I hope you do, that the good, and moral majority of this country support you. Those that don't believe Clinton has done anything immoral or wrong, lack honor or moral fiber so as to be able to understand the wrongdoing. /02.15.99/

Richard Kellenberger []
Linda was terrific tonight. I was impressed by her intelligence and thoughtfulness, and I wish her the best. She has been up against a mafia-like organization and has stood her ground. She's admirable, and I wish her the best. I hope she'll make the media circuit and keep informing the public about this administration. Be safe, Linda. /02.15.99/

My Dear Ms. Tripp:
I've just finished watching your interview on the Larry King Live program on CNN. It's refreshing to see someone with such obvious class, intellect and composure conduct themself with so much courage in the face of adversity. I can't begin to understand the despair you must have felt when you realized that this whole sordid mess was destined to become public knowledge. Know that you did the honorable thing in testifying truthfully despite the negative consequences you, of course, were aware would befall you. You aren't paranoid in the least. If even 1/4 of everything I've read regarding Clinton, his administrations both in Arkansas and Washington, D.C., his wife, his cronies, his so-called inner circle is true, you have a perfect right to be paranoid. You had no recourse but to make the tapes of your conversations with Monica Lewinsky, despite the fact that it was illegal. In my book, you are an example of the type of person I'd like to see in government....not the cowardly Congressmen and Senators who, along with Judge Rehnquist in his tacky, decorated robe, turned the Impeachment Trial in the Senate into a farce. God help the USA if this is the type of men and women who are supposedly representing (??!!) us. Regardless of the polls, which I find ridiculous, most of us believe in morals and principles, unlike our President, his wife and cohorts. I commend you on your public spirited behavior and courage. Please write a book and tell us the WHOLE story about the Clinton Administration as you saw it. It'll be a bestseller! My next stop on the Internet is to your Legal Defense Fund. God Bless You. /02.15.99/

America needs more patriots like you, Linda, who are willing to risk their "lives, fortunes and sacred honor." I thought you presented yourself very well on Larry King Live. It was so unfortunate that only hostile callers were allowed to get through or were perhaps planted? That is the insincerity level of the producers and staff of that show. In my darkest moments of disappoinment at the outcome of the Senate trial, I find a postive in the fact that there are still people like you in this country. I'm your age and believe me, if I would have been in your position, I would have done the same thing. You looked lovely tonight on Larry King: very trim and neat and I love your hair! My very best wishes to you. /02.15.99/

You are my hero, I would have done exactly as you did. I heard you tonight on the Larry King show and for the first time I feel I have heard the truth. You deserve the highest medal for having the courage to stand up. Please write a book, I want my children to see that one person can count when standing up for what they believe and that that con artist in the white house cannot get away with the things he has done. Character counts I think you are one gutsy lady and my hero! and quite intelligent! /02.15.99/

This was my first opportunity to see Linda 'up close & personal. I did have an idea of the animosity directed toward her in light of her role in the scandal. Larry King pretty much admitted that he would lie for his friends, and from his slanted view, Linda should have done the same. Linda stood her ground. Doubt if anyone came away with a different view from what they started with, but Linda did very well. (Linda - cut the bangs, though.)

I too have been puzzled by the American public who shun Linda for 'betraying' a friend, and make excuses for the scumbag who betrayed his wife, his friends, and the American people. The whole truth depends on who is speaking. How lawyer-like we have become. Plain talk is politically incorrect. Truth is in the ear of the listener.

We must use our voting power next time to get all the Senators who judged him lightly replaced. I was a big Fred Thompson supporter. Never again. If anyone has the 'balls' to run against him, that person will have my vote. Linda - would you move to Tennessee? We need more courageous citizens like you.

If God has as much trouble believing Clinton's Christian beliefs and I do in believing his patriotic ones - ladies, we will have the last laugh yet. /02.15.99/

Bonnie White
I just finished emailing Dateline about your interview. I have supported you from the beginning and am glad there is a forum for which I can express this. I am appalled at the way the media attacked you and equally appalled at the way women's groups have treated the women associated with this. They should be ashamed...all they have proved is that they are manipulated by politics.

I worked for the federal government and have experienced abuses of power myself. Unfortunately, those of us who take a stand are the ones labeled as troublemakers for it. I am so sorry for all you have endured.

Perhaps one day Monica will realize that your actions did benefit her. I would have done the exact same thing in your place...and have in my struggle with the gov't. You should be applauded for your actions. Your children should be proud to have a mother with such principles and the courage to uphold them. /02.15.99/

Rachel []
Enjoyed your interview on Larry King Live tonight. He did not seem to like your honest and straight to the point answers! I hope you continue to tell your's too bad that our government seems to lack a conscience!! Guess it really is true...a bad apple can spoil the whole crate. Clinton certainly has tainted those around him! Keep it up, Linda! /02.15.99/

Suzan Hhart []
Dear Linda,
As a veteran that returned home during the Vietnam War I think I can understand how you must feel. But take heart you are not alone. Good people are good and the rest well.

If you would like to know why? Maybe you can find some of the answer in the New Testament: 2 Tim 3:1-17 (written in 68 A.D.) 1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.2For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,3Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,4Traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;5Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. (KJV)

Here is another little excerpt from one of our founding fathers commonly read sources of wise council. The man that began the Protestant movement Martin Luther in his A TREATISE ON GOOD WORKS, written in1520 A.D., had these words to say about times like these. In this power also there is much abuse. First, when it follows the flatterers, which is a common and especially harmful plague of this power, against which no one can sufficiently guard and protect himself. Here it is led by the nose, and oppresses the common people, becomes a government of the like of which a heathen says: "The spider-webs catch the small flies, but the mill-stones roll through." So the laws, ordinances and government of one and the same authority hold the small men, and the great are free; and where the prince is not himself so wise that he needs nobody's advice, or has such a standing that they fear him, there will and must be (unless God should do a special wonder) a childish government. For this reason God has considered evil, unfit rulers the greatest of plagues, as He threatens, Isaiah 3, "I will take away from them every man of valor, and will give children to be their princes and babes to rule over them." Four plagues God has named in Scripture, Ezekiel 14 The first and slightest, which also David chose, is pestilence, the second is famine, the third is war, the fourth is all manner of evil beasts, such as lions, wolves, serpents, dragons; these are the wicked rulers. For where these are, the land is destroyed, not only in body and property, as in the others, but also in honor, discipline, virtue and the soul's salvation. For pestilence and famine make people good and rich; but war and wicked rulers bring to naught everything that has to do with temporal and eternal possessions.

If it sounds like these two men were setting in your living room talking about recent events then maybe love, truth and wisdom are more constant than they must seem to you right now. You really are never alone. /02.15.99/

Marvin []
I consider Linda Tripp an American Hero. I am enclosing a copy of my e mail to NBC Dateline after watching it last night. I hope Linda knows that there are many, many people in this country that are supportive of her bravery. Here is my e-mail to NBC.

After all we have seen for several months from the White House, It was refreshing to see an honest, brave American patriot on your program tonight. Linda Tripp should be given a patriots award for standing up to the terrible way she has been treated by this country's press and the White House spin doctors. She did the right thing under the circumstances and should be hailed as a hero not as some despicable character portrayed in the media. Monica Lewinsky one day will thank her for saving her life and what future she may still have. A 50 year old pervert has only one use for a 24 year old girl and she will one day see it even though she is blinded to that fact now. She's the one that should be suing for sexual harassment and abuse. How could anyone deny the truth of that charge? Her first witnesses should be Linda Tripp and Betty Currie along with a long line of other women Bill Clinton has violated over the years. Maybe one day when she comes to her senses and realizes she was nothing but a whore for the President's personal gratification she will. /02.14.99/

Ray Baker []
At risk of an IRS audit, I want to communicate my support to you before your upcoming interview on the Larry King Show. The show being pro-Clinton, my concern is that you may experience more con calls than pro towards your actions re the tapes. In my eyes you did absolutely the right thing presenting the information you had about Mr. Clinton's misuse of Monica - and our entire judicial system. Seeing what you had seen behind the scenes in the Clinton administration, you must have been concerned for your own safety. I cannot understand how so many Americans don't see the evil in this man. And the Senate, by its vote for acquittal, allows Clinton to go on and further damage our system of government and consequently damage to each and every one of us. (Not to mention the wag-the-dog situations that happen with each new disclosure of negative information about Bill Clinton.) Thank you for your courage to uphold the law! I'll be watching tomorrow night. Good luck. . /02.14.99/

Joan []
You are a true American patriot with far more courage than most citizens. You did very well in your "TODAY SHOW' interview. You should be proud. I hope and pray that if I were ever put to a similar test that I would have the courage to act as bravely as you have through out this ordeal. Your children should hold their heads up high for their mother is made of "the right stuff". May God Bless You and Your Family /02.13.99/

Tom []
Dear Mrs. Tripp,
Along with millions of others, we too support you. We have never given a donation to any political person or organization but you will be getting one from us. We commend your bravery, commitment and steadfastness during these many long and trying months. I pray one day Monica will understand what you lovingly did for her, we do. We also understand what you did for our country and the morality we hold so dear. God Bless You and Your Family! /02.13.99/

Don & Cynthia Grogan
GO Girl GO !!! /02.13.99/

Theodore Wojcik []
Dear Linda;
You must remember, in your darkest days, that there are many who see just how limited your choices were. I have no doubt, were I in your situation, I would have done the same thing--and even more. To see Monica elevated into the "poor victim" and you as the "evil one" completely defies any sense of normal logic. Years ago, I had a taste of how it feels to have the Government come after you and it's shattering .Somehow, some day, some good will come out of this nightmare. I wish the "good" will come your way--you deserve it. Best of Luck /02.13.99/

Robert Swist []
Dear Linda,
I am glad to have a site to express my support, Linda. I hope that you can read this personally and be encouraged. Your were a very insightful good friend to encourage M.L. to seal the dress and keep it. By now she would have been chewed into itty bitty pieces and tossed to the garbage without that proof. You did a very good job in your interview on the Today/Dateline shows. You show a lot of intelligence. Your nervousness (at first) showed me a sincere real person with the truth, not a polished professional political liar as some have shown. May God Bless you and KEEP you SAFE! I look forward to a book from you. Please go forward with this. /02.13.99/

DJP []
I just watched Linda's interview on the NBC News Today show. My husband and I completely believe her and are appalled at the nation's blind eye to the truth. Thank goodness that there are people like Linda who are willing to stand up for the truth. Good Luck Linda. /02.13.99/

Amy & Dean Haney []
Linda Tripp,
You do have a lot of support out here. We want you to get your whole story out. We just watched your interview on NBC. You did a good job. Clinton's stooges are launching their attack on you after denouncing the POLITICS OF PERSONAL DESTRUCTION. All of the Politics of Personnel Destruction is being done by Clinton. The venom from the Clinton Stooges is overwhelming. /02.13.99/

Bob & Lana Hammons []
Dear Linda,
Thank you very much for your strength, for your courage and your caring towards a friend. What you have done, was the moral and right thing to do. Monica may not see it now, or want to ever see it, because she is a very young and confused girl. As a mother and a grandmother, I cannot give you enough thanks for exposing this horrible perverted individual that we have in the White House right now. And as a woman, and an American citizen and an ex member of the Democratic party, (I am changing my party affiliation on Monday), I feel so sad and depressed today, and I can only hope and pray for the day that this sexual predator , liar, perjurer, and adulterer, leaves office. I am not proud to be an American today. Hang in there Linda, hold your head up high, and know that you did the right thing. Thank you again. /02.13.99/

Carolyn Pillsbury []
Dear Linda Tripp:
Thank you for standing up for our nation and for the truth. I am so sorry for all the repercussion you have received by doing so. If it is any help to you, I know myself - I would have done as you did. Those who do not see what has happened the lies, the injustice done to innocent people, like yourself, is sad and a little frightening. I cannot understand it. Are these people are in a trance? I wish you well. /02.13.99/

Helen []
After watching the interview last night, I needed to make an effort to show support for Linda Tripp and what she did. I think she came off extremely well last night, honest (refreshing word) and unafraid to tell the story the way it happened. From the public opinion polls, it seems that most Americans don't respond to honesty. I love a forthright person, and can forgive almost anything if the person knows and admits what really happened. Linda Tripp was in the center of one of the major stories of our generation; I hope that she will do a book deal and not feel a single twinge of embarrassment for doing so. I don' believe she chose that position but has the right to use her information and insights anyway she wants. I hope this website has been a source of comfort. I appreciate having the chance to say how I feel. /02.13.99/

Ellen []
Congratulations on a stellar interview. All the time Jamie Gangle was trying to vilify you, you held your ground and did not let her get away with anything. I am so tired of hearing TV reporters saying what America says' or wants. Polls are manufactured. There are lies, Damn lies, and Statistics! /02.13.99/

Jim []

I am very pleased that you had the courage to do the right thing. I saw your interview this morning on NBC and I think you handle yourself very well with all the pressure that's been on you. Way to go!!! This man is as snake and you did do the right thing. Thank you. /02.13.99/

Rick Eyman []
After listening to your interview, I now can understand.... ( maybe you ought to think about running for President). At least the American people would know that the corruption would be a thing of the past.... Good Luck to you...... And I prey for great strength, for you and your children. /02.13.99/

TH []
Dear Linda,
I want to say I admire you. You are one courageous lady. I believe if I were in your place the same thing would have happened to me and I would have been forced to do what you had to do.

I watched your interview on the Today show. In my opinion the interviewer Jamie should have been the cross examiner in the depositions with Ken Starr. It really angered me how she tried to make everything about you look bad. Maybe if she had cross examined some of the witnesses for the president, this entire thing would have turned out differently. But, of course, her bias really showed today.

I pray that God continues to give you the courage to stand up for truth! I am behind you 100%. Thanks for doing what you had to do. /02.13.99/

Linda D []
My name is Mark Hays. I'm an accountant, husband, and soon to be father. I wanted to wish Ms. Tripp all the support and encouragement that I could. My wife (Robin) and I saw her on the Today Show interview and were really impressed with her integrity. We are sorry that we live in a country where men such as Bill Clinton and his allies can seemingly operate with impunity. We are proud of what you did and wish you all the success in the world. If you're ever in Modesto, CA or even in the area, we'd love to meet you and have you over for dinner. /02.13.99/

Mark & Robin Hays []
Dear Linda, I watched you on the today show and feel that you was not treated fair at all by your interviewer. We have so many of those left wingers out there and they don't want the truth to get out .I support you all the way and thank you for having the courage to talk. You are a wonderful person .I think it is a sad day for all Americans, to have to put up with Clinton for 2 more years. /02.13.99/

Mae Olson []
Linda Tripp,
I wish to commend you for your courage. You have proven to all the other people that surround the Clinton's that there are some of us that have GREAT RESPECT for our laws and for the constitution and no matter who you are or what office you hold , you will not lie ,cheat or conspire against anyone ,especially under oath ... I admire you and respect you for all you have done for us , I only hope that others will follow your bravery and honesty and tell the world just what kind of man(?) we are dealing with ..I will keep you and your family in my prayers I would like to say thank you and may the world find out the truth about all of the Clinton cronies. Keep up your courage ,there are many out here who stand by you........ /02.13.99/

Jennie []
I am so sorry that you are having to take the blunt of the scandal. Many people seem to have put the president and Monica on a pedestal, graciously forgiving what they did, while rubbing your name, (also Ken Starr's) in the dirt. Many made fun of you when you said, " I am you". I didn't because I felt your pain, I literally felt your pain.

You are just like me, and I'm sure there are others, more than you could ever realize. My daughter also taped conversations, at my suggestion, to reveal cheating at the college she was attending. I thought people would hear the tapes and get angry at the college. They got angry alright, at my daughter. Although I feel the proof was there, my daughter has been fired from her job, called a liar, called deceptive for recording, harassed by former students, and laughed at in her face. She has not worked in two years, stays depressed most of the time, and won't leave home alone. Now I have to live with the blame of destroying my daughter's life for a crime that others committed.

These people of power do destroy lives of the innocent if they speak against any wrong they may be doing. If there is anyone out there who don't believe this, they better think again. You were right when you said you had to be there, in the situation, to know the fear of it all. On person standing against many in power, knowing the power-players call the shots and it's only one word against theirs. Sometimes it takes recording these people to reveal the truth because there is no other way. Recording only brings out the truth and I guess dishonest people don't like to hear the truth. I wish you the best. /02.13.99/

Jayne [>]
Let the nation consider what might have happened to Monica if she had not had a friend to listen to her in those dark days and nights when she was desperate and heartbroken at being tossed aside by this man she had grown to love .

We've heard she was suicidal at times. What if, having no one to confide in or advice her she had in desperation gone to the President with a serious threat to expose their relationship if he didn't continue to see her? What might the White House have done to protect Bill Clinton from such an exposure?

Do any of us really believe that such a threat would not have ended up in something more tragic for Monica Lewinski than anything that Linda Tripp did to her?

Perhaps some day, Monica can look back and see the danger she was in and realize she may wish to thank Linda for saving her reputation or even her life. /02.12.99/

Serge Clayton []
Dear Linda,
You are a National Hero! I have been wanting, from day-one, to let you know of my total support for you and your actions. I wonder how many of us would have been so courageous. There are more folks than you know who do support you and are concerned for you (many family members and friends who are not inclined to e-mail you, but who believe you). I believe we can expect Clinton to go completely nuts with his power and arrogance. I know it will bring him down. It must! Linda, be as public as you can be, tell what you know in public places (and we know it's a lot more than just this Monica thing!). Forget exclusive interviews which they can chop to pieces or spin, or squelch altogether. Go LIVE on your interviews! You must play the mainstream media against each other to get heard! Go on TALK RADIO. Call The Zoh Show (Zoh Hieronimus, WCBM here in Baltimore, 410-356-3003) which is now nationally syndicated with Liberty Works Radio Network. She is a powerhouse (and as brave a soul as you are!)! She will have you on! She'll get your story out there -- all of it!! Your truth can and must be told! I look forward to your book someday! Hang in there, Linda. We are cheering you on!! /02.12.99/

Carol Judge []
Linda, sad to know that the thug in the White house is getting off. Am afraid for out children & grandchildren - am fearful we are sliding into a dictatorship. /02.12.99/

Ruben C. Gloria []
You did the right thing. Hang in there! /02.12.99/

Natalie Spruce []
Thank you for your exposure of the president's behavior. We suspected the type of man he is, but had no way of proving it. Too bad the Senators did not want to hear from you. They don't want to listen maybe because they are afraid for their own well being as well as their families and THEIR JOBS! /02.12.99/

Deanna []
Dear Linda,
I watched you on the Today show this morning. I want to apologize to you for the way the interviewer ( I believe it was Jamie Vangelder) questioned and berated you. I was extremely angry at the way she spoke to you and tried to make you ashamed of your actions. I applaud your actions and only hope I would have the courage to do the same thing if I were exposed to the same circumstances. Shortly after your interview was over, James Carville was on. He spoke of his loyalty to Bill Clinton and how much he likes Bill as a person and how proud he is of him and his administration. He views his friendship loyalty as being much more important than doing the right thing. He said that you and he were from different molds. He was taught even as a child that loyalty to family and friends was important, much more important than telling the truth or doing the right thing. He used the example of his brothers and sisters when they were children. If his brothers and sisters asked him to keep something confidential from his parents he would honor the loyalty and not tell. Loyalty is important, but what if that meant keeping a secret that would ultimately hurt his brother or sister? I don't want my children to ever listen to that man speak. I doesn't surprise me that Clinton would have friends that are in the good "ol boy" network and lie and defend wrong doing for the sake of loyalty. One question that James should ask himself, If your good friend Bill who took an oath to serve the people of the United States could lie and deceive the people he promised to serve, what makes him think that Bill wouldn't lie and deceive James if it suited his needs. That would mean that Bill wouldn't hesitate to hurt and betray a friend to save his butt. I would like to hear what our very vocal James Carville would say then.

I'm sorry that you have been ridiculed and made fun of, I support you and the decision you made to do the right thing. Keep strong Linda, I am sure that history will vindicate you and you will come out of this a hero. /02.12.99/

Marcia Tiemeyer []
The NBC interview with Jamie Gangell this morning was with out a doubt Linda's finest hour! Way to go! Talking head Gangell took her best shots throughout the interview with all of the typically biased acid of the press, obviously adversarial to the truth, and our champ Linda hit her right between the eyes.

Linda was absolutely credible, honest and totally on target. Mature, candid, spontaneous and never flustered.

When the interviewer asked if Linda had regrets about nearly bringing down the President and so forth, the point could have been a little stronger that it was not Linda who committed perjury, obstruction and so forth.

Had the criminal in the White House not brought it all on himself, none of this national tragedy would have occurred.

Absolutely GREAT job Linda! Had we heard more from your earlier, maybe the outcome in the Senate would have been different.

You're a class lady and a great American! History will bless you. /02.12.99/

David Lampman []
I wanted to say thank you to you, Linda for all you did for our country. I am very proud of you.

My prayers and best wishes for you and your family. Don't pay attention to the people out there who say nasty things to you, or about you. You know what you did was the right thing to do.

The lies will all be exposed in the end. I hope our country someday realizes what or who we have in the Whitehouse.

You are a hero. Hold your head up high. /02.12.99/

Ann []
Linda, I support you. Take care. /02.12.99/

Robert (NREPC, DEP) []
Just wanted to say that I just read the transcript of the Today show that aired this morning, and that I think Linda Tripp is a truly courageous woman. I understand entirely why she did what she did, and I wish her well. /02.12.99/

Fern Timothy []
Hi Linda,
Saw some Clinton supporters putting you down this morning, on M.S.N.B.C., but don't let those people bother you, by what they say. all i know is that Clinton, and his gangsters would have chewed Monica up, and spit her out, if it wasn't for you. I'm thankful you told her to "save the dress", cause if you didn't tell her that, all of your names would be MUD. Keep on telling the truth. when people lie, they can't always remember what they say. (look at Clinton). /02.12.99/

Mary Mcpherson []
You really showed courage today to open yourself up to the snakes on the Today Show. I applaud you for your courage all the way through this whole sorted ordeal. The abuse you have taken for truth is unbelievable. The senators who voted to aquit Clinton today have a lot to live with. If they saw and heard you this morning on TV and then still felt they could support this very scary Bill Clinton-- then the whole country is on shaky ground. May God bless and keep you and your family safe. /02.12.99/

DKJ []
I'm glad Linda Tripp brought all this out. I'm sure Slink Willie was the one who started all this and I will never vote democrate again. They were out to save their own neck. Thank you, even though he is getting away with it. I hope and pray you will come out of this alright and your children should be proud of you. /02.12.99/

Pat Ridenour
Dear Linda,
I understood from day 1 why you had to do what you did. It took strength to have to make such a the long run for Monica and for others. I have also been able to tell who my true friends are and those who have no morals and values. It has taken a lot out of many of us also to stand up for you and your very correct decisions. I only wish Congress had as much "guts". Clinton does not belong in our White House. Remember, there are so many of us on your side...and thank you for standing tall in the face of such adversity. My best to you always. /02.12.99/

Dawn M. Osborn, Scottsdale, Az. []
I would like to thank Linda Tripp for her courage. She is one of the very few people in this scandalous mess who did the right thing in the face of some very frightening consequences. We have imagined her terror when the threats came. We have wept at her pain and hurt with her when the sick jokes and the rude comments started flying. We were grateful to see a single human being who was willing to expose these wrongs in our White House. She is a American hero . /02.12.99/

A. Scott []
My Dear Ms Tripp,
I served this great country for 25 years in Korea, VietNam, and many other places around the world, while coming up through the ranks from Seaman Recruit to LCDR in the US Navy and wish to fully support your view of "Duty, Honor, Country" and the rule of law.

Were I in your position of having knowledge of President Clinton's disgusting performance in our Oval Office and later knowing of abuse of power, perjury , and obstruction of justice, would have done the same thing. Instead of being vilified by the liberal media and their talking heads, you should get an award for doing the "Right Thing"

Since when is it wrong for a dedicated government employee who has knowledge of abuse of power, perjury , and obstruction of justice by those who took an oath as I did, "To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America", to report such wrong-doing.

I must say Ms Tripp, you have the "Right Stuff"! To have risked your prestigious government job, placing you and your family in a most precarious position, knowing well you would surely suffer great personal abuse by the liberal media and the President's supporters, and yet come forward to expose this type of conduct by this President, gives me great hope that there are enough of us willing to stand up and be counted as real Americans.

I sincerely hope that you are able to read the many Email letters supporting you and your family and that they give you the feeling that you did what is right and good for America. /02.12.99/

Robert G.Wagner LCDR USN (Ret) []
Linda- you look fabulous!!!! Today was the day clinton pulled off an oj but I just wanted you to know that I think you're great . I still don't think its over cause once a criminal always a criminal until they do hard time. He will get sloppy-er . Did you see my letter this summer on the Drudge Report? /02.12.99/

Jan Hering []
Ms. Tripp,
I only wish that the cowards in the senate had one-tenth of your courage. They acknowledge that the president lied to the people but do not have the courage to depose the imperial president because he is popular and it might effect their re-election. I wish there were more people like you in government. /02.12.99/

Edward Coronado []

I hope this message gets to Linda. We are a middle age couple in Houston. I think Linda is a remarkable, intelligent, articulate and brave woman. I was so impressed with her composure and intelligence on her interview on TV today, I wanted to applaud! I cannot understand how anyone could be so blinded and supportive of this sleazy President. Keep going Linda. We are with you all the way! /02.12.99/

Diane and Gary in Houstonm []
WOW... Was I ever impressed with your candor, sound-reasoning, integrity, and composure under fire from the NBC bimbo. Here's one 46 year old guy with 2 boys aged 8 and 11 who will be bringing up YOUR name with pride as I describe to them the sort of trash that you've had to be subject to for the past year (ALL BECAUSE YOU HAD THE DECENCY AND INTEGRITY to stand up against that which is wrong!!). MANY MANY MANY THANKS for making the tapes and showing a nation that the guy is JUST AS SLEAZY as he appears to be (actually, I believe he's much worse than he appears). MANY MANY THANKS for caring enough for Monica that it made your blood boil when you thought of what the guy was putting over on her. In all of this, you are one of the rare heroes and I believe that as time progresses and as more of his sleaze is revealed, your story will shine even brighter. May God richly bless you, Linda. /02.12.99/

Ken Kraus []
I would like to preface this by saying that I am an Independent who voted for Clinton and believe he has done a good job as President, in terms of handling the nation. However, he took advantage of his position when it came to seducing Ms. Lewinsky. As a graduate student, we are well-trained to learn about the ethics of abuse of power. Thank you, Linda for bringing Clinton's lack of ethics to our attention. He has perjured himself (obviously to everyone, except the Democratic congressmen), and any other US citizen would face incarceration for this crime. However, I guess that the majority of US citizens believe that the President is above the law. A professor at a University would have been fired for having an affair with a student under his power, and that would be before he even had the chance to commit the crime of perjury. I know that we all wish this didn't happen. But it did, and we needed to know. Linda had the guts to put herself under fire by bringing this out. Kudos to you, Linda. /02.12.99/

Ann Conneally, Indianapolis []
Dear Linda,
Just saw your interview with the hostile Jamie. You were superb!! You really held your own against her aggressiveness! What class! What steadiness! What steadfastness! What calm in the storm!!

I am so delighted that some of the non-Monica issues are now being mentioned, if not yet discussed. KEEP TALKING, LINDA! AMERICA THANKS YOU!! AMERICA LOVES YOU!! (Some just don't know it yet! ) /02.12.99/

Carol Judge []
Dear Ms. Tripp,
I want to tell you how much I admired your courage. I have two daughters and If the president was doing to them, what he was doing to Ms. Lewinsky I would have taped anyone to make sure the public knew it. This guy is a moral failure. I'm totally discussed with our nation and what we have become. You are the one that everyone wants to go after. I say to you hold true to your values you seem to have higher ones than the rest of us. Even Ms. Lewinsky was protecting this SOB in the video. I don't know what he has, I think he must be the Devil reincarnated. Many people are going to say bad things about you. That is the lot of people that don't go with the general public. Thank you for your effort. At least some of our public servants have the guts to do what our fathers died for. /02.12.99/

maicoman []
Thank you Linda for standing up against the Clintons and his kind of government. It takes great courage to do what you are doing. /02.12.99/

Bob Weiss []
I wish for Linda to know that there are many people that applaud what she has done. I would love to think that someone would protect my daughter like Linda did for Monica. Maybe someday Monica will thank her for saving her life. Without Linda...Monica would be touted as a stalker....Clinton's team was ready to take her down.... God Bless Linda Tripp....what she did was not the easy road.......I am proud that their are still Americans that believe in truth. /02.12.99/

Suzi Robbins []
Hello Linda.....
I just want to take this opportunity now to thank you personal for putting a stop to the abuse that was going on in the white house......and for stopping Clinton's abuse of women. If you had not reported the activities of Clinton's abuse it surely would have continued and mostly likely..... Monica would be mental and physical damaged. Monica owes you a great deal of thanks and respect for what you did. And its sad to see you go through all the grief and pain....for doing something so patriotic, so please allow me to thank you on behalf of Monica and the public.......for putting an end to Clinton's abusive nature. May you find happiness and peace....thank you God Bless you... /02.12.99/

Matt []

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